Janitorial Startup Program + JAN BID Estimating Software

Janitorial Startup Program + JAN BID Estimating Software. Janitorial Bidding Software - provides accurate cleaning estimatesThe most comprehensive and...
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Janitorial Startup Program + JAN BID Estimating Software

Janitorial Startup Program + JAN BID Estimating Software

Janitorial Bidding Software - provides accurate cleaning estimates

The most comprehensive and accurate bidding program available. It prints out your customized proposals in just minutes.

JanBid 2014 - Quick and Accurate Bids

Unmatched Accuracy

Built in adjustments for size of building, density of occupants, building use, cleaning frequency - a total of seven adjustments that pin point precise cleaning times.

Personalized Service

You can hand craft each bid to meet the specific needs of each customer

Beat the Low Bidders

You can offer a partial cleaning or a service of empting trash only on selected nights. Jan Bid calculates the price at a higher billing rate to offset reduced service. Beat out the competition by offering three levels of service. For example, you could choose to offer a complete cleaning three nights a week, a partial one night a week and trash only one night a week. You choose the frequency and Jan Bid does all the calculations.

Faultless Building Surveys

Survey forms are included to record data during your bid walk through. Record square footage of carpet, tile and rest rooms for calculation of nightly cleaning plus, floor waxing and carpet cleaning estimates. Quick and easy data entry even for a novice.

Fast Results

Enter the data from your survey and in just a few minutes view the cleaning times and costs.

Your Complete Bid is Ready

Jan Bid helps you complete the Cleaning Specification Chart, your Additional Cleaning Services (for windows, carpets and floors) and then fills in the customer name, address and monthly bid amount in the Cleaning Service Agreement (contract). Print out your bid and it is ready to go.

Built in adjustments for size of building, density of occupants, building use, cleaning frequency - a total of seven adjustments that pin point precise cleaning times.

Proven Performance

Accuracy of the software was checked against hundreds of janitorial contracts. Developer Gary Clipperton, a 38-year veteran contractor is considered one of the top experts in the janitorial field.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Even though the program provides you with a great deal of information, you are in complete control. For example, you determine:

  • Travel time to the account
  • Minimum bid amount for small accounts
  • Hourly rate
  • Costs for other services offered
  • Seven totally programmable Difficulty Levels that ensure accurate cleaning times, because no two buildings clean at the same rate.

Hassle Free Software - You own it - NO Monthly Payments!

You don’t have to go online to share your confidential bid info with others!

Don’t understand software?

No problem, we do and will help you with your bids!

Bonus Material:

  • Chart that pinpoints your local labor rates
  • Calculating mark up and profit
  • Discounts for large accounts
  • Determining minimum trip charges
  • Tips on marketing your proposal
  • Tips for determining cost per square foot for strip and wax and carpet cleaning
  • 30 page instruction manual makes learning easy

System Requirements

Jan Bid requires that Microsoft Excel © be installed on your computer or you can also download a free copy of Spreadsheet at

I-Pad and Apple

JanBid runs on your I-pad or tablet as well as any Apple product that has the capability to run Microsoft Excel.

Multiple Copies

Do you have more than one computer or device? No problem. When you purchase JanBid, you receive a license to install it on up to five computers or devices. Large regional or national contractors can receive a special discount when ordering more than five copies.

Customization and Personalization

Another great feature of JanBid is the ability to customize or personalize each and every bid. There should never be a cookie cutter approach to submitting bids. You want to discover all the deficiences the prospect is experiencing and address those in your bid. We have the tools to add to your bid so the prospect sees that you handle all of their current needs. Again, you can edit any and all parts of the proposal before printing it.

Getting your foot in the door

Some prospects may ask you to email or send them a bid. It can be dangerous to your profit margins to submit a cleaning proposal, sight unseen. Tell the prospect that sending a bid without seeing the building would be like calling your mechanic and describing over the phone a noise in your car, and expecting them to code an exact price. That would be very difficult and unwise. They would want to run tests and check everything out before quoting you a price.

Likewise, you will need to visit the facility to complete a professional survey. JanBid (one of the best bidding programs on the market) requires accurate information in order to produce accurate pricing. You must personally view the facilty to rate the seven cleaning variables that pinpoint accurate cleaning production rates. By looking at each facilty, you may discover problems and solutions the prospect has never recognized. Then, you can submit the winning proposal, at the right price that addresses all the cleaning challenges they currently expeience.


You receive a link to view 7 short tutorial videos only 2-3 minutes each. It shows how to naviage Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. Or, call us and we will help you with a bid.

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