James Smith - Greatest Real Estate Training National Investors

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James Smith - Greatest Real Estate Training National Investors digital download. Info: [1 DVD (Rip) XVID]. America’s Most Comprehensive 3-Day Real Estat...
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James Smith - Greatest Real Estate Training National Investors

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Format: [1 DVD (Rip) XVID]

Greatest Real Estate Training National Investors

3-Day Training (Recorded)

America’s Most Comprehensive 3-Day Real Estate Training to Create Wealth

Learn the basics of real estate investing in just three days by attending our comprehensive 3-Day training event. With real-world case studies and proven investing strategies, you can begin putting together real estate transactions right away. Your wish list can become a reality when you learn the power of investing in real estate. This class is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

America’s Greatest Real Estate Training is not just a slogan created by an advertising agency. Our goal at the National Real Estate Academy is to offer the most complete, comprehensive, and intensive real estate training held anywhere in America. At our 3-Day real estate training event we teach you techniques and methodologies rarely covered in training events conducted by other real estate training organizations. In addition, we actively introduce you to compelling new strategies that significantly enhance old, but proven concepts to take your real estate investing skills to an even higher level.

Our program is not the work of one individual. It is the combined knowledge, expertise, and success secrets of several successful millionaire real estate investors who actively and continually invest in real estate today. This 3-Day event is an intensive combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training for committed real estate investors. You will be completely immersed in our highly successful strategies, sound methodologies, and proven techniques. This seminar is taught by the nation’s leading real estate trainers. No matter what level of experience you start with, we will teach you how to be fully prepared to obtain financial independence.

At our 3-Day Real Estate Training Event we will teach you:

* How to improve your credit to maximize your borrowing potential.
* How to find the right sellers and buy the right properties.
* How to determine the value of properties.
* How to negotiate a deal and make offers.
* How to finance and fund your deals.
* How to assign your deals to other investors to make quick cash.
* How to sell properties quickly.
* How to set up your home-based real estate business.
* How to find and acquire foreclosure deals.
* About taxes, contracts, legal issues, web resources, and much, much more…

Real Estate Can Be An Enormously Satisfying & Rewarding Business

Investing in real estate is a great part-time way to supplement your income! You can have a partner or do it alone. This is a perfect husband and wife business. Or maybe you would like to involve a good friend or business associate as a partner. It’s also a great business in which to get the parents and children involved.

You can realize instant profits! You can make thousands of dollars on your very first transaction. Then you are able to use this profit as operating capital to grow your business. This business will work in any city and any market. It’s totally portable, so if you move or visit another city, you can apply your skills to make money in that market as well. You can start part-time and after you see how easy the business is, transition into a full-time status. You can supplement your present income or retirement. Even if your credit is bad, or even if you’ve gone bankrupt, we can show you how to make money.

Advanced and experienced real estate investors implement accelerated methods to generate profits in the years to come. You can operate without needing to borrow money from the banks or having to pledge or risk your assets. You can start with little or no money down and earn as you learn while managing your risk. No large investment or expensive franchise fee. You won’t have to purchase inventory and you can get started with a minimum investment. Work from home with family involvement and enjoy the tax breaks available from having a home-based business. No expensive lease or fixed expenses to worry about. Many business-related expenses are tax deductible. Be your own boss. Set your own hours. Have no one to answer to. With these flexible hours, you have personal freedom that gives you more time for family and hobbies.