Jeff Alderson - Software Domination Pack

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Jeff Alderson - Software Domination Pack digital download. Info: (Software and source code). Stop Wasting Time While Other People Make Big Money Online...
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Jeff Alderson - Software Domination Pack

Type: Digital download

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Software Domination Pack

Stop Wasting Time While Other People Make Big Money Online Around The Clock... Get In On The Action!

For a limited time you'll have instant access to 10 money-making webmaster software tools... AND you'll get FULL resale rights, so you can pocket 100% profit right from the start!

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SEO Spider Software

Research competing websites in the search engine rankings by spidering them to uncover link popularity, Alexa rating, and page rank of all the pages.

Just enter a URL, choose a couple of settings, and click start. The program does the rest.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Quickly and easily query Google to find out how many pages are indexed and what the rank is for each of those listed pages.

  • Powerful phrase matching search option gives you the most targeted rank results for every page indexed by Google.

  • You can check individual pages or use the convenient "Check All" features to analyze the entire list.

  • Discover how well your website performs over time and know at a glance if you're improving your results.

  • Easily analyze any and all competitors' websites and discover all of their TOP performing pages.

  • "Smart" technology ensures that disallowed pages such as robots.txt files won't get indexed or listed.

  • Features 100% customizable search engine and website courtesy levels for maximum safety.

  • Searches whois records uncovering contact and domain registration information for any webmaster.

  • Compare any two websites to find out which has more indexed pages, better link popularity and a lower Alexa rank.

  • Delivers a concise Summary Report with page rank statistics that you can view, save, or even email.

  • Gives you save options - save all the results, save only the selected results, printing, and/or exporting to CSV

Traffic Scorpion PHP Script

This script quickly creates pages optimized for the search engines on your website. An advanced CRON feature allows it to automatically add more pages each day, allowing your site to grow "naturally" over time.

Just upload it to your server and access it through admin. In creating pages, it uses pre-defined templates that can be fully customized for layout and design.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Allows you to quickly create an unlimited number of optimized pages in order to attract an unlimited amount of targeted viewers.

  • Having exact control over when and how many pages are added to your website keeps you on the good side of search engines.

  • Page templates can be fully and easily customized to match the look and feel of your site.

  • Helps drive massive amounts of highly targeted traffic to your website.

  • Driven by keywords you choose, you'll always be guaranteed visitors who are directly interested in what you have to offer.

  • Gives you the ability to create dozens or even thousands of pages that are highly optimized for search engine benefit.

  • Web based system means you can handle all the page creation tasks more efficiently from a central administration area.

RSS Website Builder PHP Script

This program is so powerful, you can build ANY website in seconds. But the lightening fast speed of RSS Website Builder is only the beginning of all the benefits.

  • Based on your keyword list, RSS Website Builder can automatically determine the theme of your website - eliminating the need to sort through all your keyword files!

  • If you prefer to set the theme of your website manually (rather than let the program make the determination), you can do so with a simple change in the configuration file.

  • The "smart" template-driven system allows you to easily customize your pages for each of the websites you build - making certain all your websites are unique.

  • Automatically inserts valuable RSS feed news content on your web pages - and the content is always based on the individual keyword!

  • Incredibly fast capability allows you to build hundreds of keyword-based websites every day - all you have to do is supply the keyword list!

  • Provides an unlimited number of targeted keyword pages which gives you an even greater opportunity to earn substantial revenue from Google Adsense listings.

  • Ingenious technology removes any fingerprint or telltale sign that a program was even used for generating your web pages - rest easy knowing everything about your websites looks "man made".

  • Allows you to specify your Google publisher's ID from the configuration file - yet another convenient feature that makes using the program that much easier.

  • The program produces standard HTML pages - guarantees your website can be easily crawled and subsequently indexed by major search engines.

  • Unlike other site-generating software, RSS Website Builder is extremely quick and easy to set up - it even comes with an automatic installer that configures everything for you.

Maximize Your AdSense CTR Ebook

Shows you how to optimize the AdSense ads on your websites and increase your AdSense revenue by increasing the number of clicks you receive.

It provides valuable and important step-by-step tips and advice for improving your click-thru ratio.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • The five "keys" to maximizing revenue with Google AdSense - implement all five and you're guaranteed to generate substantial income.

  • What you should never do if you want Google to approve your web pages for ads placement.

  • What each and every one of your pages should be centered around and how to make it work for you.

  • The two must-have programs that can cut your work down to a mere fraction of the time it takes to create pages and add content manually (you'll be able to create as many as 1,000 pages an hour).

  • The type of keywords that can guarantee you four to five times as much revenue for the same number of ad clicks.

  • How to gain the highest paying keywords while at the same time maintaining a relevant theme throughout your site.

  • Learn exactly how and where to place AdSense ads to get the maximum click results you want.

  • How to make absolutely certain Google is capable of spidering all your pages.

  • ... and a lot more, including a dozen killer tips that will help give you even more financial success!

Keyword Harvester Software

This is a simple and effective research tool that gets keyword data from Overture and allows you to quickly build and export keyword lists.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Gives you the ability to quickly build hundreds of targeted keyword lists for all your niche markets.

  • Know at a glance which keywords are worth targeting and which ones should be ignored.

  • Quickly and easily locate thousands of profitable keywords that can drive unlimited targeted visitors to your websites.

  • High-speed capability lets you uncover hundreds or even thousands of possibilities from one single keyword.

  • Gives you a fast method of acquiring the keyword data you need in order to get the inside "scoop" on any niche market.

  • Provides the added advantage of weeding out junk keywords by allowing you to ignore phrases that contain more than five words.

  • Conveniently saves your keyword results as a text file - just copy and paste them to whatever location you want.

Article Analyzer Software

Makes sure your articles have the exact keyword density for top search engine rankings.

Allows you to open an existing article or write or copy/paste one into the program interface.

Analysis tells you the word count of the article, the number of times a chosen word or phrase occurs throughout the content, and the density percentage. It has a built in spell check feature and the article can be saved in either .txt or HTML format.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Allows you to quickly "test" all your articles prior to publishing them on the web.

  • Guarantees that your density will be accurate and search engine approved for any given keyword.

  • Gives you the ability to easily check for and then correct any spelling errors that might exist.

  • Built-in highlighting feature lets you quickly spot keywords contained within your article.

  • Provides all the important data you need - the word count, how many times a chosen word appears throughout the content, and the density percentage.

  • Being able to save each article in either .txt or HTML format means your content is immediately ready for publication.

Google Rank Analyzer Software

Queries Google for web page rankings based on keywords that you input. It's a quick and effective method of determining where any site ranks in Google for any given keyword.

Data you receive includes the keyword or search phrase used in your query, the position and exact page that appears on Google, title and description of the page, and the URL address listed on Google.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Let's you easily and quickly evaluate the level of competition for any given search term.

  • Gives you the ability to find quality link partners that can boost the amount of traffic you receive.

  • Allows you to pre-determine how many Google results pages should be searched for your rankings.

  • Provides search results in a fraction of the time it would take if you performed the same tasks manually.

  • Being able to input multiple keywords for every site you query means you'll get the complete run-down in one fell swoop.

  • Gives you all the essential data - the final results separated into keywords or search phrases, the exact page and position in Google, the page title and description, and the URL address.

My RSS Converter Software

An HTML to RSS converter than can generate the RSS feed out of any web page. Perfect for both beginner and advanced users. Takes you through the process step by step. All you have to do is fill in some blanks.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Allows you to convert pages that are either online or located on your computer.

  • Optional "smart" technology allows you to strip HTML tags in order to retain strict RSS syntax.

  • Get more targeted viewer traffic by syndicating the quality content from your web pages.

  • Unlimited storage capability means you can go back and edit your RSS feeds any time you want.

  • Allows you to divide your web pages into multiple entries means your content will be easier for viewers to read and consume.

  • Automatically selects your entry titles based on selected "start and stop" HTML tags you enter.

Site Searcher Software

This handy software allows you to spider any website and find a keyword phrase or URL. It returns a list of pages matching your search.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Provides a fast and easy method of locating all instances of a specific phrase within all the pages of a website.

  • Search options allow you to establish how deep and how far the spider should go - maximum depth, current directory, entire site.

  • Allows you to spy on your competitors websites so you can uncover the exact sales phrases or keywords they're using.

  • Seeing what your competitors have already done gives you the opportunity to build your content around more profitable keywords.

  • Provides all the information you need to make profitable decisions - the final list of URLs, the page titles, and how deep within the website your keyword appears.

Xyber Brander Software

Add an HTML advertisement to any .EXE software. This is a great way to generate leads and increase sales for your Internet business. You simply brand and then distribute your branded .EXE software.

Your advertisement displays in a pop-up window on the end user's computer screen once they install and/or run the branded software.

Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

  • Allows you to quickly and easily maximize the power of your marketing and promotion.

  • Gives you the ability to take full advertising advantage of any ebook or report that you distribute to your viewers or customers.

  • Lets you skyrocket your volume of viewer traffic without having to pay a fortune in advertising costs.

  • Inserting ads associated with your affiliate links allows you to generate massive commissions for any products you promote.

  • Boost affiliate sales for your own products just by giving away software that's branded with your affiliates' links.

  • Turns any EXE file into a massive promotion machine - for any product your choose.

  • Enjoy the rewards of constant and repeat traffic from everyone who opens and uses software that's been "branded" with your advertising.

  • Provides you with maximum advantage and benefit of any freeware products that you distribute to dozens of software directories throughout the web.