Jeff Van West - Effective Presentation

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Jeff Van West - Effective Presentation digital download. Info: [1 iso]. In Effective Presentations, Jeff will help transform your style and technique so...
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Jeff Van West - Effective Presentation

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Effective Presentation

By: Jeff Van West


How to make Effective Presentation

An estimated 30 million presentations are given every day in offices around the world. Judging from articles like “PowerPoint is Evil” (Wired) and “PowerPoint Makes You Dumb” (New York Times), which have been appearing in recent years, most of these presentations are probably not having the hoped-for effect. Jeff Van West wants to change all that. In Effective Presentations, Jeff will help transform your style and technique so that you will be making an impact with your dynamic presentations in no time. Jeff will teach you a structured yet flexible system to take you from concept, through design and development, and into delivery.

In this video-based tutorial, Jeff tackles the complete process – from defining your mission and weaving a story, to the on-screen options for presenting data, selecting images, and integrating sound. Jeff also covers proven skills and techniques that will help prepare you to present. Exercise files accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Table of contents :

1. Introduction

Why use effective PowerPoint presentations? 4:00
Four principles for creating presentations 7:13
PDC presentation 14:19
Smartmail presentation 12:05
Eulogy presentation 19:32
A movie for Mac users 5:21
Installing the Effective Presentations Word template (Windows) 3:18
Installing the Effective Presentations Word template (Mac) 2:05

2. Mission, Goals and Story

Defining your mission 11:25
Selecting and prioritizing your goals 10:32
Unearthing and organizing your story 17:13
Writing longer stories 7:32
Sending to PowerPoint (Windows) 5:42
Sending to PowerPoint (Mac) 3:11
The AutoContent Demon 5:38

3. Writing for Presentations

What to show, give and say 6:33
The content dump 7:30
Making headlines and connections 5:11
Writing your script 7:25
Planning your transitions 7:45
A summary is not a closing 2:42

4. Layout and Design Fundamentals

Influencing through design 8:42
Understanding the grid 16:34
Using the grid 16:30
Using expert control tools 14:07
Choosing a color scheme 13:51
Using a complex color scheme 13:52
Using multiple masters (Windows) 20:01
Using multiple masters (Mac) 4:37
Deconstructing your templates 7:16
Understanding parallelism, syllogism and juxtaposition 5:02

5. Working with Type

Type is more than text 9:46
Tweaking type for precision 14:04
Power character control 7:00
The hazards of bullets 10:00
Understanding emphasis, bold and italics 14:22
Using custom fonts 5:35

6. Graphs and Charts

Giving numbers meaning 12:35
Focusing and summarizing on screen 17:14
PowerPoint’s cheap charts 5:40
Selecting the right chart pt. 1 14:53
Selecting the right chart pt. 2 7:57
Selecting the right chart pt. 3 9:41
Formatting to support your message pt. 1 16:34
Formatting to support your message pt. 2 10:09
Linking and other tricks 11:31
Using tables 5:56
Putting ”bad” data to good use 4:02

7. Working with Images

Using pictures that speak 5:39
Choosing formats wisely 14:33
Customizing images for meaning 14:53
Customizing images for focus 13:46
Scanning for the screen 7:32
Combining images and transparency 4:26
Minimizing logos, copyrights and backgrounds 6:07

8. Sound, Motion and Links

Animating with meaning 2:54
Fade is your friend 15:20
Using custom sounds 16:35
Tweaking timings 4:31
Using the fancy stuff sparingly 8:40
Using video with care 4:49
Animation and the Mac 6:55
Creating non-linear navigation 10:00

9. Presenting Using PowerPoint

Knowing the presentation basics 7:38
Juggling programs skillfully 4:20
Using multiple monitors 5:02
You are your most valuable visual aid 2:37
The art and science of answering questions 1:33

10. Preparation and Support Materials

Using an ”Am I ready?” checklist 8:24
Having a plan B and a plan C 6:54
Creating truly useful notes 6:34
Creating truly useful handouts 5:34
Rehearse. No, really, rehearse. 5:00

11. Conclusion
How to create effective presentations: A review 2:46
Troubleshooting 6:17
Final thoughts 3:06