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Jerry West - SEM Mastery digital download. Info: [10 DVDs (19 PDF/1 DOC/59 MOV/6 MP4/2 WMV/2 AVI). Are You Tired of Hearing About "The Power of Facebook...
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Jerry West - SEM Mastery

Type: Digital download

Format: [10 DVDs (19 PDF/1 DOC/59 MOV/6 MP4/2 WMV/2 AVI)



Jerry West - SEM Mastery

Dear Confused/Frustrated Internet Marketer (that's you right? And why you're here…),

Hi. Jerry West here. Chances are you've been following me for many years. And for good reason. Unlike the other "gurus" I detest hype, fluff, and things that just waste your time. I come from the school of if it's something that I hate, I'm not going to put you through it. I've been doing SEO since 1996 and affiliate marketing since 2000. I didn't start teaching SEO until 2004, after almost 8 SOLID YEARS of real-world practice.

Unlike most of the SEOs out there, I actually know what works and what doesn't online. I don't guess and I don't just follow what anyone else says. How do I know?

Testing. I have over 800 domains JUST FOR TESTING. The fact is, when it comes to REAL marketing methods that work online, you just don't "know" anything unless you test it for real. Everything else is just theory. So, it goes without saying that this has been my full-time gig since 1999 and I have a kick ass staff. My company. My rules. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Simply put, you are in good hands with my knowledge, as it isn't theory, I prove it every day with my campaigns.

Now, what I am most known for is compressing an hour of killer content into 5 minutes of usful, actionable information. You're probably a lot like me, you hate spending an hour of your time for just five minutes worth of good content with other gurus. I always over deliver. I believe in that.

People ask me all the time how I make my money online. Is it from selling information? I can understand the skepticism. Over 90% of my income comes from affiliate marketing and I use the same exact methods that I teach my students inside the SEO Revolution. Many have become millionaires. The bottom line is, my shit works. More truth: I don't keep secrets well, I like to help people. Years ago some top affiliates helped me and I believe in giving back. Karma isn't a bitch when you help others. True.

I Used To Be Like You

So if you read between the lines above, there was a time when I was struggling. Just like you. Yes, I used to be like you. That's not bullshit. I remember well working my ass off and getting nowhere. It was frustrating as hell. There were times I would stay up all night working and I would see absolutely nothing from my efforts. My former homes are littered with patches from holes in the wall courtsey of my fist. I am sure your home has the same scars.

My current students had the same frustrations before they came to me, so I could relate. I knew the struggle in their head. "How is THAT person successful? I'm 10x smarter than they are…". Here is a hint: It doesn't matter how smart you are in this business. I remember well one of my students who was making $5k a month. He was brilliant. I told him, during a personal consulting call, he should be making $10k a month easily. "I would kill for that," was his response. So we laid out a plan for him. Three months later his wife called to personally thank me. The month prior he did $18k and was on pace that month to do $24k. "You have brought the level of stress in our home to near zero. I don't know what else to say but 'thank you.'"

That just kicks ass. And that can be you. Making the kind of money you know you can. You just need the right direction and the right mentor.

You've probably been going in the wrong direction and listening to the wrong mentors for far too long. I was at PubCon in Las Vegas last fall where I was a speaker and was talking to one of the attendees there. It pissed me off. She said:

"I've spent thousands of dollars with all the top courses and my sites have all been negatively hit. No matter what I do, I can't get them back. I have done everything and nothing works. My business is literally dying."

Does this sound familiar? She was extremely frustrated. I would be too if I was her. She put her trust in some self-annointed guru with a system that was built like a house of cards. It was just a matter of when, not if, it was going to fall. And it did. They all did. During our conversation, it was clear that she was:

    • Stagnant - Working hard but getting nowhere
  • Uncertain - Didn't know how to proceed from where she was
  • Frustrated - Doesn't know who to trust as all of her previous investments in traffic building failed

Chances are good you have felt one or all three of the above at one point or another. It sucks, I know. So why did she fail if she hired "experts"? I occasionally check out the courses that are out there and frankly, I'm disgusted that some scam artists can get away with charging so much money for what amounts to a Jr. High School Book Report on SEO and marketing that leaves a massive footprint that your mom could find.

Real World Tip: Unless you are harnessing the power of Facebook Advertising, along with Retargeting, and a tested Sales Funnel, you are leaving more cash on the table than you are taking in, by a wide margin. This isn't 2009 any longer, you just can't throw up a site, buy links and rank in Google. In fact, Google is one of the worst conversion platforms on the web today. Yeah, I said Google and I didn't stutter. The new game is Facebook and the ad platform is hands down the greatest platform ever invented, and I will show you how to make it sing for your business. Truth: All that matters in any business is how often the cash register rings. For some reason, marketing experts think that all traffic is equal. Traffic is not created equal. That is fact. All links are not equal. That's MORE fact.

The real robbery is that there are opportunities going on right now and it kills me that good folks are getting out of the market and believing the hype that "SEO is Dead." SEO isn't dead, it has just evolved as it has for the last 20 years. Another group of people will tell you that "Email Marketing is Dead" ... not even close. Again, it just evolved.

But the fear is spreading like wild fire. Even business owners who are search-savvy are slashing their marketing budgets. Hundreds of professional SEOs are giving up and getting "real" jobs. Why? Because Google's Panda and Penguin updates are just too much for them to handle and their frustration has gotten so big that they would rather throw in the towel. Quitters. Suckers. Losers. They have practically GIVEN AWAY insanely valuable positions that YOU could be taking over right now.

BUT there is no shortage of scumbags out there who will happily sell you second-hand information or a "private invitation" to their secret link network that is utter garbage. I even spoke to a guru at a conference who admitted to me their private network was completely hit by Google, but they were still charging their customers full price. This is why you need your own. You need to be in control. That way you can't be lied to anymore. You own it. Have you ever wondered why you can't even get answers to your specific questions from your "hired guru"? It's because they just flat out don't know.

Are times tough? Sure they are. But you can either bitch and moan about it, or roll up your sleeves and get to work. Consumers ARE STILL spending money, and the fact is, they're turning to the internet more and more.

I believe in the American Dream: that people who are willing to work hard deserve the chance to get paid well from those efforts...

And the fact is YOU CAN! You just don't know where to start... Yet! My students didn't know either, but now they do and their businesses are thriving even with Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Nothing can stop them. It is all because they own their own network, they are tapping into the right ad networks, and have the right technology. They have control.

Even in this economy, the businesses who follow my lead are thriving and flourishing. That isn't BS and it isn't hype. That is reality. Think about it, I'm not selling you an opportunity to use my link network or my software and I never will. It's mine and it works because I keep it just for me. On the flip side, why would someone allow you to use their link network, or their proprietary software? If it is truly as great as they claim, they would only use it for themselves. Same with SEO and SEM. The great SEOs/SEMs never take clients, the poor ones do.

My Revelation

Every successful person has a "breakthrough" where the flood gates open up and what seemed to be so hard is suddenly easy. This happened to me and it had nothing to do with a marketing method or some "tip" I learned in a course. It instead was completely all about me and my head. How I was approaching things. You see, most people want that "perfect campaign" where money just flows and life is perfect. I had one of those campaigns and over night, it was taken away. Why? Because I didn't own the network, someone else did. It was then I realized that in order for me to keep my successful campaigns, I had to own what was powering them.

Sounds simple enough but so many people aren't doing this. They continue to rely on others and sign up for every "back room" link network and software solution there is hoping that this one will actually have value and work. Yet they are just diappointed once again when it doesn't. They are poised to fail. Every. Single. Time.

My "Luck In A System"

Building the system took time, but not as long as I thought. Sure there were mistakes made...actualy a ton of them, but that is all part of the process. This is why our stuff words becuase we test it. Others don't. They just spew their theories.

I have never looked back since. And when you start to kill it online a funny thing happens, you can't remember how you sucked so bad before, as the process is far easier than you remember. And if a campaign dies? There is never any stress, you just reload and continue as you have four others carrying the weight until you get the other one back on track.

Why Does This Work So Much Better?

This is easy…

    • This system has consistently improved rankings for every campaign we have launched.
  • When changes occur in the market, we come up with solutions quickly and effeciently.
  • Use of automation to make hours of work on your part done in the click of a button.
  • Using the right ad networks and milking them for the best leads.

And it gets better…

    • Moving Onward & Upward - You will have the confidence to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Just like in the movie "Moneyball" your dick will be in the room two minutes before the rest of you does. Okay, maybe that's a little over the top, but that is key. Confidence is probably a big piece of what you are missing.
  • Determined - No more will a lack of focus or blaming "ADD" be an issue. Excuses are excuses. You don't need them. Well, at least not anymore.
  • Ass Kicking - Plain and simple. You have the skills, knowlege, tools and confidence to do anything you want, whenever you want. Just like you've always wanted.

Here's proof:

"Jerry has been a key component in my business getting top rankings and conversion. I have been able to take on huge clients that I wouldn't have been able to get because of what I learned from Jerry. He kicks ass." - Alex Miller


"Jerry's advice has increased my business substantially and I recommend him highly. Unlike other gurus, you can just tell he genuinly cares about his students." - Don Schnure

Imagine your business running with the power and passion of one of the web's top marketers. You will be able to finally taste the success that has eleuded you for years. Good, solid advice is needed now more than ever.

And that's why I'm excited to share some of my best stuff with you.