Jennifer Fishberg - Become A Book Publisher

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Jennifer Fishberg - Become A Book Publisher

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF)]


Become A Book Publisher

Format: Ebook (PDF)

Start Your Own Book Publishing Company

How to Become a Book Publisher and Start a Book Publishing Business

Imagine having an exciting, prestigious, and rewarding career as the owner of a book publishing company, getting paid to select book manuscripts and publish books.

When you start a book publishing company, you have the freedom to make your own choices and express your own creative spirit. 

You have the luxury of publishing and selling the books you want to. You can introduce the public to authors you admire. You can discover authors who are new and exciting. You can even create the ideal publishing company to sell your own books if you are an author yourself.

By starting your own book publishing company (also known as an "indie" book publisher), you become part of a rich culture, and you may enjoy an excellent reputation as an important part of your business community.

As long as you have the desire, you can become a book publisher and start your own book publishing company. No special education or experience is necessary to break into this career and succeed. 

If you would like to profitably publish books, the FabJob Guide to Become a Book Publisher is for you! In this e-book you will discover how you can get started and succeed in the exciting and creative book publishing business.

The guide's contributors include top book publishing industry experts. To give you insider advice on how to become a book publisher and start a book publishing business, author Jennifer Fishberg interviewed more than a dozen successful book publishers and experts such as Tina Jordan, Vice President of the Association of American Publishers and Florrie Binford Kichler, President of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

The guide covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to publish books and start a book publishing company in the U.S. or Canada, plus helpful advice for starting a book publishing business in any country. It includes:

How to Start a Book Publishing Business

    • Deciding what kind of book publishing business to start
    • How to create a business plan for your book publishing company
    • Choosing a name for your book publishing company
    • Where to get start-up financing for your book publishing business (includes sample start-up budgets)
    • Information about important business matters for starting a book publishing company including insurance and incorporation
    • Ensuring your books are registered so they are legally protected and booksellers can find them:
      • How to get an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
      • How to copyright your books
      • How to get barcodes
      • How to get a Library of Congress number (plus information about Cataloging in Publication)
      • How to get into the "Books in Print" database
    • Choosing a location for your book publishing company 
    • Finding a fulfillment company to send books to your customers

Managing Your Book Publishing Company

    • How to find and develop material for publication, including:
      • Writing your own books
      • Working with authors and literary agents
      • Reprinting previously published material
    • Preparing publishing contracts and understanding publishing royalties
    • How to develop a publication timeline
    • Advice on printing and publishing your books, including:
      • Offset printing
      • Digital printing
      • Print on demand (POD)
      • E-books
    • Pricing your books with information about standard book industry discounts
    • How to find distributors and wholesalers so you can sell your books to bookstores and libraries
    • Selling through online retailers such as and
    • Setting up a website for your book publishing company
    • Selling e-books on the Kindle and through Apple's iBookstore
    • Financial management for book publishers (includes sample financial statements)
    • How to find and hire great book publishing company employees and freelancers for editing, design, proofreading, indexing, and other tasks
    • Marketing strategies for book publishing companies, including:
      • Major book reviewers
      • Cooperative advertising for book publishers
      • Getting free publicity (includes a sample press release for a book publisher)
      • Book signings
      • And other book marketing techniques

Plus you will find even more resources and advice, including:

  • How to develop your skills and knowledge of book publishing, with information about:
    • professional associations for book publishers
    • educational programs in book publishing
    • book shepherds and publishing coaches
  • Information about book awards
  • Helpful samples for starting your book publishing company
  • And more! (including free updates)

You can have this guide for an incredible price. It can cost hundreds of dollars to take courses on starting a business, and chances are they will not include specific information about starting a book publishing business. The FabJob Guide to Become a Book Publisher contains some of the best business advice you could get from other sources, plus much more.

It can save you many hours of research, help you avoid some costly mistakes, and give you information you need to start a successful book publishing company.