Jain 108 - Book of Phi - Codes of Phi Complete Set 1 - 9

Jain 108 - Book of Phi - Codes of Phi Complete Set 1 - 9 digital download. Info: [9 Ebooks - 9 PDF 9 EPUB 9 Mobi] | 270.70 MB. The DIVINE PROPORTION, als...

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Jain 108 - Book of Phi - Codes of Phi Complete Set 1 - 9

Type: Digital download

Format: [9 Ebooks - 9 PDF 9 EPUB 9 Mobi]

File size: 270.70 MB

This Set of 9 Books of Phi is the complete Encyclopedia of Jain’s Quest for the Divine Proportion over the last 35 years. This unique compendium contains all the nuggets, and Codes of Creation essential to understanding how the Material world is connected to the Divine World. Jain clearly and cleverly describes how the Scale Invariant Golden Ratio 1 is 1.618033… aka Phi, exists at all scales of reality, not just in the Galactic and Quantum but is visible in our human anatomy and the realm of flowers, seashells and planetary orbits.

This Order comes with 2 extra ebooks on Phi from a 2017 Lecture in Chartres and from a Sacred Geometry Dictionary  of Phi.

The DIVINE PROPORTION, also known as the SACRED CUT, the GOLDEN MEAN or the PHI RATIO is highly illustrated in this fascinating Set of 10 books that provides insights into Galactic and Atomic Mathematics. It is revealed in ancient temples and pagodas, in classical paintings like the Mona Lisa, in the cross-sectional view of D.N.A. molecules and transverse cuts of pawpaws and apple slices showing the packing of seeds in Phi-ve (5) Pointed Star arrangements.

Nature obey a universal mathematical ratio determined by the famous FIBONACCI SEQUENCE:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc These numbers are noticed in the counter-rotating fields or spirals of the sunflower, pine cone and many other biological forms.

When we apply Modulus 9 or Digital Compression (or the Continued Subtraction of 9) reducing the larger digits to single digits, and searching for symmetry, Jain discovered an Infinitely Repeating 24 Pattern that exposes the Sri 108 Code. There is also an Infinitely Repeating 60 Pattern (in Mod 10 or examination of the last digits) that hints at Time Codes.