Jacquelyn Umof - Get Stretchy

Jacquelyn Umof - Get StretchyGet Stretchy Secrets to a Flexible BodyNo prior yoga experience required.Get ready to take your flexibility to the next level wit...
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Jacquelyn Umof - Get Stretchy

Jacquelyn Umof - Get Stretchy

Get Stretchy
Secrets to a Flexible Body

No prior yoga experience required.

Get ready to take your flexibility to the next level with all of my stretching secrets!

With one membership, you will gain immediate access to 17 online streaming stretching videos that help release your hips, hamstrings, shoulders, neck, feet, and an incredible routine to get deeper into your splits!

I am so confident you will love it, that I will give your money back if your not absolutely happy with the program within 30 days.

What Get Stretchy will do for you:

Exponentially increase flexibility
Help you touch your toes, and do the splits
Soothe and heal the body
Free up your body’s tension so you can enjoy extra curricular activities with ease
Wake you up and motivate you for your day
Calm your mind and relax before bed for better sleep
Connection and awareness of your own body
Improve your posture so that you’ll look taller
Increase your confidence and happiness
Find new friends and make real relationships with like-minded people
Get started now!

Get Strechy simply transforms your flexibility, re-energizes your motivation, and helps you sleep better through 10-20 minute videos.

It is instantly available worldwide as a digital program and online platform.

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What you get:

The Get Stretchy 30 Day Online Program (Instant access!)
The Get Stretchy Calendar
The Get Stretchy “Stretching Do’s & Don’ts” E-book
17 Online streaming follow-along stretching videos
The Get Stretchy list of stretches E-book
Flexibility Assessment
Personal Tracking System
100 unique stretches and mobility exercises to increase flexibility
Lifetime Access
Accessible on every device
Private Members Only Facebook Group
BONUS - The Get Stretchy Splits Video
BONUS - The Get Stretchy Foot and Calf Mobility and Flexibility Video

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