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Let’s do this together.

I know that feeling of overwhelm when learning a new skill. You know it will make life SO. MUCH. EASIER. if you can just tackle this one thing. But then your brain starts spinning thinking about the buttons, the settings, the time commitment…ugh.

I feel ya. That’s why I created this course. I want to fast-track your learning. It’s my personal mission to get students excited to be behind the camera and getting creative with artificial light.

This step by step course guides you through all of the essential lessons you need to know to get up and running with your artificial lights quickly. AND, if you run into any snags, it comes with personal support.

I crafted the curriculum so that you can have your lights set up and rockin’ within a weekend. I want you to be able to capture awesome images with artificial light right away!

Let’s tackle all the styles together!

Pro food photographers need to know how to create lighting based on the vision of their clients. Food bloggers, similarly, need to be able to capture their signature style. Good news, we cover it all in Artificial Academy so you can be proud of your artificial light images.

Who’s your instructor?

I’m Joanie! Commercial food photographer, YouTube creator and enthusiastic educator.

I love artificial light and shoot with it 99% of the time. As a self-proclaimed control freak, the predictability of artificial light makes it an indespensable tool in my studio. But, more importantly, I find a lot of creative freedom in artificial lights.

Prior to my career as a food photographer, I spent a decade working as a trainer and educator on college campuses. It’s a privilege to get to combine my passions for photography and teaching together in this course.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing students master a new skill…except for maybe mint chocolate chip ice cream <3