Jason Gazaway - The CB Assassin

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Jason Gazaway - The CB Assassin digital download. Info: [25 Videos (SWFs) + 2 eBooks (PDFs) + Salespage Rip]. I can't really express how much work went ...
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Jason Gazaway - The CB Assassin

Type: Digital download

Format: [25 Videos (SWFs) + 2 eBooks (PDFs) + Salespage Rip]


The CB Assassin

I can't really express how much work went into this course, which will form the foundation for your entire internet business.

In short, it outlines how to quickly build a 6-figure business within one year, and how to continue making more and more money afterwards.

Here are just some of the benefits that you will get from this course:

  • How you can easily build a $12,000 per month income 
  • The entire covert CB Assassin money getting system 
  • Why 99% of Internet business owners fail (and how you can avoid the most common pitfalls) 
  • Why my lawyers get up-tight about this course 
  • How to unearth a profitable market in less than 30 minutes... 
  • The four-step method to finding a profitable market 
  • The three types of high-profit markets that you MUST pay attention to 
  • The three "litmus tests" that you can apply to almost instantly know if a market is profitable 
  • Why creating your own products is essential to profits 
  • The Infinite Profits Quick and Easy Product Creation system 
  • How to choose a hot topic that will make others WANT to buy from you 
  • What to do if you aren't an expert on the topic but want to sell it anyway 
  • What is truly needed to sell products online 
  • The big secret to getting over the technology hurdle 
  • Why most web designers don't know anything about Internet Marketing 
  • The structure you need to know to make a profit-pulling website 
  • Whether or not you should even use Google Adwords 
  • Two extremely powerful methods of driving more targeted prospects to your site 
  • My favorite method of driving traffic - JV Partners 
  • How anyone with a small (or non-existent) list can get JV partners to promote for you 
  • And much MUCH more!