Jaden Phoenix - Consciousness Magic Study Group

Jaden Phoenix - Consciousness Magic Study Group digital download. Info: [20 MP3s] | 826.31 MB. Holographic Mastery: Spiritual Transformation Part D, self...

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Jaden Phoenix - Consciousness Magic Study Group

Type: Digital download

Format: [20 MP3s]

File size: 826.31 MB

Salepage: https://www.alchemywisdom.com/teaching/consciousness-magic-study-group/

Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/UWCUJ

Consciousness Magic

Jaden Phoenix - Consciousness Magic Study Group


Anyone can join, no prior experience necessary! 

Holographic Foundations Part A, self-paced, registration open now

Holographic Foundations Part B, self-paced, registration open now  (prerequisite, Foundations A)

Advanced Holographic Transformations Part C, self-paced, registration open now (prerequisite, Foundations A and B)

Holographic Mastery: Spiritual Transformation Part D, self-paced, registration open now (prerequisite, Advanced Transformations C)  

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Come with Jaden on a journey to explore consciousness. During this 4 workshop series, Jaden will take you from the basic background necessary to begin to use your consciousness to shift and change your reality with a holographic model, through more advanced techniques to deepen your skills of holographic transformation, and finally into the spiritual realms that consciousness expansion inevitably leads to.

Holographic Foundations A: Energy and Consciousness 

Week 1: Energy vs Consciousness

Week 2: The Role of Intent

Week 3: Finding the Point of Power

Week 4: Finding Patterns

Week 5: Subduing the Cry of the Ego

Holographic Foundations B: Basic Transformation Skills (prerequisite Foundations A)

Week 1: Changing What You Don’t Want

Week 2: Creating What You Do Want

Week 3: Accessing What You Cannot Imagine

Week 4: Adding Dimensional Shifts

Week 5: Basics of Healing and Manifestation

Holographic Transformation: Advanced Skills (prerequisite Foundations A and B)

Week 1: Working on Yourself

Week 2: Working at a Distance

Week 3: Creating Lasting Changes

Week 4: Working with Relationships

Week 5: In-depth Work with Dimensional Shifts

Holographic Mastery: Spiritual Transformation (prerequisite A, B, and C)

Week 1: Unity

Week 2: BE-ing

Week 3: Letting Go of 3-d Focus

Week 4: Walking Home to Self

Week 5: Creating Together a New World

You’ll receive:

  • 5+ hours of recordings with amazing content taught by a master for each 5 week course. Each class will include some presented material, some discussion, and practice exercises or activities.
  • 2 Q&A calls where you can go deeper and  learn even more
  • A dedicated facebook group to ask questions about content, discuss, practice and create experiences with others
  • Daily emails supporting your learning, integration and practice with the course content
  • Optional Private Holographic Sessions at a very reduced rate to assist your progress
  • And more bonuses to be announced!

Jaden is a master teacher and has spent more than 20 years teaching.  Find out why participants of her previous classes have found her such an engaging teacher that they can relate to!