Jerry West - Gagged by Ungagged Webinar 2018 (with Q&A)

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Jerry West - Gagged by Ungagged Webinar 2018 (with Q&A) digital download. Info: [8 MP4 + 4 PDF + 3 PNG + 1 ZIP + 1 TXT]. I Got Kicked Out. That's why I ...
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Jerry West - Gagged by Ungagged Webinar 2018 (with Q&A)

Type: Digital download

Format: [8 MP4 + 4 PDF + 3 PNG + 1 ZIP + 1 TXT]



Jerry West - Gagged by Ungagged Webinar 2018 (with Q&A)

Too many complaints about me swearing from the stage. And this was the conference that was supposed to embrace the F-word, I thought...

Hell, I might even do a "Mean Tweets" segment with the stuff that the attendees said in the reviews.

It's hilarious.

Snowflake city.

So instead of paying to see me in London, I'm doing my newest presentation for you - along with an "after party" where we can have beers online while I handle your Q&A.

A Q&A about what?

Oh yeah, the topic...

Remember two years ago when I taught you how to be an SEO Bad A$$?

And last year I expanded that with how to build a dominant PBN and the criteria you must know to keep your competitors up at bay?

This year? It's time to put it all together. Top to bottom. Each piece fitting perfectly together.

Let’s talk straight. This business isn't about who is the smartest.
There are plenty of smart people who are flat broke.

But a flawless strategy, relentless execution, and intentional domination makes one helluva cocktail.

So here's a little taste, something to get your juices flowing, to bring back that hunger that you haven't had in awhile...

What if you could search the expired domain list for the ANCHOR TEXT you want to rank for?

Not just keywords in the domain name. But actual anchor text links already pointing to the domain.

You would have an exact list of domains to buy, right then, which would boost your current ranking. No more spending hours looking for the right domain, you can have the list, in just minutes.

Do I have your attention now?

Yeah, I think I can stop typing right about now because you're in. All in.

Here's what you get in this "Gagged by Ungagged" training:

  • The 2018 PBN Complete Blueprint
  • Which tools to use and HOW to use them for ultimate domination, regardless of the market you are in
  • Stop doing keyword research and track top competitors and Google Search Console to get big wins in less time
  • Design and site management
  • Hosting options to protect your assets
  • Confidence building to be a revolutionary in your market
  • Sales training techniques to close the RIGHT deal
  • Avoiding pitfalls with partnerships that go bad
  • And a helluva lot more...