Jason Klein - The Marine Body

Jason Klein - The Marine Body digital download. Info: (15 ebooks - PDF25 videos - MP4) | 1.516 GB. Did you know that if you use a simple-to-follow formul...

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Jason Klein - The Marine Body

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Format: (15 ebooks - PDF25 videos - MP4)

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Did you know that if you use a simple-to-follow formula, you can burn all of your ugly belly fat in as little as 24-minutes per week

Discover the EXACT 8-Minute Sequence That Gets You as Fit as a Marine WITHOUT Having to Leave Your Living Room - Special offer for friends of Forest Vance! Get 45% off the full Marine Body System.

This article teaches you exactly how to finally re-claim your figure and lean body naturally, especially if you have no free time…

Jason Klein, MSMaster’s of Exercise Science and Performance Enhancement

Former Fitness Instructor, Marine Corps

Fitness author and performance enhancement specialist, Jason Klein here.It’s obvious that your eyeballs landed this page for a reason…and let me assure you – it may very well be the most important thing you read in 2014.

You might be a little surprised if I told you that were suffering from a little known problem that over 70% of guys unknowingly have.

Don’t worry because right below I teach you exactly how to naturally correct it for good…just like my client, Mark Stephenson did back in 2012.

Mark was a personal training client of mine in 2012 and probably just like you, he had an extremely chaotic life at the time he came to me for help.

And I was lucky that he did come… because he later admitted to me that I was his, “last attempt”, to escape the hell he was living in.

Well you see – before it all happened, Mark was a former Marine Infantryman for 4 years. He decided to get out of the Marines when he and his wife found out they had a baby girl on the way.

With his newfound sense of fatherhood, a loving wife and abundant health, Mark probably couldn’t have been more excited and happy about his life.

On TOP of that, he began his career as a Real Estate Consultant in one of the best locations in the city.

Now, if we just take a moment to fast-forward 4 years down the road to 2012 to where it all changed for the worse…Mark literally has no time for anything, literally. Aside from being neck deep in work, he has almost no energy for anything outside of Real Estate.He and his wife are growing apart because of lack of attraction and sexual desire (his doctor blamed it on “low-T”, btw).They have plenty of money, but aren’t very happy with their lives because both have gained 20 pounds of fat over the past 4 years.

Both started to experience low back and knee pain because of all the sitting and weight gain.Mark used to be a varsity basketball player and did 4 years in the Marines and there is not a day that goes by that it doesn’t pain him to think about his past.

He remembers exactly how it felt to have vibrant health and energy, to have a ripped body and almost unlimited amount of libido.Little did Mark know, that it was never meant to be this way. What he didn’t realize is that there are men out there that are able to live with optimal health, energy, and labido up to their dying day.

The question is, how?Now, I’m about to tell you exactly how to correct the issue that had been taking Mark hostage and destroying his happiness…But first, we must address the root problem – Hormone Distress

The dysfunction of hormones that have a direct impact on lean muscle and fat loss.You see, Matt like most folks out there had not grasped the concept of hormonal health as it relates to getting ‘sexy’ AND strong.The problem is NOT Fatty foods Carbs White sugar High fructose corn syrup Gluten Lack of exercise All of the aboveHormone imbalance is the black sheep in the room that has been hiding in the corner all along, we just didn’t realize it.

NOTHING has greater effect on our bodily function than hormones… think about it.Let me explain the Lean Hormone Imbalance cycle, because it is probably happening inside of you at this very second (we will fix this naturally).It all starts with a history of little to no exercise and especially poor diet.A. Poor Insulin Health1. Insulin resistance

Our problem begins with screwed up insulin levels.Stomach with a crap load of food going down it with a crap-ton of insulin being pumped.

This has happened because we simply never give our stomach and liver a chance to catch up – and as a product of a constant state of snacking and eating, our adrenal system becomes just as overworked as the college kid who has to have 6 red bulls just to stay awake because of a high resistance to caffeine.

The same example applies to nicotine users and countless others.This high level of constant high glycemic snacking combined with high stress is the atom bomb that is destroying our very ability to lose fat.Constant stress leads to…B. A Rise in CortisolIt’s safe to say that you are stressed these days… and getting as little as 5-6 hours of sleep alone can cause a decent rise in cortisol levels, not to mention the vast amount of other stressors in your life.

Did you know that fat storage rates increase at a rate upwards of 30% when cortisol is high?This rise in cortisol is almost always the cause of….C. A Drop in TestosteroneHere’s an interesting fact: Testosterone and Cortisol work like a teeter-totter (also Newton’s Third Law). When one goes up, the other one drops in an attempt to maintain homeostasis within the body.Unfortunately, a constant drop in testosterone isn’t really a good thing…Actually, it’s a bad, bad thing.Drops in testosterone also cause…D. A Drop in DopamineThe ‘feel good’ hormone, that has constant control of emotions and feeling down. So what happens when you feel like crap?You don’t workout, and you sure as heck don’t eat clean.Which almost ALWAYS leads to…E. A Bad MistakeSo you see that we constantly end up back at #1How many times a day do you repeat this deadly cycle?Ok… Here’s How To Fix This…The SolutionNow that we have grasped the root problem, I am going to teach you how to fix all of this in as little as 8-minutes, 3 times per week.Seriously, it’s so simple, it’s almost unfair…It’s a simple method that I call – Fat Loss Turbine*Actual NASA Jet TurbineThe classic jet turbine has 3 primary engine components, and it is the function of these engine components that closely resemble 3 distinct processes in fat loss:

  1. metabolic Demand
  2. Muscle Fatigue
  3. Recovery >>> Most mistakes are made hereSee, one thing that the fit people have right is that they have simply ignited the Fat Loss Turbine within their hormonal systems to work for them, instead of against them.

Here’s how to ignite yours…

Step 1. Hyperdrive Your metabolism

Strategically induce increased afterburn in large muscle groups.

What Marines do correctly in their training is that they focus on hitting large muscle groups in a strategically synchronized manner.

Strategically induce optimal muscle growth and fat loss by pairing large muscle area exercises such as the shoulders and back with an exercise that involves raising your body from the ground to an explosive position.

Traditional tabata circuit workouts were only designed to be 4-minutes in length, however, Turbine workouts involve two tabata circuits, which total 8-minutes.

Step 2. Synchronize Your Hormones

Get hormones to work together instead of constantly working against each other.Here are the three step-by-step instructions on how to optimize insulin in order to have the most positive effect on dopamine.

  1. Induce Intermittent Caloric Deficit
  2. Eat the right type of nutrients at the right time to achieve optimal hormonal stimulus.
  3. Eat high glycemic index foods to strategically reset insulin levels. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that “strategically piging out once per week actually accelerates my fat loss”… and no, I’m not kidding.Step 3. Re-activate and Repeat

The biggest benefit that re-activation has given dozens of my clients just like Mark, is that they have found that this cycle is the ultimate approach to building a lifestyle of fitness…. Something sustainable.

Not to mention – a huge benefit that this system has given my clients and myself is more energy and more consistent sleeping patterns.“So, Why Should I Trust To Any Of This?”Hey, Jason here…Now you’re probably wondering what makes me different than the thousands of programs out there. I’m not going to throw up a bunch of photos of “seen on this tv show,” and “seen in that magazine.”I’m just going to put it out there, straight up.I will say that of the vast majority of programs and products out there, this one has been tested on Marines and Sailors, as well as your every day ‘Joe and Jane.’Aside from working with some of the most impressive service-men/ women in the United States Military, I’ve worked with more soccer moms and attorneys than I can count over the past six years.

And, for what it’s worth… yes, I did get my Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Performance Enhancement and invested over $60,000 in my personal growth.I’m serious about this stuff and to help people live their best lives is what I was put on this Earth do to….So, rather than going through 6-years of tedious practical education and spending $60,000… simply utilize the knowledge compiled over my ENTIRE training history…Introducing…

The Marine Body™The Unstoppable Physique FormulaThe Marine Diet The exact nutrition methods Jason used on Marines and their wives to get chiseled and defined abs in as little as 6-weeks. No guess work! Busy-person friendly and no ridiculous fad stuff!”The Marine Body: 30 Follow-Along Workouts($37 value) 30 Follow-Along Workouts – Adapted from my Personal Study of Exercise Science and training of MarinesMade for Mobility – Access from your phone and your personal computer anywhere in the world.Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels – Modifiable for all fitness levelsThe Marine Body, Interactive Training Video($19 value)TMB Training Video will break down the science of Turbine Training and show you how maximize your lean body potential.You will learn…How to use Turbine Fat Loss workouts to induce strategic burn for 24+ hours.

How to get more done in 8-minutes than in 60-minutes.

The little-known facts of proximal cardio movement.

Proper exercise technique and modification

The Marine Body: Printable Workout Log($19 value)

Easy reference to stay on track to your success.

Plan for success with this convenient and printable workout log.

The Marines of TMB…

Here’s some recent feedback that I got from those who recently completed The Marine Body, presuming one follows my instructions and gives their very best effort.

They said that they… “Look better naked” “Lost 2% fat within the first phase” “See the abs” “Feel and look stronger” “Raise maximum strength” “Feel more attractive”Now, I could tell you that I have personally seen awesome results with The Marine Body , as you can see at the top of this page…. but I’m not going to because it would sound a little bias.So don’t take it from me…As a United States Marine I have a very hectic and demanding schedule that requires me to stay in top physical shape yet gives me little time to do so. Jason’s philosophy has been my answer to this equation. Needing little time and space to conduct these workouts, I do them before work or between classes and am able to maintain an awesome physique and fitness level. The combination of strength, speed, and agility training will do the same for you!- Ethan Sarrell, 2nd Lt., USMC“I’ve lost fat around my belly and my energy levels have increased since I started the program.”“I’m really happy about Jason’s program because it is a better way to train and the results are superior than using traditional weight training. I’ve lost fat around my belly and my energy levels have increased since I started the program.”- Max from Argentina“Jason did what the doctors couldn’t. I have way more energy and I’m much healthier!”“Ever since I was a young teenager I had all kind of hormone problems. Over the past twelve years I have been on about 20-25 different types of medications to help balance out my hormones. NONE of them worked. Hormones control pretty much everything in your body, and mine were all kinds of messed up. Due to the imbalance I grew up over weight my entire life and was told that I may never have children of my own. Now I tried going to the gym (between working a full time job and going to school full time, and driving an hour and a half each day to each) I didn’t have the time to go to the gym. I tried Weight Watchers, and sure it worked well at first, but never was able to get past the “plateau”. Jason’s Nutrition plan is designed to help maximize hormones so that body can do what it is supposed to. Since I started the program, I not only lost weight, gained energy, and developed muscle, but my hormones actually straightened out. All of the problems I had before with my hormones being messed up are GONE. TMB has really changed my life and has given me a MUCH brighter, happier, healthier future.”- Tasha SchweitzerWorking in law enforcement is a rewarding job but also a demanding career when it comes to my health. Meeting Jason has been a breath of fresh air. He is not only helping me get into physical shape but handed me the tools to make a life time change of healthy eating. He is excellent at what he does and cares about your overall being out of life.- Officer Shina Moore, Atlanta Police DepartmentBenefit from these high value bonuses when you grab your copy of The Marine Body todayBONUS #1 Platinum Membership($97 value)At any given time throughout the year, I have around 15 coaching clients that pay me $97 each just to have access to me. The reason why I am giving this away is because I simply love working with people who are serious about their fitness. I would literally train people for free if I didn’t have to eat, serously.So, you will have unlimted access to me for the duration of the program. Contact me when you need to.BONUS #2 Quick-Start Guide($17 value)Get on the Fast Track To Success by Using this Done-For-You ChecklistA fail safe checklist to success.My creed for this program is to enable and prepare you for success!BONUS #3 Supplement Guide($17 value)The Marine Body is NOT a supplement product, BUT, some supplements DO, in-fact, ‘work. I will give you my TOP personal resources for natural supplements.You will learn what supplements I stay away from, and what natural supplements I do take as a means to fulfill my micro-nutrient demands.BONUS #4 Unlimited Future Version Updates(Pricele$$)I have never offered this before, but I will now. For every new version of The Marine Body, I will personally send you an updated product at absolutely no cost.