Jesse & Sharla - Client Attraction Mastery Home Study Program

Jesse & Sharla - Client Attraction Mastery Home Study Program. Jesse & Sharla - Client Attraction Mastery Home Study Program “Discover How You Can...
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Jesse & Sharla - Client Attraction Mastery Home Study Program

Jesse & Sharla - Client Attraction Mastery Home Study Program


“Discover How You Can Attract As Many Clients As You Want & Enjoy A Healthy Monthly Income…For The Rest of Your Life!”

“Join Client Attraction Mastery & We’ll Show You How to Build A Thriving Business Working With Clients You Love…In 90 Days Or Less.”

Enrollment is Now Closed for the Program

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You’re being called to step up to the next level in your business and your life. You can imagine an endless stream of ideal clients, raving about your work.

You’re sharing your gifts, spreading your message, and changing lives.

At the same time, you imagine falling completely in love with your own life. You want all the things that come with true success - financial freedom, more quality time with your family and friends, and enough money to travel, play, and contribute to causes about which you’re passionate.

You know that the best way to achieve all of this is to grow your business.

But you’re not quite there, yet.

The Challenge

You’ve doing everything “right.” You follow the advice of leaders who say you need to write and publish a book, or go out to networking events or speaking gigs or do a podcast, blog, and do whatever you can to build your list. But it just doesn’t seem to be paying off. With so much effort and so few clients to show for it, you’re probably tired of worrying about finances, and you want (more than anything) to attract a flow of clients with ease.

And yet for you - it’s absolutely critical to you to stick this thing out - to make it. You have a deep need to make your dream work, to be successful doing what you love and at the same time, to receive confirmation that you made the right decision to start up your own business in the first place.

But right now, those things might seem out of your reach.

It’s difficult to feel successful when you aren’t attracting enough paying clients.

It can be truly frustrating.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. And although you might be feeling pretty alone right now, you’re not.

The Shift

There are SO many coaches and holistic practitioners who are passionate and gifted, yet still struggle to attract enough of the right clients and earn the money they want and deserve.

So many of them—maybe even you—operate under a false pretense: that when you become really great at what you do, the clients will just show up. Unfortunately, that’s not the case (as you may have come to find out!).

“Here’s the thing: attracting clients isn’t a magical phenomenon that just happens—It’s an art. It’s a set of skills.”

And until you learn the skills and master the art of Client Attraction, clients aren’t going to come to you easily.

So here’s the shift: this isn’t about making you better at what you do. We know you already have it in you.

It’s about making you better at client attraction. If you haven’t yet mastered the skill of Client Attraction, then you’ve probably tried—and failed—to sell your services.

And that’s the problem, right?

“Chances are, you’ve never learned to sell in an effective manner, AND in a way that feels GOOD.”

Plus, selling your own work can feel vulnerable, and it only gets worse when people aren’t buying. You may even feel like a failure.

Finally—and this is a big one—doesn’t the thought of trying to sell your services feel kind of … well, icky?

It’s no wonder. In our society, “selling,” “sales,” and “salesman” have practically become dirty words. You think of sales and you think of manipulation, pushy tactics, and sleazy tools.

If you’ve ever felt like a salesperson manipulated you into buying something you didn’t want or need, you probably don’t want to do that to someone else — especially to someone whose life you want to help transform.

You’ve likely fallen into the belief trap, even unconsciously, that SALES = MANIPULATION.

Because you’re afraid to come across as pushy or manipulative, you pull back — you don’t feel magnetic, and you don’t know how to have your potential clients approach you.

So you finally muster up the courage to approach them, only to feel pushy and pull back. When you pull back, so do your potential clients, and they decide not to work with you. So then money becomes an issue.

What is likely unfolding for you is what we call the Client Repelling Cycle….

“If you’re in it, you probably feel like you’re trapped. And you’re right - you are.”

That is, unless you start a whole new cycle.

And THAT’S where our Client Attraction Cycle comes in.

“Feel Magnetic and Confident, and Effortlessly Attract More Ideal Clients!”

The Opportunity

When you are on the road to Client Attraction Mastery, you feel magnetic, because every day, you’re learning new client attraction skills that increase your confidence. You discover how to attract your ideal clients, who approach you wondering if you can help them. You have inspiring conversations with them, and many of them say YES to working with you. Your income and confidence increase, and you do it all over again! People spread the word about your powerful work. Their friends clamor to work with you. You’re able to raise your rates, and the ideal clients keep coming.

You have as many high-paying clients as you want!

“And THIS is exactly what our
Client Attraction Mastery System is all about.”


You CAN earn an additional $5,000 to $10,000 each month, doing the work you LOVE, while also achieving the things that are most important to you: financial freedom, time freedom, and the ability to do more of what you want with the people you love!

Before we tell you more about how to put it to work for you, we want you to tell you the story behind it.

When I (Sharla) first started my coaching and acupuncture business, I really struggled and was in $80,000 of debt. I didn’t know anything about attracting clients and I hated sales and marketing.

Fortunately, I got the support from a business mentor who helped me see the value of having lots of conversa- tions with people about my business. I learned a lot from having tons of awkward conversations and then eventually inspiring ones.

I then got a divine download of a heart-based way to attract clients. Once I started using this model — what Jesse and I called HeartsellingTM — I went from $1,800 per month to over $5,000 per month.

I thought this was a pretty good start. And Jesse followed suit soon after and knew he had mastered this formula when he got 16 new coaching clients in ONE month.

A few coach and holistic practitioner friends asked us how we were able to grow our practices so quickly, so we started teaching this model to a few friends and then we joined forces. And we did a good enough job in the beginning that they referred their friends.

That was over 10 years ago. And all this time…MOST of our clients come from referrals. We’ve never looked back.

While I never thought Jesse and I would become two of the world’s leading authorities in teaching coaches and holistic practitioners how to attract more clients, I cer- tainly feel grateful that we followed the steps that the Universe put in front of us.

It’s amazing to have changed so many lives…the lives of our clients and also making more than enough…so we can spend lots of time with our kids and contribute to causes we believe in.

While we’ve made millions of dollars, we are much prouder of the fact that our graduates have used our proven formulas to make tens of millions of dollars.

We share this story with you so you know that Jesse and I have been teaching this stuff for many years and what we teach is proven to be effective.

And now, we want you to have these powerful tools as well.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!
Check Out Just a Few of Our 100s of Client Success Stories…

Rabbi Yitzhak Miller

“I doubled my practice, increased my rates, and paid my son’s entire school tuition for the coming year!”

“Before participating in the Client Attraction Summit, I was averaging 10 clients/week at $65/hour. Sharla introduced me to Heartselling™, and Jesse inspired me to ‘own my niche’—finally…

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Anastasia Netri

“My business went from $40,000 to $100,000 in one year!”

“When I came to the Client Attraction Summit in 2008, I had $0 in my checking account, $400 in savings, and no credit. I was really scared and losing hope that my business would ever really take off…

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Randy Lind, CMT

“My client load JUMPED to over 25 a week…[and I’m] booked 2-3 weeks in advance!”

“I’ve been a massage therapist in solo practice for 15 years. Before working with Jesse & Sharla, I struggled for years to get more than 8-10 clients a week and to earn more than $40,000 a year….

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The Client Attraction Mastery Home Study Program

A Self-paced Program that Begins Immediately When You Enroll

Here’s What You’ll Discover in This Program

Module 1: Get Your Phone Ringing with Potential Clients Who Want to Take Advantage of a Consultation with You

Here, we share powerful strategies to help you get your phone ringing, because when potential clients approach YOU, this whole client attraction thing becomes so much easier!

You’ll Discover:

» How to find your niche - so you’re not competing against every other coach  or practitioner who can help anyone with any problem.

» How to make your “what I do” statement unique and compelling, so your  potential clients can’t wait to talk with you.

» 15 different ways to position yourself with heart, even if you’re brand new  in your business.

» Why talking to potential clients about yourself is a huge stumbling block,  and what to talk about, instead.

Module 2: Invite Potential Clients to a Consultation (not a Free Session or Sample Session) — Make Sure They Really Are Potential Clients, Not Just People Trying to Get Free Coaching or Healing

In this module, we guide you in how to use a proven (and simple) step-by-step invitation formula to ensure you have enough time to support your potential client to move from curious to “yes!”

When you invite them to this consultation, you discover if working together is a good match. This serves you AND your potential client, but it can feel awkward if you don’t know what words to say or how to set the context so your potential client gets the value of the consultation.

You’ll Discover:

» The difference between a free session and a consultation, and why free  sessions can actually backfire as a client attraction technique.

» How to make your “what I do” statement unique and compelling, so your  potential clients can’t wait to talk with you.

» How to distinguish yourself from manipulative salespeople by using the 5 elements of Heartselling™, so you always leave your potential clients in a better place.

» How to avoid the common mistake of trying to convince someone that what you do is amazing.

Module 3: The “Get Clients” Free Consultation Formula— Provide a 30-Minute Consultation Designed to Support Them in Getting the Clarity They Need About What They Want

Here, we walk you through how to conduct a free consultation - because we know how discouraging and draining it can feel to give your time away for free and still not get many clients.

We will share powerful secrets that have helped our clients earn millions of dollars, all starting with the free consultation.

You’ll Discover:

» Our famous “Get Clients” Free Consultation Formula, so that every meeting uncovers a potential client’s needs and desires.

» How to convert consultations into paying clients by allowing your potential clients to talk themselves into working with you (but ONLY if it’s a good fit!).

» The missing ingredient in most sales conversations that pulls potential clients toward you.

» Know when to ask for the business, so it feels gracious and is the obvious next step.

Module 4: Have a Heartselling™ (not Hard Selling) Conversation about Signing Up for Your Package (Rather Than Just One Session at a Time) and Become Masterful at “Dancing with Concerns”

It’s critical for the success of your business and your clients that you enroll them in long-term packages rather than in single sessions, and here we delve into how to make that happen.

If you can’t turn half of the “I-can’t-afford-its” into “Yes,” then you’re losing out on thousands of dollars each month! But you don’t have to…

You’ll Discover:

» Our proven template for turning “I can’t afford it” into “Yes” without being pushy or manipulative.

» How to use our 21 Magic Questions to uncover what is REALLY going on and help your potential clients experience a dramatic transformation right there, on the spot - so they’re more likely to say “Yes” to your package.

» How to dance with common concerns like “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have time”—the very concerns that are keeping your potential clients stuck—so they can say yes to themselves and finally experience real transformation.

Module 5: Harvest Massive Referrals from Your Existing Clients… and Anyone Who Comes for a Consultation

Referrals are the heart of any successful business, because they provide you with a steady flow of clients. Here’s the thing: until you know exactly how to consistently get referrals, it’s easy to lose momentum.

In this step, we’ll walk you through the most effective strategies for getting referrals, and provide you the tools and templates to do it right now.

You’ll Discover:

» How to create a waiting list of clients who are eager to work with you.

» The blueprint for a simple, powerful follow-up system so potential clients don’t fall through the cracks.

» Exactly how to ask for referrals from your clients and people to whom you’ve given consultations, so they sing your praises to new potential clients.


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