Jazz Guitar Improv 101

Jazz Guitar Improv 101Jazz Guitar Improv 101 Your ing Point to Learn Jazz Improvisation on the Guitar Watch this video first 🙂Improv 101 is everything you ne...
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Jazz Guitar Improv 101

Jazz Guitar Improv 101

Jazz Guitar Improv 101
Your ing Point to Learn Jazz Improvisation on the Guitar
Watch this video first 🙂

Improv 101 is everything you need to know to IMPROVISING NOW!

“I reviewed this course yesterday, all I can say is WOW… Very, very well defined and methodical. It will definitely take some practice to accomplish, but I am looking forward to really dedicating my time to this material. I liked the way that you went from the basic concepts and built on them. I am already looking forward to the expanded, more advanced improv courses!” - Chuck, U.S.A.

How To Improvising Jazz … But Without All The Theory (finally!)

The ability to create improvised melodic lines is one of the most important skills a jazz musician needs to develop.

With this course, you’ll learn to improvise solos without the burden of superfluous theory. The focus is on making music in the spur of the moment without your typical “information overload”.

Don’t let jazz improv intimidate you: take the first step by enrolling in this course today.


Jazz Guitar Improv 101 provides a framework for your jazz guitar improvisations with solid foundations. It covers not only materials (scales and ways to approach solos) but also concepts on how to take your improv skills further by yourself, independently of a teacher.

It has over 60 minutes of video lessons where you’ll watch the the step-by-step instructions for understanding The Three Pillars of Improvisation as well as mastering the first pillar on common jazz harmony. In the end, you’ll be a master at playing 100% accurate notes while improvising on standard chord progressions.

Designed to Help You Reach Flow During Jazz Improvisation
This course was designed for guitarists of all levels wanting to fully unlock jazz improvisation. Improv 101 will teach you exactly how to be “harmonically correct” while soloing on real chord progressions. Goodbye pentatonic solos, hello intricate jazzy lines and effective change-running!

Comprehensive analysis of each chord shape is provided, both in video and PDF formats

The balanced approach in this guitar tutorial ensures that you learn some concepts as well as some practical chord shapes and ideas. In short, at the end of the course, you’ll be a comping machine, by being able to apply the chords and rhythms you learned here.

Your Instructor

Marc-Andre Seguin

Marc-Andre Seguin is the webmaster, mastermind and teacher on, the #1 online resource for learning how to play jazz guitar.

He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Course Curriculum

Section 0 - How to Use This Course

Exercises Sheet Music - PDF / XML / .SIB - PLEASE DOWNLOAD FIRST
How To Use Soundslice (6:17)
Lesson 0 - How to Use This Course (3:21)

Jazz Guitar Improv 101 - All Backing Tracks

Backing Track Files for Jazz Guitar Improv 101

Section 1 - Three Pillars of Improvisation

Lesson 1 - Defining the Pillars (4:07)

Section 2 - “Defining the Sandbox”

Lesson 2 - How to Make the Solos Fit the Chords (2:49)
Lesson 3 - No Nonsense Basic Positions (4:28)

Section 3 - First Steps into Improvisation

Lesson 4 - Section Intro - ing to Improvise (1:12)
Lesson 5 - Call and Answer on Dm7 - Fm7 (1:57)
Lesson 6 - Call and Answer on Dm7 - G7 - Cmaj7 (2:20)
Lesson 7 - Call and Answer on Backdoor in C (2:33)
Lesson 8 - Call and Answer Dm7, Gm7 and Am7 (3:27)
Lesson 9 - EXTRA Progressions for Improv (1:51)
Lesson 10 - NOT Freaking Out About (Every Possible) Position (1:39)

Section 4 - Interlude: Improv with Constraints

Lesson 11 - Section Intro - Single-String Soloing (1:28)
Lesson 12 - Improvising on Single-Strings - Entire Major Scale (2:31)
Lesson 13 - Call and Answer D Dorian - Single-Strings (2:31)
Lesson 14 - Call and Answer G Mixolydian - Single-Strings (3:58)
Lesson 15 - Call and Answer C Major - Single-Strings (2:27)

Section 5 - Using Guide-Tones on Autumn Leaves

Lesson 16 - Section Intro - Guide-Tones on Autumn Leaves (2:48)
Lesson 17 - Thirds on Autumn Leaves (2:18)
Lesson 18 - Thirds and Sevenths on Autumn Leaves (2:22)
Lesson 19 - Composed Solo on Autumn Leaves (2:23)

Section 6 - All The Chord Tones You Are

Lesson 20 - Section Intro - What Are Chord Tones (2:53)
Lesson 21 - Arpeggios on All the Things You Are (2:36)
Lesson 22 - Call and Answer on All the Things You Are (3:28)
Lesson 23 - Composed Solo on All the Things You Are (2:42)

Section 7 - Some Blues

Lesson 24 - Section Intro - Blues is in the Air (2:06)
Lesson 25 - Bb Blues using One Pentatonic (3:39)
Lesson 26 - Bb Blues Using Two Pentatonics (4:40)
Lesson 27 - Phrasing Saves the Day (2:11)
Lesson 28 - Call and Answer Soloing on Bb Blues (4:46)

Section 8 - Discussions

Lesson 29 - Listening and Imitation (3:11)
Lesson 30 - Pacing and Phrase Length (2:41)

Section 9 - BONUS

Lesson 31 - Outlines on Autumn Leaves (1:41)
Lesson 32 - Tips for Bb Blues (3:58)

Section 10 - Conclusion

Lesson 33 - Conclusion and Recap (2:10)
Lesson 34 - THE PANIC BUTTON (8:03)
Improv 101 - Thank You for Your Feedback (1:15)

Final Steps to Mastery

Jazz Guitar Improv 101 - 4-Week Workshop

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