Jason King - Cryptocurrency For Beginners

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Jason King - Cryptocurrency For Beginners digital download. Info: [21 Videos (MP4), 18 eBooks (PDF)]. In this course Jason King will teach you what cryp...
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Jason King - Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Type: Digital download

Format: [21 Videos (MP4), 18 eBooks (PDF)]

Cryptocurrency For Beginners

From Jason King

Learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and altcoins, with screencasts on how to buy and trade them with confidence

20 years ago I graduated with a first class software engineering degree. Since then I’ve been interested in new and disruptive technologies, like cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

In this course I’ll teach you what cryptocurrency is and what world problems it can solve. I’ll talk a bit about Bitcoin, alternatives to Bitcoin and ICOs, before showing you how to purchase your first cryptocurrency with screencasts demonstrating exactly how.

After showing you a great money saving tip of how to purchase cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin) with zero fees, I’ll then move on to trading, investment strategies and technical chart analysis.

Finally I’ll explain mining and forks, then give you some security and storage advice before giving my opinions on the future of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and blockchain technology in general.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start, this is definitely the course for you.

It consists mainly of video, slides, screencasts and some fun quizzes. It should only take you a few hours to complete, but it’ll be a few hours very well spent.

Thanks for taking an interest in this cryptocurrencies course and I look forward to you being my student.