Jason Goldberg - The Competition-Proof Business Immersion: Self-Study VIP

Jason Goldberg - The Competition-Proof Business Immersion: Self-Study VIP digital download.

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Jason Goldberg - The Competition-Proof Business Immersion: Self-Study VIP

Type: Digital download

Jason Goldberg - The Competition-Proof Business Immersion: Self-Study VIP

Jason Goldberg - The Competition-Proof Business Immersion: Self-Study VIP

You know the feeling.The feeling of talking to someone and knowing you can help but biting your tongue and not offering your services because you don’t want to be too salesy.The feeling of wanting to share with the world the lessons you’ve learned from your own training and transformation but being worried about being judged or feeling like an imposter or that someone will disagree with your message and call you out as being “wrong”.Over the past few years, I have worked directly with over 1000 coaches who were exactly where you are right now.

They’ve put in their hours and paid their dues, they’ve gone through their own transformation and they know that these insights would serve so many people… if only they knew what to share, where to share it, who to share it with, and how to get into deep and meaningful conversations with people in a way that feels simple for them and makes a real difference for others.

If only they knew how to confidently communicate their message with their audience (and even knew WHO their audience truly was)…

If only they had the confidence to show up as themselves, and be 100% real and authentic in their business…

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.

“You can’t say that on social media”, “you can’t have a swear word on your business profile”, “you can’t talk like that to clients”, and “you DEFINITELY can’t be fun or playful” ie. you can’t be you in YOUR business.

And if you were to show up as yourself you would be judged or ridiculed… at least that’s what people and your self-doubt tell you.

How do I know this? Because I’ve not only heard it all, but experienced a lot of it myself when I started too. Trying to be someone I wasn’t because my belief was I had to be a SERIOUS coach in order to have a REAL practice…

It all becomes a headache as the questions build up and you start to wonder how (or IF) you can make it happen.

What if you fail?

What if your friends and family were right?

What if you need to just go back and find a “real” job?

If I’m being honest, this was exactly how I felt when I stepped into the world of coaching too.

Overwhelmed and grinding my ass off doing things that I didn’t want to do just because that’s what everyone told me I should be doing.

I wanted to coach people, not worry about niches or email sequences or whatever the new buzzword is at the moment.


And I know that’s why you’re here too.

See, we’re a community of people trying to shine a light on others so that they can shine twice as brightly in a world that often tries to snuff them out.

You’ve made an epic and brave decision to be someone who cheers people on instead of stepping on them in the pursuit of success.

Before I get to anything else, I need you to know that all the things you are worrying about and being told to do… may NOT actually be the best ways for YOU to build your business (deep exhale my friend).

Like my dear friend and Will Smith’s nutritionist Mona Sharma says, “Just because it’s good for you, doesn’t mean it’s good for YOU” - and I think the same applies in building a coaching practice…

Because being authentically YOU is exactly what your business needs to be successful. Being you is exactly how you will become the professional coach you know you can be.

And worrying about what everyone else thinks of your business just complicates everything.

However, I can show you exactly how simple business can be so you can spend less time worrying about how it’s going to happen behind the scenes and actually spend more time doing what you love and what you are best at… COACHING.

I had to learn this all the hard way, so now I want to make it a little bit easier for you.

PILLAR 1: Turning Pro

In Pillar 1 we get really clear on the foundations of your business.

We show you exactly where you need to put your daily focus on your business to achieve the best results for you and your clients. We also create YOUR signature framework which clearly communicates how you create amazing results for your clients (which gives you and your prospects tons of clarity and confidence in the work you do, making those sales conversations way easier to handle). Speaking of sales and enrollment, Pillar 1 teaches you to make those conversations super natural using my Selling by Serving method - our clients regularly say that they now find sales FUN (I know, crazy right?) after this pillar. Bye-bye sleazy car salesman feeling!

PILLAR 2: Your Teachings

In Pillar 2 (my personal fav by the way!), we’re going to uncover your message and teach you exactly how to share that confidently with others.

No more hesitating when someone asks you what you do. You will be prepared to blow their mind. We’ll take you through our BAMO process to help you discover your show-stopping origin story that will explode your social engagement. We’ll also give you access to my BEST (and super simple and practical) frameworks so that you have a never-ending supply of content that is hyper-relevant to your peeps and is guaranteed to keep engagement high and lead to more calls with prospects about how you can change their lives. Imagine the awesome power you’ll wield as a captivating story-teller that entrances your audience.

PILLAR 3: Your Tribe

In Pillar 3, we’re going to learn how to build and nurture a community of people who love what you do and are ready to work with you.

This one is all about creating REAL intimacy - not some kind of tricks to get people to like or buy from you. You will master creating Radical Reach and Exponential Engagement. We are talking about the path you take people from being complete strangers who passively consume your content to being super engaged members of your tribe who are excited to be there. You’ll gain the confidence to do live streams that people not only watch but interact with you and have all of the strategies to make sure that your audience soon becomes your raving loyal fans by utilizing the coaching skills you already have. You’ll also learn about how to create what I call “Magical Convo Creator” posts (that get people to raise their hand to work with you without you actually selling anything in the post) and how to deeply connect with people over private messenger conversations to build rapport and actually be of service before you even get on the phone. This might seem scary right now but once you see how I teach it from a truly heart-centered place, you’ll be wondering why you were ever worried.

PILLAR 4: Technology

Finally, in Pillar 4, we’re going to make sense of all the nerdy stuff and take care of all your tech headaches once and for all.

We’ll learn how to automate social media posting, systematize your calendar bookings, repurpose content, create an online course or group program, and so much more! It’ll take a little work but it is SO much simpler than the crazy tech names make it seem.

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