Jack Ellis - Beyond Mind Control Full

Jack Ellis - Beyond Mind Control Full digital download. Info: [ 13 DVDs - Rip, 5 ebooks - PDF ] | 5.811 GB. Who could stand up in front of his followers ...

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Jack Ellis - Beyond Mind Control Full

Type: Digital download

Format: [ 13 DVDs - Rip, 5 ebooks - PDF ]

File size: 5.811 GB

Salepage: http://www.beyondmindcontrol.com/

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This Amazing Course Shows You How To Model Their Techniques - And How To Make Them Your Own!
If You Study One Persuasion Method This Decade,
This Should Be It!"
From The Desk Of Jack Ellis:

Now you can learn the secrets to creating a cult-like following.

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Mind Control.

We study whatever works, no matter how controversial it is. And this is controversial.

Imagine having exact blueprints from four different masters of persuasion.   What if the blueprints not only helped you understand what was going on, but actually contained exercises throughout to help you make their methods your own?

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"Beyond Mind Control" is a comprehensive study of cult leaders and their persuasion tactics.   Four of the most infamous cult leaders were chosen to have their words dissected and broken down into micro-chunks.   While reading the workbook and participating in the exercises, you'll learn mind manipulation methods you never knew existed.

Beyond Mind Control is divided
into four sections:

Section 1 - Charles Manson
"Charlie's real cosmic, man. He's deep." - Dennis Wilson, musician, "The Beach Boys"

"Charles Manson, the Mephistophelean guru who raped and bastardised the minds of all those who gave themselves so totally to him..." - Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor at Manson trial

"He's a charming guy, he really had a charisma." - Gary Stromberg, author and acquaintance of Charles Manson

Charles Manson
led what became known as the Manson Family, a hippie commune that arose in California in the late 1960s.   He was convicted of conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders, carried out by members of the group at his instruction.   He was found guilty of the murders themselves through the joint-responsibility rule.

What you probably don't know about Manson is the fact that he's an absolute master of persuasion!   Very seldom will media outlets play his interviews uncut, they always edit them and insert their own "commentary."

In this rare interview Manson is at his cantankerous best, dishing out pattern interrupts and confusing the interviewer at every possible opportunity.

Here are some of the killer persuasion
methods you'll learn in this section:

  • Send your opponent's mind spinning like a Ferris wheel using a method that guarantees confusion! The crazy thing is, it's easy as hell to do!
  • How to answer questions in a way that hooks a person's mind and makes them vulnerable to your commands
  • A quick, easy way to �turn the tables� when communicating that makes your interrogator want to cater to you
  • An incredible method for pacing/leading that will get people to follow your imagination - without them even realizing what you're doing
  • Get a waterfall of charisma, week after week, month after month.
  • TWO devastating pattern interrupt techniques that have never been published before
  • How being absurd can give you the upper hand in any interaction
  • The secret time distortion tactic used by hypnosis masters (HINT: You can use this by uttering just three words!)
  • How to create powerful "personality tension" that arouses people's minds and makes them hang on your every word.
  • The secrets to quickly cultivating a charismatic and interesting personality that makes people fascinated and intrigued by you

Section 2 - Reverend Jim Jones
"Jim Jones was a smooth talker who understood the subtle ways of human weakness." - Stephen Hunter, Washington Post Staff Writer

"...he had tremendous ability to express emotions." - author Micha Popper, "Hypnotic leadership: leaders, followers, and the loss of self"

"Jonestown may have been a mind-control experiment..." Joseph Holsinger, congressional aide to Leo Ryan (who was murdered at Jonestown)

Jim Jones was the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, which is best known for the November 18, 1978 mass suicide of more than 900 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana along with the deaths of nine other people at a nearby airstrip and in Georgetown.   Jones had the persuasion power to build a following of over 1000 people, and even had held court (and had his photograph taken) with First Lady, Rosalynn Carter.

What You Can Learn From The Reverend:

  • Blast your opposition to pieces and save time.   I'll show you how you can agree with them and still get them to do what you want!
  • A proven way to �keep the power� in any relationship and guarantee that YOU are in charge� and the ball is always in your court (This will also eliminate their desire to play �head games� with you� because they KNOW they'll lose!)
  • The astonishing secret of master communicators that practically FORCES everybody to say �yes� to anything you say (This is so easy to learn you�ll use it THE NIGHT YOU LEARN IT!)
  • The "magical powers" that cult leaders use to attract people... and how to harness this power for yourself
  • The secret of master "salesmen" that you can use to quickly become the type of person that others are naturally attracted to
  • The simple remedy that will instantly smooth out an awkward conversation or situation anyone
  • Exactly how to deal with �drama� from people... in a way that will make them admire you, respect you, and increase their devotion to you
  • Hear Jones expose the secrets to generating slave-like devotion to your ideas.   This is mind blowing in simplicity.
  • Slip these phrases into your speech -- and people will feel compelled to do exactly what you say

Section 3 - Marshall Applewhite
"Common rituals and a common sense of purpose were the supposed passports to paradise..." - Frank Bruni, New York Times writer

The second time I sat with King Do (Marshall Applewhite), I felt absolutely there was no lie in him, that there was truth and goodness beyond anything I've ever seen." - former female member of the "Heaven's Gate" cult

"Applewhite himself compared the obedience of a �good' religious disciple to that of a �good' dog." - Herman de Tollenaere, religious writer

Marshall Applewhite, later known as Do, was the leader of the Heaven's Gate group.   He convinced 39 other people to commit suicide with him and "evolve to a higher level."

This is what you will discover in the Marshall Applewhite section:

  • The Persuasion Strategy that never wears out, never loses its power
  • How to �wipe a person's internal slate clean � and build a new set of values inside their mind
  • How to project a powerful, magnetic confidence to people by framing them as �guests in your reality� as opposed to people whose approval you need
  • Answers to the profound question: �How do you make a person want something?�
  • How to use the power of "takeaways" to get people to follow your every whim
  • A new trick you can use when a person is �closed off� that gets them to open up and listen to what you have to say
  • How to use your words trigger �autopilot� responses in others and FORCE them to agree with you
  • Discover how to make people believe the most ridiculous ideas (and why it will help you make breakthroughs you've never thought possible!)
  • Get the exact phrases that will conquer people's will. These can be altered for any purpose you want

Section 4 - David Koresh
"Charisma is as alluring as a drug. It can draw you in and be addictive if you don't watch yourself." - David Tirsch, "The Dark Side of Charisma

"David Koresh -- high school dropout, rock musician, polygamist preacher -- built his church on a simple message: "If the Bible is true, then I'm Christ." - "David Koresh: Cult of Death," TIME Magazine

"For years, Koresh has been brainwashing his followers in this battle between the church and the enemy..." FBI memo, date unknown

Who could stand up in front of his followers and claim to be entitled to 140 wives, 60 women as his "queens," and 80 concubines - and be taken seriously?   David Koresh, that's who.   At his peak Koresh had over 80 followers, most of whom perished at Waco during a standoff with various agencies of the federal government.   Koresh twisted the words of the bible into his own crazed vision - where he held the secrets to life.

What You Can Learn From David Koresh:

  • "Quotes from above" - how to quote "unquestionable" sources to imprint your thoughts onto a crowd
  • How to reframe missed opportunities for those who didn't pay attention the first time
  • F+F+R - the easy formula to condition followers to arrive at any conclusion you lead them to
  • How feigned ignorance and false humility can endear you to your followers
  • The easy-to-use reinforcement tactics that pull them in deeper and deeper
  • Simple statements you can slip in your communications that make whatever you want seem inevitable
  • The insidious "mind merge" technique that merges your followers to you
  • The most masterful example of misdirection you've ever seen - this will let you not only avoid questions you don't want to answer - it will make you seem all the wiser for doing so!
  • "Reverse time distortion" - a new way to use time distortion - instead of putting them in the future, take them as far as you want back in the past!
This Is Your Opportunity To Change Your Destiny

"YES!   I realize I must have this information in my hands.   Please send me my copy of the "Beyond Mind Control" course, which includes:

  • The "Charles Manson" Interview DVD
  • The "Jim Jones" "Suicide Speech" DVD
  • The "Marshall Applewhite" Heaven's Gate Recruiting DVD
  • The "David Koresh" speech DVD
  • The "Beyond Mind Control" workbook with transcripts of all four DVDs and exercises to help me learn the communication methods of four of the most infamous cult leaders of all time