James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020

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James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020

If You’re Done With the Struggles, Fear, and Overwhelm That Stop You Cold Every Time You Think About Your Own Online Business…



PAY ATTENTION because this is important if you don’t want to stay trapped in your business!

James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
Most entrepreneurs who dream of successful online business face one major (hidden) obstacle that always keeps that dream just beyond their reach.
What is it?
Well, let me ask you a question: If you are currently in business and struggling…
Or if you’re stuck in the

“thinking about it” stage…

If after reading that, you can see how ANY of that applies to you…
Then now you know why your business is stuck… because you’re operating from The Employee Mindset.
James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
The Employee Mindset is a way of thinking about your business and how you fit into it (most people think in a way that sets them up to fail)…
One that puts hopeful entrepreneurs (just like you) on the path to overwork, frustration, struggle and failure from the get go…
This path causes a lot of pain, frustration, wasted energy on the way.
It’s what keeps you working longer hours in your business than you ever did at your job. You’re at your desk everyday at 7am while the kids are having breakfast. And you’re chained there until 9 or 10 at night, long after they’re in bed.
It’s what causes your sleepless nights, the bags under your eyes, and the worry lines that suddenly showed up in the mirror, and you ask, “what the heck happened to me?”
It’s what leads to all your financial stress… putting off paying one bill so you can pay the one you put off last month… juggling credit card balances… draining your savings.
James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
An “employee mindset”
is what keeps you stuck
working IN your business. Your VALUE is dependent on your EFFORT (which you never have enough of), and as a result,
“working harder” and
“working longer” is your only strategy for growth, and I don’t have to tell you that’s a broken strategy.
and if that applies to you…
If you’re like most struggling entrepreneurs, then chances are, you’re operating from this employee mindset that you learned from your upbringing.
But that’s ok! it’s all that you knew…UNTIL NOW!
With an employee mindset, you’re growth is dependent on your EFFORT. Everything “new” seems way too risky. You’re always tip-toeing around the edges of your dream instead of taking bold action.
It creates a constant need for approval. A need to know more. A need for certainty and security. Needs that will keep you trapped.
It’s a mindset that will leave you overworked and underpaid. On a surefire route to stress and burnout, with nothing to show for it.
So, if having your own business seem “unrealistic” or like “a silly dream,” it’s time to lose the employee mindset or stay stuck in your old pattern.
Employees think taking a risk is scary…
Digital CEOs think it’s exciting and gets them the lifestyle they desire…
Employees think they need to know
everything before they can take step one… Digital CEOs know how to figure it out as they go (just ask Elon Musk!)…
Employees are terrified of judgement and rejection… Digital CEOs welcome it because they know it’s actually the key to success…
Employees are constantly rushed and pressured, with every decision feeling like life or death… Digital CEOs are in control knowing no matter what, they’re always one
step closer to their goals…
Employees constantly search for solutions… Digital CEOs take action and create them…
James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
a digital ceo thinks very differently from the employee…
What’s Going to Happen to Your Business
If You DON’T Start Thinking
Like a Digital CEO?

Digital CEOs are Visionaries

They don’t follow the rules. They question them.
Then they break them.
They take risks. And don’t let their
circumstances dictate what’s
possible for them.
When you kick the employee mindset to the curb and start thinking like a Digital CEO, you’ll get totally clear on what you need to do to turn your business into a huge success.
You’ll be able to focus your creative talents on what’s important and what you enjoy—and build a business that works without you.
You’ll reach more people than you ever thought possible. Helping them find and live their best lives.
Once you start thinking like a Digital CEO you’ll start acting like one too.
Starting out, businesses can be a little like babies.
Newborn children are totally dependent on their parents. To feed them. To dress them. To protect them from the world.
And in the beginning, your businesses can require that same kind of constant attention from you. You feel like you have to tend to all the details. To make sure every part of it is working right.
But here’s the thing: Kids grow up.
Eventually they learn to feed themselves, dress themselves, and drive themselves to the mall. And good parents understand that’s what their job really is: to raise their children to be independent. To be successful on their own.
I mean, can you imagine doing your 43-year-old son’s laundry while he’s still living in his room? (That’d be crazy!) Well if you wouldn’t do it for your children, why on earth would you do it for your business?
But that’s EXACTLY what business owners who struggle with an employee mindset do.
Digital CEOs, on the other hand, fully recognize that their job is to design and build their business so it can run on its own. (Like raising a child who can take care of itself.) So that they can literally remove themselves from the day-to-day operations and it’ll continue to run, making them money.
And that’s EXACTLY what I’m here to do: help you STEP INTO the Digital CEO Role of your business far quicker and more easily than you ever could on your own!
And one of the ways we’re going to do that…
But Making That Change on Your Own
James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
It seems like a pretty
straightforward solution, doesn’t it?
Get out there and start learning what Digital CEOs do. Start doing it yourself. And reap the rewards, right?
Unfortunately… NO.
It goes way deeper than what you THINK you know or don’t know.
Let me explain what I mean… and why this is important to you.
Everyone “knows” the basic principles for losing unwanted weight. But
how many people “know” this and yet still struggle to see any results? As
you can probably guess, millions of people, right?
James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020
Diet must not be working. Go try another one.
Workout program isn’t cutting it. Head out to find a different routine.
It’s an exhausting and endless journey of learning more. But the results never change.
The same thing happens with business owners. Maybe you’ve been through it yourself.
You take a course to learn more about marketing or strategy. But nothing ends up different. So you’re off to learn some more. (You obviously missed something, right?) But after the next course you still can’t move the needle.
So it’s rinse and repeat from there.
Before you know it you’re coursed the “f” out. Working harder than ever. And all for little to no progress in your business.
So here’s the million dollar question…

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James Wedmore - Business By Design 2020

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