Jack Ellis - 7 Gates

Jack Ellis - 7 Gates digital download. Info: [8 MP3] | 63.64 MB. You didn't know what to say... or weren't prepared to take advantage of a great opportun...

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Jack Ellis - 7 Gates

Type: Digital download

Format: [8 MP3]

File size: 63.64 MB

Salepage: http://forbiddenpatterns.com/gates

Archive: https://archive.ph/AvHOM

I'm Going To Brainwash You...

...Into Having Unstoppable Command And Control With Women!

From the desk of Jack Ellis:

Dear Friend:

Have you ever had an awkward moment with a woman?

You didn't know what to say... or weren't prepared to take advantage of a great opportunity... or were afraid to approach her in the first place?

In addition to the above, women make it even more difficult since they love to test men and are always on the lookout for any sign of weakness.

Imagine looking forward to every challenge - or test - that a woman can throw at you... any time, any place, anywhere?

Discover The Shocking Truth Of How You Can Easily 'Reprogram' Your Mind To Achieve Competence And Success With Women What do you know about brainwaves?

The use of brainwave entrainment has been proven to help with mental and physical disorders... it's even been shown to medically increase the production of certain neurotransmitters, including serotonin, a natural anti-depressant!

Similar technology has allegedly been used for darker purposes by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Prisoners of war have been captured and subjected to endless hours of brainwave sounds in an effort to get them to talk.

The Seven Gates audio files use all four brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Here's a brief description of what they do:

Brainwave NameFrequency RangeDescription
Beta 13 to 25 cycles per second This brain wave indicates that your conscious mind is in control. It indicates a mental state of logical thought, analysis, and action. You are alert and awake talking, speaking, doing, solving problems, etc.
Alpha 8 to 12 cycles per second This brain wave indicates relaxation and meditation. It is a state of relaxed alertness good for inspiration, learning facts fast
Theta 4 to 8 cycles per second Deep meditation. This state will amp up your imagination and creativity.
Delta 0.5 to 4 cycles per second Deep, dreamless sleep. Relaxation and healing

One of the best things about brainwave entrainment is that it can change your state of mind quickly.

With The Seven Gates you will only need to listen for less than 30 minutes per day. The changes will occur fast and naturally with no further effort required on your part!

When I say "changes" I don't use the word lightly... one of my clients described his frame of mind after listening to these audio files by saying:

"I listen for at least 15 minutes before I leave my house. Every time I go out now I feel like John Holmes. I don't know what it is, but it sure is working the way you intended!"While Listening To The Seven Gates Audio Program Here Is What Will Be Installed In Your "Mental Toolbox"...

  • Being able to approach any woman, anywhere, without fear of rejection
  • Annihilate your limiting beliefs once and for all - without resistance
  • Eliminating "slumps" with women and make your game more consistent
  • Radiate power and mastery over others
  • Develop a rock-solid, unshakable inner confidence
  • Get rid of all the emotional trauma of past failure with women - or bad relationships
  • Keep "poison emotions" like fear, anger and jealousy in check
  • Exude a friendly, outgoing "aura" around yourself at all times
  • Finally get over the nervousness that prevents you from TAKING ACTION when you know you should

Would You Have Guessed The Freedom Of Information Act Could Help You Get Laid?

Don't laugh - it can!

Here's how...

While researching ways to implant thoughts in minds I stumbled across something I mentioned briefly earlier - the US military's use of "acoustic bombardment".

"Acoustic bombardment" is a term the US Army's Psychological Operations Unit uses to describe its use of non-stop music and brainwave audio against detainees and prisoners of war - allegedly music and sounds that were re-recorded with backmasked - or backwards - messages embedded in them.

If you were around in the 1990's you probably remember the scandal surrounding a rock band named "Judas Priest." It was alleged that backmasked commands embedded on the Stained Class album drove two teenagers to suicide.

The US Army wasn't the first institution to use "acoustic bombardment" or backmasking. During its standoff with cult leader David Koresh, the FBI blasted Nancy Sinatra; in their quest to make Manuel Noriega surrender, U.S. troops played Guns N� Roses�s �Welcome to the Jungle� and Van Halen�s "Panama."

If you examine Freedom of Information Act files you will find an alarming amount of information regarding the US government's use of these shocking methods.

The Seven Gates is the first and only confidence-building audio program to use backmasking.

No more chanting affirmations about how great you are over and over again - this program will gently open your mind with brainwave entrainment, then deliver a brand new attitude directly into your mind with the use of backmasked subliminal messages.

Here's a short video about backmasking in popular music:


This audio is a "special blend" I created for a client who knew of my experiments with audio and had been begging me for months to, in his words, "put something together that will make me feel 10-feet tall and bulletproof!"

"Amplified Arousal" is what we decided to call it, since after listening to it he described it as boosting his sex drive as well. You can listen to this audio at any time to boost your attractiveness to the opposite sex - it's like women can smell the confidence coming off you.

Are You Prepared To Find Out...

  • How to quickly and easily get into a state of mind that will attract women like moths to a flame
  • The amazing mind programming method that creates automatic changes FAST without any effort on your part
  • The astonishing breakthrough new scientific discovery that allows you to tap into the true potential of your "seduction power."
  • The most enjoyable and automatic way to sharpen your intuition to the point that you will just know what to say to a woman - every time
  • The effortless way to boost your attractiveness and charm by as much as 200% almost overnight
  • How to skyrocket your enthusiasm to a whole new exciting level, and permanently stop approach anxiety
  • Naturally reduce the stress related to picking up women
  • Dissolve the mental and emotional blocks that hold you back from success with the opposite sex...
  • Create new neural pathways in your brain - this will help you view yourself in an entirely new way
  • Dramatically increase your mental clarity and ability to "flow" with women
  • Tap into your subconscious mind and unlock the power of your full potential
The Seven Gates Guarantee:

"Spend less than 30 minutes a for a few days listening to these audio files, and you will discover a new, automatic way to amplify your "seduction mind power" and transform your results with women for the better - 100% Guaranteed."

...and if you don't see an improvement within 30 days you don't pay a penny."

You will receive instant access to The Seven Gates audio files so you can begin your transformation into a superstar with women immediately!