Jennifer Partridge - Tapping into Emotional Mastery

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Jennifer Partridge - Tapping into Emotional MasteryJennifer Partridge - Tapping into Emotional Mastery

Deep Emotional Healing In Just Minutes A Day

The beauty of tapping is in its simplicity. Because even though it combines complex concepts in psychology, neuroscience, and Chinese philosophy, all you need to do is tap on specific parts of your body while reciting a series of positive statements.

It’s a process that only takes a few minutes a day, and costs you nothing.

As you tap, you’re releasing deep blockages from your body’s Meridian lines: a natural ‘energetic roadmap’ in your body that’s linked to your nervous system; and that stores the entirety of your emotional memories and trauma.

This is how tapping puts you back in the driver’s seat of your emotions, and enables you to find and heal the wounds causing you involuntary traumatic responses in your daily life: like pain, guilt, fear, anxiety, disconnection, self-doubt, and more.

The result is a deep rewiring of your neural pathways, and a profound shift in how you feel, think, and function in the world.

Tapping is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use tool that’s transforming countless lives, and gaining more and more acceptance in the mainstream medical community.

And with the Tapping Into Emotional Mastery program by acclaimed tapping expert Jennifer Partridge, you’re guided through every step of embodying it as a simple and rewarding daily practice.

Meet Your Meridian Lines

Jennifer Partridge - Tapping into Emotional Mastery

Meridian lines are the points in your body that you focus on as you practice tapping. The concept was first presented in ancient Chinese philosophy, and has since become increasingly accepted by modern science and medicine. A growing body of governments and insurance companies around the world have even started approving meridian line-based treatment for various ailments.

About Jennifer Partridge, Creator Of Tapping Into Emotional Mastery

Jennifer Partridge is a world-renowned tapping expert, author, speaker, and Coming from a background of deep emotional trauma and childhood abuse, Jennifer first started exploring tapping as a way to heal her own wounds. The outcome was so profound that she made it her life’s purpose to empower others through tapping and the gift of emotional mastery it brings. facilitator of human potential.

Today, Jennifer is a prolific authority on emotional healing. She speaks on stages around the world, writes books, and collaborates with luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Don Miguel Ruiz, and many more.

The Tapping Into Mastery program presents an opportunity for anyone to learn Jennifer’s unique approach to tapping, and step into a new life of emotional freedom and mastery.

What You’ll Learn:

1. Master Your Emotions.

Gain a deep awareness of your personal emotional landscape, and discover how to harness tapping to embrace, work through, and heal your emotions. With this emotional mastery in hand, you’ll be able to make peace, self-love, and joy your default states.

2. Upgrade Your Beliefs.

Discover how to identify self-sabotaging limiting beliefs stuck in your energy body, and not just release them - but transmute them into empowering beliefs and patterns that uplift you instead of drag you down.

3. Unconditional Self-Love.

Learn how to detach your sense of self-worth from the need for external validation - so that no matter what happens to you or around you, you’re always grounded by an unshakable love and respect for yourself.

4. Energy Body Awareness.

Become so connected to your energy body and Meridian lines, that you can intuitively sense when a blockage or negative charge is nudging you off course - and quickly return to your truth and your balance.

5. Healing From Trauma.

Find out how to face your traumas, clean up your energetic blueprint, and move past disempowering memories and experiences from the past - all from a space of safety, love, and non-judgment.

6. Connect To Your Higher Self.

Detach from your preconceived notions, and learn how to see yourself from a ‘bird’s eye view’ - where your authentic nature, your deepest truths, and your highest purpose become crystal clear to you.

7. Enhance Your Intuition.

Use tapping to connect to your sixth sense, and gain accurate inner guidance that points you towards the best choices to make and paths to take - even when your conscious mind doesn’t necessarily know the answers.

8. Profound Joy & Happiness.

By mastering your emotional landscape, you’ll also gain the ability to choose happiness as your baseline emotion - and quickly return to it, even when life brings you sadness or discomfort.

The Curriculum

Explore The Tapping Into Emotional Mastery Curriculum

Tapping Into Emotional Mastery is a 28-day online journey towards a lifetime of emotional and energetic wellness.

You’ll join Jennifer Partridge herself for just 15 - 20 minutes a day, as she guides you through easy-to-follow video lessons, tapping exercises, and Soul Shift Challenges that give you mastery of this transformational practice.

The program is divided into seven levels: each one an eye-opening experience that immerses you in a unique aspect of your emotional and energetic landscape, and shines light on the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that silently shape your life.

By the end of your journey, you’ll emerge with all the tools and perspectives you need to adopt a lifelong tapping practice for emotional healing, overcoming adversity, and showing up as the best, most empowered version of you - all in just a few short minutes a day.

Jennifer Partridge - Tapping into Emotional Mastery

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

LEVEL 1: Tapping Essentials

Your journey begins with a deep dive into the fundamentals of tapping. You’ll explore what tapping really is, how your emotions and energy body function, and how to build a strong foundation for a tapping practice that becomes a transformational and consistent part of your daily life.

Highlights include:

  • Listening to your body’s wisdom: discover how to connect with your body, and interpret the signals it sends you as bread crumbs towards your innermost truths and deepest healings.
  • Engaging with your emotions: learn how to embrace your emotions - even the painful and negative ones - and work through them to bring yourself back to peace and happiness.
  • Rewiring your beliefs: understand the beliefs you’ve been programmed with throughout your life, and how to deactivate and replace the ones that don’t serve you, with ones that uplift you.
  • Tapping into cosmic intelligence: explore how you can even use tapping to transcend your own body, and access a plane of cosmic intelligence - where the answers you seek await.
  • And much more…

LEVEL 2: Honoring Your Safety & Security

Your next focus is on harnessing tapping to reclaim an assured sense of safety and security that encompasses your past, present, and future. This step is crucial to achieving unconditional peace of mind, no matter what’s happening (or has happened) in your life.

  • Identifying your desires & boundaries: get total clarity on the reality you want to create for yourself, and how to honor that reality by setting and maintaining your personal boundaries.
  • Soothing your inner child: release the entanglements imposed on you during your childhood, and learn how to continue growing by forgiving both yourself and others.
  • The wonder of ancestral healing: rewrite your history and your future by exploring your generational wounds, and healing the emotional and mental traumas they may have scarred you with.
  • Owning your reality: transcend victim consciousness, and step into creator consciousness as you shed your survival mechanisms and embrace a new sense of personal power.
  • And much more…

LEVEL 3: The Beauty Of Simplicity

After safety and security, you move on to simplifying and decluttering every dimension of your inner world: so you can say goodbye to overwhelm, stress, and anxiety - and make way for joy, clarity, and a constant connection to gratitude.

Highlights include:

  • From overwhelmed to overjoyed: identify the daily choices in your life that are causing you overwhelm and negative emotional patterns, and trade them for ones that bring joy and peace.
  • Why less can be more: allow more energy, personal power, happiness, and focus into your life by releasing the tasks and choices causing you unnecessary stress and burden.
  • Creating perfect priorities: design a life perfectly aligned with your higher visions and purpose, by reviewing and reimagining your chosen priorities.
  • Nurturing a grateful heart: learn tapping exercises that instantly align you with the uplifting vibration of gratitude - which in turn amplifies your manifestation power and internal freedom.
  • And much more…

LEVEL 4: Building Deep Trust

Learning to trust yourself, your impulses and intuition, and even the universe is a vital step towards emotional mastery. You’ll discover how to do that in this level, and in the process gain liberation from crippling fear and self-doubt.

Highlights include:

  • Trusting your discomfort: struggle, anxiety, and fear can be your best teachers - once you know how to work with these impulses and shift them into personal power and clarity.
  • Trusting yourself: learn how to release yourself from cravings for external approval and validation, and instead develop a deep, profound, unconditional trust in your own strength and ability.
  • Trusting space & time: just as seeds take time and care to grow into trees, so too do many of the healings, breakthroughs, and gifts you’ll bring into your life. Here you’ll discover how to trust and give space to that process.
  • Trusting the unknown: discover how and when it’s best to release your desire for control, and allow the universe or a Higher Power to support and take care of you.
  • And much more…

LEVEL 5: Embracing True Freedom

In your next step, you’ll explore why true freedom is an inner game, rather than a status given to you by anyone or anything beyond yourself. Then, you’ll learn how to create unconditional freedom for yourself by awakening your full creation power, and taking inspired action.

Highlights include:

  • Taking action towards freedom: discover how a simple action like a phone call, a conversation, or a decision to try something new can bring you closer to a life of freedom.
  • Making your leap of faith: gain the personal power to push aside your fear of uncertainty and the unknown, and take a leap towards freedom and the direction of your dreams.
  • Freedom from your insecurities: as you grow and evolve, you may sometimes start doubting or questioning yourself. You’ll discover how to push through these insecurities, and soar from a space of comfort.
  • Allowing your heart to lead you: your brain is a powerful tool for creating success and security, but here you’ll discover how to also let your heart guide you towards your dreams and truths.
  • And much more…

LEVEL 6: The Power Of Love

The penultimate level of your journey is a heart-expanding exploration of love - and how to evolve your understanding of love, so you can find a limitless supply of it in yourself, in others, and in everything around you.

Highlights include:

  • Finding love in everything: find out how to find love in all dimensions of your life, including the challenging parts - and then channel love back into them for the ultimate experience of freedom and healing.
  • The life-changing love letter: learn how to transmute pain into love by writing a mindfully worded letter to a person who caused you pain in the past.
  • Opening yourself to love: find out where you’ve been unconsciously blocking or resisting the flow of love in your life and your relationships - and open the floodgates.
  • Relaxing into love: discover how you can harness the calming vibration of relaxation to hold space for love, and allow yourself to receive more of it.
  • And much more…

LEVEL 7: Soul Celebration

Your final level is a celebration of how far you’ve come. You’ll reflect on your growth, connect with your biggest breakthroughs, and lock in a lifelong relationship with your energy body and your emotions through a regular and rewarding tapping practice.

Highlights include:

  • Setting your inner compass: go within, release all external influences and suggestions, and learn to trust your soul, as it guides you towards your most fruitful choices and destinations.
  • Forging deeper connections: learn how to trust, develop, and create deeper connections with the people who matter to you - and gain them as allies on your healing path.
  • Building cosmic confidence: upon setting your intentions for your near and distant future, discover how to share them with the universe, and gain a cosmic ally on your journey.
  • Remembering your brilliance: before you set off on your new life of emotional mastery, take a moment to connect with your brilliance, and know that it’s always available to you, at your fingertips.
  • And much more…

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