Jason Teteak - Train for TED: Signature Presentation Bootcamp Workshop

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Jason Teteak - Train for TED: Signature Presentation Bootcamp Workshop digital download. Info: [Videos (MP4), workbooks (PDF), sales page (png)]. Presen...
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Jason Teteak - Train for TED: Signature Presentation Bootcamp Workshop

Type: Digital download

Format: [Videos (MP4), workbooks (PDF), sales page (png)]



Jason Teteak - Train for TED: Signature Presentation Bootcamp Workshop


What Is the Signature Presentation Bootcamp Workshop?

A Tested and Proven Recipe
Presentation Bootcamp gives you a proven, step-by-step plan for creating, delivering and managing your presentations and public speaking. It takes you all the way from creating a customized, memorable presentation, to feeling more prepared and confident, to engaging and entertaining even the most challenging audience, and beyond! We didn’t invent the presentation, but we have perfected it. And now, we’re giving it to you…
Move From “Ok” to Rock Star!
Imagine moving from “Ok” to ROCK STAR……being the keynote speaker that everybody came to see. Instead of your audience saying, “It wasn’t anything special, was boring, and didn’t have all the answers, they say: “It was awesome, credible, dynamic, exciting, engaging, special, amazing, commanding, professional and polished.” Presentation Bootcamp will give you the exact recipes, techniques and skills to spread your ideas and triple your audience.
Your Presentation Will Write Itself.
Do you know exactly what you should say in your opener or closing? What about your agenda and core content? What about your slideshow? You don’t have to guess. During the Presentation Bootcamp, you’ll present your content and find out if your audience wants to hear what you have to say before you spend a lot of energy preparing or waste a lot of time on content creation. Then, you’ll learn EXACTLY what to say, and how (and why) to say it so can deliver a seamless message that gets action and applause…
Gain Instant Credibility and Connection
Everyone wants to know how to get up in front of an audience and connect with it—right away. Presentation Bootcamp will show you how. Using the Rule the Room principles, you will get an immediate response that will be unlike any you have experienced. The rustling will stop. People will come to attention. Eyes will be fixed on you. That’s because you will be using techniques most presenters have no idea about but that will win over even the toughest audience. You may even be surprised to find you’re enjoying yourself.
Getting Your First Standing Ovation…And Beyond!
Presentations don’t have to be boring. Once you lose your audience, it’s nearly impossible to get them back. But if you touch emotions, get interaction and laughter, and keep them engaged and listening to the point where they want to take action, then you can connect with people in the room, be looked at as a SME, and go for bigger and bigger conferences…
Course Breakdown:

Module 0: Introduction & Overview

  • Welcome to Signature Presentation Bootcamp Workshop
  • Your Signature Presentation Bootcamp Workshop Roadmap
  • Know Your Style
  • Introductory Action Steps
  • Presentation Checklist Mini-Class
  • Presentation Personality Assessment & Analysis

Module 1: Content Creation

  • Create Welcome and Introduction
  • Prepare an Irresistible Menu
  • Create Your Core Content
  • Map Out Your Message
  • Add Variety to Your Visuals
  • Create Action Items

Module 2: Delivery Skills

  • Convey Welcome and Introduction
  • Start with a Killer Opener
  • Command With Your Body
  • Convince With Your Voice
  • Overcome Your Presentation Fears
  • Appear Confident and Credible
  • Convey Action Items

Module 3: Audience Management

  • Captain Welcome and Introduction
  • Keep the Audience Captivated
  • Make Your Presentation Enjoyable
  • Tailor Your Approach
  • Stay on Schedule
  • Answer Any Question
  • Minimize Distractions
  • Close to Applause
  • Captain Action Items
What You’re About To Discover:
  • “The Circle of Knowledge” exercise that will guarantee you’re telling your audience exactly what they want to know.
  • How to create core content, takeaways, titles and actionable tasks that makes your audience crave everything you say and motivates them to take action.
  • The blueprint tool to make sure you’ll organize and deliver a flawless presentation without relying on a script so that it’s easy for you to deliver and for your audience to follow.
  • Our Rule the Room recipe to identify what your audience wants (pain points and pleasure points), describe why they’d want it, and solve mysteries on how you’ll give it to them so you can be certain your audience will crave everything you have to say.
  • The Rule the Room Killer Opener formula that will captivate your audience within the first five minutes show audience members they can trust what you say.
  • How to overcome nervousness, fear and anxiety when presenting and speak with confidence and credibility so that you can stay calm and in control in front of every audience.
  • Presentation Personality style assessment and analysis to help you know exactly how to entertain and amuse your audience by being yourself.
  • How to coordinate what you say and what your audience sees and use pictures, slides, graphics and visuals to make complex ideas clearer, more memorable, and more attractive.
  • Agree and see if you’re right, a never-fail technique that complements questions and directionals to repeatedly engage and re-engage your listeners so their minds never wander.
  • How to use your words, your face, your body language, your eye contact and your tone of voice with dynamic effect to get (and keep) your audience’s attention.
  • The exact steps to read your audience for maximum impact and then tailor your approach to make all listeners feel your message is meant just for them.
  • Learning style analysis and insights that you can use to stay on topic and get your message across to every type of learner in the room.
  • How to deliver a presentation that ends on time, every time, elicit questions and provide answers even when you have none and remain in charge no matter what’s happening.
  • The exact steps to close a presentation to move your audience to respond with enthusiasm and applause.
  • And much, much more…

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have an amazing presentation, PLUS all the skills you need to deliver that presentation with confidence and genuine engagement.