Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

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Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes digital download. Info: [5 PDFs] | 2.919 GB. With these in mind, I've set to work on a unique Chinese Vegetarian ...
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Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

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"If You're A Vegetarian, On Meatless Diet, Or Considering Vegetarian Practice..."

"Give Me 5 Minutes, And I Reveal To You The Healthy And Natural Chinese Vegetarian Recipe, Which You Can Prepare Easily At Home Today!"

"A Truly Non-Meat, Non-Egg, And Non-Dairy Product Vegetarian Recipe Collection!"

Date: 17 June 2007
From: The Desktop of Janice Hoo

Dear Vegetarian Friend,

Hi! I'm Janice!

If you're reading this page, you're probably practicing vegetarian and meatless diet now.

Or if you're planning to, this is a good start! Here are some reasons why you would want to consider vegetarian and meatless diet:

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

If you're a vegetarian, you're much less likely to be fat than those who are not. (Meaning, if you want to lose weight for good, this could be your solution!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesAccording to the Surgeon General, about 300,000 Americans die each year because of diseases related to being over-weight, e.g. heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and adult-onset diabetes. (Avoid been added to the statistics!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesStudies have proven that you will win against cancer naturally, including gender-related cancers such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer, if you are on vegetarian diet, because the death rate from cancer is much lower for those on vegetarian diets than others.
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesYou'll have stronger immune system, due to higher number of vitamins found in vegetables, grains, and legumes.
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesVegetarian meals are fiber-rich, and may help you reduce the risk of cancers of your digestive organs.
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesYou can overcome heart disease easily, because eating foods high in fiber and complex carbohydrates can reduce the risk of heart disease today!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesIt's a simple and amazing way to reduce your cholesterol level because you are free from animal proteins which raise cholesterol levels, while plant-based proteins reduce them. (Fling those poisonous pills out of the window, now!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesYou can avoid illnesses caused by e-coli, salmonella, and listera, which are mainly caused by viruses spread by food, usually related to infected meat. And about 750,000 Americans go to hospitals, and 5,000 people died each year because of them... and that doesn't include the unreported cases!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes...and more!

Just as how Mahatma Gandhi put, "Man becomes what he eats. The grosser the food the grosser the body." You probably know that Gandhi was on vegetarian diet, and what he meant there about your body and food is very obvious, isn't it?

Vegetarian: The Healthiest Way Of Life!

All in all, you'll be the healthiest if you're on vegetarian diet! Of course, you can have many other reasons for practicing vegetarian diet.

So, assuming now you are into vegetarian diet, you would want to look for vegetarian recipe, right?

"Want More Choices For Yourself,
Your Family And Friends?"

Variety is the spice of life! You will want to have much wider choice for preparing your next vegetarian meals, for yourself, for your family and friends, won't you?

You would like to see how your love ones and friends savoring their meals, after your hours of dedication in the kitchen, wouldn't you?

Now, there are a lot of vegetarian recipe books available, either online or offline. But let's face it: What is lacking is - Chinese Vegetarian Recipe!

So, why Chinese Vegetarian Recipes?

Good question!

"7 Reasons Why You Want To Master
Chinese Vegetarian Cooking Today!"

Well, I'm a Chinese, and I certainly feel proud about Chinese cooking. But hey, emotions aside! Let's look at it objectively:

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesChinese cuisines are rich in variety, emphasizing on 5 colors, 5 tastes and 5 smells - which give you cooking combinations of wide multitude! (You'll enjoy endless spark of fun, creativity and adventure with Chinese recipes!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesChinese cooking techniques are categorized into 18 sets, which you combine into your current cooking skills, giving more choices on your family's dining table tonight!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesChinese cooking and Chinese Traditional Medicine are closely related, and you'll understand healthy eating better, using ingredients and herbs which are nutritious and have medicinal qualities. (Let you love ones eat and stay healthy now!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesThe Chinese have been practicing vegetarian diet since the Eastern Han dynasty between 25-220AD, even before the arrival of Buddhism in China, and it has a long history for you to explore!

"Finally, The Secret Of Chinese Vegetarian
Cooking Is Now Revealed!"

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesYou would want to know the secrets of creating artificial, vegetarian meat, fish, prawns, fish balls etc, which the Chinese are famous for, especially Taiwanese, to add more variety to your vegetarian cooking!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesThe Chinese see food as their life, as shown with this common saying, "Food is the heaven for the citizens" - and by mastering Chinese cooking, you are part of this 'heavenly' culture!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesThe very fact that you see Chinese restaurant mushrooming all over the world proves that Chinese cooking is well received internationally, and by creating Chinese cuisines, you may have more friends come knocking on your door each day!

So, you can see now, the reasons why you would want to get hold of Chinese Vegetarian Recipes, right?

But, there's a serious lacking in supply for Chinese Vegetarian Recipe which uses natural and healthy ingredients! Of those available, a lot of them use glutens; especially those teaching you how cook using artificial meat and fish.

You choose vegetarian diet, partly because of health reason, don't you?

"Go For Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes!"

And you would want Chinese recipe that uses natural and healthy ingredients, wouldn't you?

What's more?

Some of the suggested ingredients in other vegetarian cookbooks are not easily available in the Western countries! Frustrating, isn't it?

"Fans of vegetarian food, here is a recipe ebook you won't wanna miss. I got myself this vegetarian food recipe ebook published by Janice at and I thought to myself, well why not I suprise my wife by doing a few dishes to get her test buds busy. Bear in mind I'm not a regular cook myself so this is an 'opportunity' for me to show some skills.

An Opportunity for me to show some skills...

After choosing the dish I wanted to cook, I went to grab all the relevant ingredients as stated in the ebook. By following the instructions stated in the ebook, I started to cook. I find the ebook helpful especially the detailed picture illustrations taken by the author to show you each state of the dish as it's being prepared. I find that this is particularly useful for me as those important steps and states are clearly shown and I'm definitely sure things won't go wrong that way. Something really cool for a real beginner like me.

She was surprised...

Next, come the food tasting time. My wife tried out the dishes with a little doubt at first but she liked them. So, the verdict, it's a success. She was suprised that I could cook. What she didn't know then was I have Janice's recipe to do the 'magic'.

Well, short to say, if this handy recipe ebook works for me, I'm sure it will work for you too. So, why wait ... go ahead and get yourself the recipe and try it out yourself. I'm sure you'll love it like I did."


With these in mind, I've set to work on a unique Chinese Vegetarian Recipe e-book since August 2006. And now, allow me to introduce...

"Vegetarian Recipe: The Chinese Way"!

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

"Vegetarian Recipe: The Chinese Way" is a collection of 69 unique recipes, arranged in clear and simple steps. You'll master the various cooking secrets using healthy and natural, gluten-free ingredients, under these sections:

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

Leafy Vegetables
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesGourds
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesShoots & Roots
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesBeans, Sprouts & Bean Sprouts
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesBean Curd or Tofu
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesVegetarian Specialties (My favorite!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesVegetable Fillings or Yong Tofu
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesSoup
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesHot & Spicy
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesPorridge or Congee
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesNoodles
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesSnacks
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesDesserts & Soup
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesHerbal Drinks

Not only the preparation and steps are written in simple English, you'll see photos, in fact, a lot of photos; showing how the steps are been carried out.

A Lot Of Photos Included!

Ask the saying goes, "Picture paints a thousand words!". You won't be left to wonder how to proceed, guessing what the instructions mean!

The photos that you'll see in the e-books were actually taken from the real cooking.

Here, sign up for 10 Recipe for FREE and see it for yourself now:

On top of that, with this amazing e-book in hand, you'll be able to:

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesEnjoy and appreciate how the popular Chinese dishes came about; with their interesting and amazing stories and legends! (Imagine their amazement when you share these stories with your family and friends, over the dining table tonight!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesUnderstand the nutritional value and health benefits of the unique Chinese ingredients like Chinese Wolfberry, Mung Bean Sprouts, Bean Curd, Chinese Wild Yam, Luffa, Bitter Gourd, Ginkgo Biloba, Sea Coconut, Snow Fungus, Mulberry Leaves, Fig and so much more!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesMaster the secret of frying soft or Japanese Tofu without breaking it!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesAppreciate Chinese soup by understanding how the interesting concept of "Three Dishes and One Soup" came about.
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesDiscover the deep meaning of love and missing someone by expressing it through Red Bean. (There's a popular Tang poem that you'll recite in this particular recipe - translated, of course!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesRevealed: Why a simple and common ingredient like the Sweet Potato Leaves are named by the Emperor as the "State Protector's Dish"!

"Here's How You Can Create Your Healthy Vegetarian Fish And Meat Using All Natural

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes'Catch' your own 'fish' - Yes! Create your vegetarian fish which uses natural and healthy ingredient like Chinese Wild Yam, and use it for various types of cooking. (None of this 'fish' uses unhealthy Gluten or Gluten related materials!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesChange somebody's mind about vegetarian meal with healthy and natural 'meat'! (Yes, it's vegetarian meat, and it taste as delicious!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesUse a simple material like the Chinese Bun (Mantao) to create an elegant dish of spare ribs! No glutens involved!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesMake healthy cookies using Chinese ingredients - a truly East meet West combination! Children will love this! (With this little tip, you'll uncover more creativity and ideas on how to combine Eastern and Western ingredients and cooking techniques to create a myriad of new recipes!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesDiscover the techniques of making vegetarian Dim Sum for your breakfast, with you favorite cup of tea today!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesMaster the unique Chinese cuisine criteria which emphasize on the colors, smell and taste! (You'll be able to combine this uniqueness into your own cooking today!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesSprout your very own Soybean Sprouts and save your money, with chemical-free sprouts!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesRevealed: Why the temple monks created Vegetarian Assortment!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesMaster the art of creating truly Asian dishes by combining Chinese, Indian and South-east Asian recipes today!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesDiscover the art of making Chinese sweet soup - the unique desserts that every Chinese household knows how to make, and must cook it often! (You can enjoy these desserts while getting its health benefits!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesSpice up your life with the hot and spicy cooking secrets of the Chinese and Indian tonight!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesPrepare the commonly eaten Chinese noodles, or use the recipes to add new taste and flavor onto your own favorite pasta meal today!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesBrew your own herbal healthy drinks and Soya Bean beverages now! (The Soya Bean beverage is unique because it makes use of three types of beans!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesUnderstand the various names of the ingredients used, so that you will know how to find these ingredients, in case, it is not easily available. (And yes, photos of the ingredients are included so that you'll know if you get the right stuff or not!)
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian RecipesUse commonly available Chinese ingredients so that you won't be frustrated of not getting the supplies! What's more? You'll also use common Western ingredients like Romaine Lettuce, Celery, Carrots, Potato, Spinach etc, yet you're able to create Chinese flavor using them!
Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes...and many more!

Guaranteed: A wonderful, fun-filled experience and revealing journey, while bringing your vegetarian diets to a new dimension, healthily! (Imagine what your family is going to say about your special never-taste-before cooking tonight!)

"So, Janice, did you cook all this?" You may ask.

Alright, I have to admit...

The Person Who Provided The Recipes...

The recipes are not mine. It's not me who did the actual cooking. It's my mum, Madam Loke. And here's the photo of my mum and me... (The left one is my mum, of course!)

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

And yes, you may ask, "Who is she?"

Well frankly, my mum is not a chef or professional cook. But she really knows how to cook! (I love her cooking since childhood, and she has been cooking even before I was born, and I'm 32 this year!)

Even a stranger commented her cooking well! This is what a 5-star hotel chef said recently in our local 9-days vegetarian festival:

"Even A 5-Star Hotel Chef Said Her Cooking Is Excellent!"

"I'm a 5-star hotel chef, and I have been in this field for almost 21 years.

This is the first time I've tasted your mum's cooking. With the first mouthful, I know it's delicious. And it's so good that I wanted more!"

And all I can say, your mum's cooking is excellent. My best apprentice are not even half as good as her!"

Peng, Ex-Chef
Shangri-La Hotel, Penang
(Now Known As Trader's Hotel)

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

Guess what? Peng bought my mum's cooking everyday for the whole 9-day's period! (Smile!)

So, you would probably agree now that my mum is qualified enough to share with you her cooking secrets, wouldn't you?

Handpicked Recipes From Mum's
30 Over Years Of Experience

The recipes in this e-book are specially handpicked. They are the best of the best from my mum's many years of cooking experience! Some are uniquely created by her, and you can only find them in this e-book!

And oh, it wasn't easy for me to dig into all those unique recipes and offer them in this e-book. Nope, it's not because my mum did not want to reveal it.

"Here's The Trouble I Went Through
To Get This E-Book Up For You..."

You see, my mum's place is 4½ hours bus journey away from mine. Almost every weekend, I traveled 4½ hours to, and 4½ hours back, just to snap photos for only 3 to 4 recipes!

Yup, a total of 9 hours of traveling at least, each weekend. It's not been easy for me. It's tiring as well!

In fact, at one time, I took 9 days off from my work and stayed with my mum for that full 9 days to get most of the photos and recipes up. (Imagine the amount of work piled up, waiting for me in my office after my 9-day's break!)

9 Hours Of Traveling Every Weekend...
And 9 Days Off From Work,
Because You and Your Family Deserve The Best!

But, I'm willing to go through all these because I strongly believe one thing: You and your family deserve the best from me!

And because of that, and also because it is taken from the actual cooking, there is one defect with this recipe book, which I really have to honestly admit! Not all the recipes have all the steps photographed. I couldn't snap some of it in time!

3,598 Photos Taken, Only Few Hundreds Used!

But, all in all, I've snapped 3,598 photos during the process, out of which only few hundreds made it into the e-book.

At the minimum, there are at least 3-5 photos for each of the recipes, including the photos showing the ingredients, and prepared ingredients. Some recipes are more complicated, and they have easily more than 10 photos just to show you the steps.

Wow! So how do I get hold of this wonderful recipe book?

A check on bookstore, my friend told me that I could easily sell this e-book at the price of $49.95.

Wow, does it worth this much?

Well, remember? I've spent every weekend traveling 9 hours to and fro, just to dig into 3-4 recipes and the photos up for you. Not forgetting the 9-days of my annual leaves which I've sacrificed to get most of the recipes done.

It is all because I want to make sure that you'll get only the best recipe, and the most enjoyable experience preparing Chinese Vegetarian dishes, as well as for you and your family to enjoy the unique never-taste-before dishes which you're going to prepare.

"Get the WOW and Beaming Smile
From Your Family Tonight!"

Imagine the "Wow" and beaming smiles you're going to get from your loved ones, and friends, as you watch them savor their meals tonight! As a person who cooks, nothing beats the wonderful feeling of been appreciated for the many hours spent laboring in the kitchen, isn't it?

"Hi Janice,

Cooking Has been one of my hobbies for more than 25 yrs and this is the first time I tried vegetarian Cooking.

My family and friends were amazed when they savoured the first few dishes I cooked for them to try, with comments like: 'It tastes better than the vegetarian restaurants'; 'Hong, open-up a vegetarian restaurant and sell these dishes'; and one of my best friend exclaimed: 'I've never tasted such a good vege-dishes for quite a long, long time and the color of the vege is still there. This is the secret of vege-cooking.'

So as the person who cooks, I felt worthwhile treating my family and friends for their true and wonderful feelings and comments, which really make me feel appreciated and their comments will be remembered for a long time to come. Its so worthwhile, the e-book costs me only $34.95 and you can't get it elsewhere.

Thank you Janice for your WONDERFUL e-book!"

Hong Hye Huat
Penang, Malaysia

Janice Hoo - Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

You know it's just worth more than just $49.95.

But hey, you don't have to put in $49.95 to get hold of the 69 recipes... you only need to put in $27.00 and it's all yours!

And to make it even sweeter for you, I've lined up 4 additional bonuses value at $69.88 for you, FREE! Take a look now at what extra materials you'll get today: