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Jay Boyer - Amazon Cash Machines digital download. Info: [9(PDF’s) + 9(MP3’s) + 4(DOC’s) + Themes]. Crank Out Big Instant Paydays From Amazon With These...

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Jay Boyer - Amazon Cash Machines

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Format: [9(PDF’s) + 9(MP3’s) + 4(DOC’s) + Themes]

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Amazon Cash Machines

Crank Out Big Instant Paydays From Amazon With These 9 Proven "Easy-Buttons"

Discover the Secret to Creating These Day-Job Killing “Cash Machines” in 27 minutes & Start Paying the Rent With Your Royalty Checks

Dear Friend, 

Would you like to create a passive income stream from home? Are you feeling frustrated because you just can’t seem to “break through” to that next level? Does it seem like financial success online is reserved for only a select group of marketers who know something that you do not? Well this is not the time to throw in the towel...instead:

This is Your Wake-Up Call!

The truth is that you’re currently using business models that are holding you hostage. Why should you have to spend days on end hoping and praying that you’ll “crack” the first page of Google with your website or blog or other such nonsense?

Do other strategies have you wondering:

  • Have I chosen the right business model?
  • What additional training do I need to make this work?
  • How long will this take to become profitable?
  • Why doesn't Google like my site?
  • Why are others successful while I'm failing miserably?
  • Will I ever be able to make money online?

Stop Relying on Google!

Why should you rely on a “business partner” that is so absolutely and frustratingly fickle? That is no way to grow your business.

It can get you nowhere fast...even if you do manage to get your site listed at the top of the search engines. The fact is, you never know when you’ll be “sandboxed” or slapped with the next update. In fact, many online marketers who depend on Google rankings to pay their bills watched their business go down the drain this Spring with the Google Caffeine update.

The fact is that you will never be able to rest easy if you put all of your eggs in Google’s basket. It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to your family who is watching you work very hard with little to no results.

So what’s the alternative? Let me recommend that you

Focus Instead on Amazon

That’s right...the largest of online retailers is actually one of the most nimble and innovative marketers on the web, and offers dozens of under-the-radar opportunities for regular folks to finally make their hard work pay off. In fact, very few people even know that of these methods exist, which is why I decided to get “in the trenches” with the best-of-the best -- who make 5, 6, and 7 figures with the help of Amazon -- to get them to detail their exact strategies for you.

What I discovered is that it is not difficult to make money with Amazon. In fact, it’s a gold-rush of an opportunity, because hardly anyone is employing these strategies.

That means you can cash in big -- and fast...But only if you know the step-by-step actions to take in order to ensure your success.

Amazon Gives You an Easier Way

…What would you say if I told you that I have a method that doesn’t require:

  • A huge Pay-Per-Click budget
  • Ridiculous SEO
  • A fancy sales letter
  • Article writing and distribution
  • Thousands of forum posts
  • Building elaborate “link wheels”
  • Google or any other search engine

If you're like me you’d be pretty darn happy! Using the above methods can be tedious, expensive, and dicey at best, and they offer no guarantee for generating a consistent online income. Wouldn’t you rather have a online business model that outlined a realistic plan that anybody could follow to create consistent and predictable results...and passive paydays?

Here's how:

Become a Published Author, Literally Overnight

Print-on-Demand technology (along with some cool new reading devices like the Kindle and Ipad) has made becoming a self-published author not only ridiculously easy, but also extremely lucrative. This is literally “point and click” publishing, and it has changed the way that ordinary people write, publish, purchase, and read books forever!

You want to be a published author -- Great! Take 30 minutes, follow the steps that I lay out for you below, and BLAM! You’re an author (even if you hate writing).

What can you do as an Amazon author?

  • "Flip" your book at an auction site to other marketers for a fast, easy payday
  • Land a book deal from a major publishing house
  • Get Amazon to distribute your book to retailers like Barnes & Noble (for free!)
  • Leverage your skinny ebook into huge back-end profits
  • Build a list of proven buyers in any niche of your choice
  • Offer this publishing service to others for big bank, because they have no idea how easy this is to do (I’m charging $2,997 per book!)
  • Become recognized as an instant expert...even if you’re not (this means more traffic to your website or blog)
  • Become a Bestselling Author in any publishing category (I’ll show you how)
  • Get offline clients to fall over themselves to hire you as a highly-paid consultant (one expert I know just closed a 6-figure deal like this)
  • Create both passive paychecks and big instant paydays
  • Or simply sit back and watch the royalty checks roll in.

The sky is literally the limit here! Self-publishing is smoking hot, very powerful, and a completely scalable business model. And these days, isn't that what you're really looking for online...a sustainable business?

But Can You Do This Too?

Some people come to me who are interested in publishing a book, but they aren’t sure if they can “pull it off”. They are worried because they don’t like to write, don’t have the time to create original content, are afraid of selecting the wrong niche, and so on.

Throw all that nonsense aside, because it’s holding you back for no reason at all.

This is exactly who I designed this course for:

  • People who hate to write but want the prestige and credibility of “expert status” that becoming a published author confers
  • People who hate to write but want hands-off profit centers that bring in set-it-and-forget-it income every month
  • People who love to write and have always wanted to be a published author
  • Offliners looking to land major clients (Think: killer business card)
  • Bloggers looking to become powerhouses in their niche

I promise you that I could hand these directions to a 4th grader and they would successfully be able to make money in the Amazon marketplace! And the beauty is that you don’t need to be an English major to write a successful book that will sell dozen of copies every month. In fact, you can discover exactly how to do this without writing a word yourself if you don’t want to...Your complete self-publishing blueprint is included with your Amazon Cash Machines membership.

Become an “Instant Expert”

Imagine walking into a room and casually mentioning the fact that you just published your first book...and then whip out your smartphone and show people your listing on Amazon.

These people have no idea how easy it is to get published on Amazon, so they will think you walk on water! And they will all want you to show them how they can do it too.

And just wait until your family sees your book (lol)! The fact is, my own Mom had no clue what I was doing online to make money...I could have been peddling Viagra as far as she was concerned. But when I showed her a physical book that I had published and was selling online, I was immediately transformed into a "successful author and businessman" in her eyes! 

That’s right: ME..."Golden Boy"!

Want Proof?

It’s all well and good to talk about scoring points with you Mom, but let’s talk about some hard, cold facts here as it relates the hottest trend in the publishing industy right now: Kindle publishing

Consider this: Hot new electronic devices like the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and software for the Mac and PC are changing the way that people receive and process information...Forever.

As a result, Kindle ebook sales are astronomical: Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos recently confirmed that Kindle books are outselling physical books by 43% so far in 2010.

Kindle Books Are a Game-Changer

The fact is, things will never be the same again, and that’s why several brick and mortar publishers and retailers like Borders are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. These old-school dinosaurs were slow to get in the game (and actually never saw this coming), but right now their loss can be your gain. And the best part is that this trend still represents a ground-floor opportunity that is headed to the moon.

As a Kindle customer, these cool new devices are the cat’s pajamas because they can so conveniently be taken to the beach, on the train, or to Starbucks for a good read and a Mega-mocha latte. And these same buyers often scoop up dozens of these ebook at a time because the price point makes them such a great value.

And as a Kindle publisher, this may very well be the perfect business. You will be able to crank out these titles quickly and profitably, without ever having to print, inventory, process payments, package, or ship these books...ever.

Best of all -- you will never have to deal with any customer service hassles...Because the world largest and most trusted online retailer is handling all of that for you for free.

Amazon = Instant Traffic

The fact is, publishing a book on Amazon solves the two bigest problems that face all internet marketers: Traffic and Conversions. How so?

Well, it's no exaggeration to say that books listed on Amazon virtually sell themselves! After all, Amazon is the 5th most popular search engine on the internet with over 2 million unique visitors every day...and I guarantee that people are searching in your niche right now! Here are just a few things that Amazon will do to actively promote your book for you (and chances are you will have no clue this is happening):

  • They will refer your book to potential customers with features like Listmania, “People who purchased this book…,” & “Better Together”
  • Provide user-generated customer reviews, which are fantastic 3rd party endorsements.
  • Set you up with an “author’s blog”
  • List “Other books by this author include...” next to your book
  • Purchase PPC advertising for your book (that’s right, they do this for top sellers as a free service)
  • Email marketing (i.e. “did you know that you had this book in your shopping cart?”)
  • Help your book get listed on the 1st page of Google for a hot keyword related to your book topic

That’s right, getting free traffic like this is exactly what makes partnering with Amazon so powerful...Can you think of any other ways to get this kind of promotional leverage online?

Steal This Strategy

Now, you might not be convinced yet that this is the right method for you. That’s okay — it’s understandable since you may have been burned by other methods in the past. That’s why I’ve decided to go ahead and give you a business model you can get started with today. Obviously, Amazon Cash Machines covers this in a lot more detail with its surefire methods, but you can certainly succeed starting today, just with this little tidbit:

1. Find a high-quality PLR product. This can be a series of articles or something that is already book-length. Be sure it has chapters and a flow to it — this can be done quite quickly (and even more quickly when you know the “secret sauce”)

2. Format your manuscript in minutes (using one of the custom templates found inside the Amazon Cash Machines members area) for publishing at CreateSpace.com (this is Amazon’s free self-publishing service...they even provide youwith an ISBN code)

3. Add a keyword-rich title related to the topic of your book. Search for similar books in your niche to see what price point to list your book at (I like to be positioned just below the competition.)

4. List the same book on Amazon as both a physical book and an ebook at Kindle...You can even make an audio recording of this content using free software like Audacity and sell it in yet another format like an audio book or cd.

5. Watch the sales roll in and cash your royalty checks (you can boost those sales by connecting it to a dedicated website or flip for cash using Amazon Cash Machines strategies).

6. Rinse and Repeat -- over and over and over again...

Of course, this describes only the most basic method that you can use to crank out these cash machines using Amazon.com. But there are things that you can do to tweak this model and turn it into a full-time income almost immediately (see Teresa Miller's training module).

You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else

You have no doubt noticed that there are a variety of “how to publish on Amazon” products out there. What sets this one apart?

First of all, this isn’t just ONE product, you can think of this as being 9+ different products rolled into one.

You see, I’ve collaborated with some of the absolute best and most successful Amazon marketers in the world to develop this course. These are the top dogs who have been making money on Amazon for years, and they detail their all of their “under the radar” tips and techniques within these 9 Amazon Cash Machines modules.

I am going to put my reputation on the line right now and call this the quintessential guide to making money on Amazon. There are so many no-fail strategies and techniques in Amazon Cash Machines you can succeed with today -- no matter whether you're newbie or a seasoned veteran!