Jay Abraham - Business War Room

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Jay Abraham - Business War Room digital download. Info: [7 Wav (Rips) + 7 (MP3)]. After 9/11 hit Jay decided to do something to spark pro-active busines...
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Jay Abraham - Business War Room

Type: Digital download

Format: [7 Wav (Rips) + 7 (MP3)]

Business War Room

Seven tele-seminar sessions 2002

Over 10 Hours

Format: Digital Download

After 9/11 hit Jay decided to do something to spark pro-active business thinking. So he went out and contacted five different groups of world-class experts. I’m talking about men and women who regularly charge $20,000-$40,000 per day to work privately with major business clients. He put together five separate panels — advertising, direct response, marketing, and strategic thinking. He assembled the most impressive brain trust he could of people who were dealing on a daily basis with the challenges and issues of keeping businesses going and growing in very trying and turbulent times. He asked approximately twenty critical questions to each one of the panelists in five separate two-hour interview sessions over a three-month period. He got world class business answers, strategies and implementation tactics. The best possible strategy your business should be taking right now is to listen to these experts give you their best-reasoned, best researched, “no bs” take on what to do and why to do it. They tell you how to profit. There are six of these taped interview/events.


  • Tape 1 – Secrets of Doing Great Business in Bad Times (Mac Ross — Michael Basch — Andy Miller — Jay Abraham)
  • Tape 2 – Secrets of Doing Great Business in Bad Times (continued topic) (S. DeGarmo — P. & S. Edwards — B. Dick — H. B. Antin — Jay Abraham)
  • Tape 3 – Powerful Recession Profit Strategies (Jay Levinson — Drew Kaplan — Jeff Blackman — Jay Abraham)
  • Tape 4 – The Competetive Challenge (Jack Trout — Jim Cathcart — Michael LeBoeuf — Jay Abraham)
  • Tape 5 – Making Your Marketing Pay (Jay Levinson — Dan Kennedy — Joe Vitale — Jay Abraham)
  • Tape 6 – Producing Maximum Sales (Brian Tracy — Larry Wilson — Tony Alessandra — Jay Abraham)
  • Tape 7 – Recession Copywriting Secrets (Edward Nash — Joe Sugarman — Bob Bly — Jay Abraham)