Jason Gan - Facebook Advertising Fundamentals

Jason Gan - Facebook Advertising FundamentalsLearn the unknown unknown about Facebook advertising from Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional & agency prac...
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Jason Gan - Facebook Advertising Fundamentals

Jason Gan - Facebook Advertising Fundamentals

Learn the unknown unknown about Facebook advertising from Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional & agency practitioner.

Do you know what is limiting your organic reach? What’s the difference between Facebook advertising and conventional advertising? How do you determine if your Facebook ads campaign is effective? Should I opt for daily budget or lifetime budget?

Hi, this is Jason. I’ve worked with over 200 brands as a Facebook ads strategist since 2010 and trained over 3,000 individuals about effective Facebook advertising. What I can summarize from my journey is that, many Facebook advertisers stop advancing because of the unknown unknown. Misunderstanding the fundamentals leads to misuse of tools, features which in turn, leads to a failed campaign. Yet you have no idea what’s wrong.

I know it can be overwhelming looking for answers on your own, which is the reason why I put together this class to help you understand the important fundamentals of Facebook advertising to help you RIGHT.

All these lessons are derived from my 10 years experience as a Facebook advertising strategist, managed millions in Facebook ads spend. We have no time for trial and errors because it is money at stake. Let me cut your learning curve tremendously by pointing you what’s working and what’s not.

There are 2 parts of the class - First I’ll share with you important terminologies and concepts about Facebook advertising, and commonly made mistakes so that you can avoid them. Second part of the class is a detailed walk-thru on how we use Facebook Ads Manager to setup Facebook ads campaigns for our clients. I believe you can pick up valuable tips and tricks on how to use the tools and features right.

As a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional, the class content is guided by Facebook Blueprint program.

This is a 60-lesson, 3-hour online class. In a nutshell, the class is going to help you:

This class is going to help you:

  • Understand key terminologies and concepts about Facebook advertising
  • Understand commonly made mistakes on Facebook advertising and how to avoid them
  • Understand how Facebook advertising work
  • Understand how to create Facebook advertising campaign from scratch

Still considering? Let me give you 3 more reasons to sign up now.

  • 30-day, 100% money back guarantee - If this class is not helping you to become better Facebook advertiser, email Udemy within 30 days to get all your money back, no questions asked.
  • Lifetime access - Facebook advertising is an ever-growing field with new things popping up every day. I’ll be updating the content regularly and you’ll get them for free, forever.
  • Exclusive discount to my classes - I’ll have more classes coming up, online or offline. You’ll get exclusive discount if you are in our community.

Appreciate your time to come this far, I can’t wait to see you soon on the other side in the first lecture!


Jason Gan


Your Instructor


Jason Gan

Jason Gan

Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional, keynote speaker, business coach, entrepreneur. Jason Gan founded Tribeup in 2010 as a boutique Facebook advertising agency. He has worked with over 200+ brands including EcoWorld, Sunway, Electrolux, Epson, etc. in their digital marketing activities.

ed training business owners about effective Facebook advertising since 2016. He has since trained and coached over 3,000 individuals from various industries.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Facebook Advertising
  • Why should we advertise on Facebook? (1:56)
  • What is Organic Reach? (1:46)
  • What is Facebook News Feed Algorithm? (1:27)
  • Push and Pull Digital Advertising (1:34)
  • Facebook Advertising VS Conventional Advertising (1:17)
  • Facebook Advertising is People-based Advertising (1:13)
Facebook Advertising Misconceptions
  • Audience Targeting Misconceptions (2:55)
  • Facebook Advertising Objectives Misconceptions (2:56)
  • Split-testing Misconceptions (1:48)
  • Optimization Misconceptions (1:55)
Getting ed with Facebook Advertising
  • How Facebook charge advertisers? (1:06)
  • Understanding Facebook Advertising Objectives (1:21)
  • Preview
  • Facebook Ads Posts are mostly Dark Posts (1:26)
  • How to identify a Facebook advertisement? (0:59)
  • Differences between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads (1:15)
  • 3 Goals of Facebook Advertising (2:32)
Facebook Advertising Campaign Structure
  • Overview - Facebook Advertising Campaign Structure (0:51)
  • Campaign Level Settings (2:26)
  • Ad Set Level Settings (2:00)
  • Ad Level Settings (0:56)
Facebook Advertising Audience Types
Core Audience (1:07)
  • Custom Audiences (1:23)
  • Lookalike Audiences (1:55)
Understanding Important Facebook Ads Metrics
  • Reach, Impressions & Frequency (1:15)
  • Cost Per Result VS Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPM) (1:22)
Navigating Facebook Ads Manager - Getting ed
  • Getting ed with Facebook Ads Manager (0:43)
  • Creating Facebook Ads Account (1:40)
  • Quick Creation Option (2:45)
  • Navigate Split Test and Campaign Budget Optimization (3:44)
  • Getting ed with Ad Set (3:57)
  • Navigate Sub-objectives, Dynamic Creative and Offer (3:48)
Navigating Facebook Ads Manager - Audience Targeting
  • Introduction to Audience Targeting (2:04)
  • Location Targeting - Part 1 (3:40)
  • Location Targeting - Part 2 (2:53)
  • Age, Gender & Language Targeting (4:03)
  • Realistic Detailed Targeting (4:32)
  • Narrowed-Detailed Targeting Technique (3:39)
  • Connection Targeting (3:20)
Navigating Facebook Ads Manager - Ad Placements
  • Getting ed with Facebook Ads Placements (1:22)
  • Facebook Ads Placement - Feeds (0:58)
  • Facebook Ads Placement - Instant Articles (2:01)
  • Facebook Ads Placement - Other Facebook ad placement options (3:21)
  • Facebook Ads Placement - Instagram (3:38)
  • Facebook Ads Placement - Audience Network (2:17)
  • Facebook Ads Placement - Messenger (2:23)
  • Facebook Ads Placement - Other Settings (2:53)
Navigating Facebook Ads Manager - Budget & Schedule
  • Budget & Schedule - Daily VS Lifetime (2:47)
  • Budget & Schedule - Budget Optimization options (1:36)
  • Budget & Schedule - Bid Strategy (2:14)
  • Budget & Schedule - Other settings (2:22)
Navigating Facebook Ads Manager - Ad Creation
  • Use existing post as advertisement + Link Instagram account (1:56)
  • Single Image Ad Format (3:21)
  • Ad Format - Single video (3:29)
  • Ad Format - Carousel (2:57)
  • Ad Format - Instant Experience (5:11)
  • Creating Facebook Lead Form (6:59)
  • Messenger Setup (5:18)
Bonus Chapter - Understanding Facebook Pixel
  • Getting ed with Facebook Pixel (0:35)
  • Facebook Pixel for Tracking (0:47)
  • Facebook Pixel for Measuring (1:08)
  • Facebook Pixel for Optimization (1:02)

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