Jack Canfield - Breakthrough to Success Online

Jack Canfield - Breakthrough to Success Online digital download.

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Jack Canfield - Breakthrough to Success Online

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Jack Canfield - Breakthrough to Success Online

Jack Canfield - Breakthrough to Success Online

2012 was the final 7-day Breakthrough to Success live training. Even though we had hundreds of people attended, we heard from hundreds more who couldn’t invest the time or money to attend the farewell event.

But even if you missed out on the live training … you don’t have to miss out on the powerful content. With the Breakthrough to Success Home Study System, you can experience the entire 7-day program as a self-guided, self-paced system.

Filmed during the 2005 Breakthrough to Success Training in Lake Las Vegas, NV, this meticulously organized and fully indexed home-study course delivers the tools and information you need to breakthrough to your next level of success (and finally get to where you want to be) - and the momentum to keep the changes working!

Take as long as you like to work through the program - or, dive right in and do it all in a week. Then go back to review each exercise and section as often as you like. The more you review, the faster you master the material!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive…

Check1blue2 20 DVDs (fully indexed and labeled for easy navigation) - instantly find exactly what you’re looking for!) captured seven entire days! Every session, every breakthrough process, every strategy, every idea, every recommendation, every guided visualization, every exercise and every special-guest presentation that was made during the 2005 Breakthrough to Success Training, held at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Resort in Lake Las Vegas, NV.
Check1blue2 37 Audio CDs (conveniently indexed identically to the DVDs so you can seamlessly continue your learning straight “from living room to car” without missing a second!)
Check1blue2 PLUS, included is the 350-page guidebook we used in the live training with all the written resources, specific guidelines and workbook materials, fully organized so you can refer to them again and again.
Check1blue2 Click here for an overview of the modules
We’re Bringing the Event to You!
Breakthrough to Success is one of the most (if not only) comprehensive and effective personal growth trainings in the world - it’s your fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to:

Get crystal clear on why you’re here. Discover 2 enlightening exercises that will reveal your life’s purpose - the real reason that you, as a unique human being, are here. Then explore ways to reorganize your life so as much of your time, energy and resources as possible can be engaged with living your purpose.
Take full ownership of your life - and your results. Despite what many people believe, you are in complete control of your experience. Discover how most people abdicate responsibility for their life … and how to reclaim your power.
Cultivate a mindset of success. Even if you’re able to hold a vision of what you want to achieve, self-limiting beliefs can prevent you from achieving the happiness and success you desire. Through powerful exercises, you’ll let go of any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating the life you want … and erase misconceptions you may have that dictate your current life experiences. End result? You’ll “rewire” your mind … and master proven processes that will help you win the inner game of success.
Activate the Law of Attraction. Most people achieve only limited success with the Law of Attraction because of 3 critical errors. You’ll discover what these errors are … and the complete process that’s needed to unleash the power of this universal law.
Become unstoppable. Achieving success no matter what is a combination of powerful inner work and practical action. Discover the core set of principles, habits and tools you can use daily to make steady, relentless progress toward your goals … despite any setbacks, challenges, rejection and failures you may encounter.
Release the past. Trying to reach the pinnacles of success without releasing your past is like trying to scale a mountain with a full set of luggage. It’s difficult, if not impossible. The past is intricately tied to our success, because the lessons of the past are what helped us cultivate our current beliefs and habits - both good and bad. Discover easy-to-use processes for healing old wounds, moving past painful experiences, securing the encouragement and support you need, and releasing negative emotions as they arise.
Express yourself to the world. Whether you’re simply being honest in a tough private conversation or leading groups of students through transformational workshops, your message matters. Discover techniques for connecting deeply with an audience of one or thousands … communicating effectively … and building a winning presentation.
Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. Self-esteem is essential for success. The more you have, the more likely you are to take the risks that will lead to greater success. You’ll practice processes that you can use to build and protect your self-esteem daily.
Below is just a sample of the exercises you’ll be doing as part of your Breakthrough to Success Home Study System… taking concepts and transforming them into action…

The Life Purpose Exercise. This simple exercise will help you clarify your life’s real purpose. Once you have clarified your true purpose in life, your entire decision making process becomes easier. When your goals are aligned with the expression of your true life purpose, you will achieve them more easily and effortlessly.
The Vision Exercise. This process will help you clarify your deepest, most heart-felt vision for seven areas of your life: career, financial, relationships, health & fitness, recreation, personal (emotional and spiritual) and contribution to the world. Most people operate without a clear vision for their life, their family and their organization. This is a major reason why they often flounder, without a sense of clear direction or intention.
Setting Clear Measurable Goals. Research shows that a vision is not enough. A Vision must be broken down into precise and measurable goals. Research also shows that only 10% of the people actually set clear and measurable goals for themselves. This is another huge reason most people don’t achieve what they totally want in life. We will help you set clear goals for the seven major areas of your life.
Creating a Master Plan for the Fulfillment of Your Vision. This process will help you create a schedule of activities that will create movement and momentum toward the achievement of your dream life. You will have a resource that will allow you to plan 3-month’s worth of activities that will create an easy-to-implement blueprint for success.
The Five-Minute Phobia Cure. Success requires actions, and the main thing that stops action is fear. Developed by Dr. Roger Callahan, this amazing process, which can be self-administered, removes fears, phobias or anxieties in five minutes or less-99.4% of the time!
Creating a Vibrational Match for What You Want. One of the greatest breakthroughs of the last decade is the mountain of research that has emerged which is scientifically proving what has been referred to as “The Law of Attraction.” Simply stated, you must create an emotional match for what you want to attract more of into your life. You will learn how to create feelings of joy, abundance, love, and gratitude even in the face of not yet having manifested their correlates in the physical world.
Releasing Blocks that Are Standing in the Way of Your Success. You will easily identify and release personal blocks that might be standing in the way of you achieving your most heartfelt desires.
Creating a “Dream Team” Mastermind Alliance. Hailed by more millionaires as the one teaching that helped them achieve that status, you will experience creating a team of 6 people who will support you in achieving your goals even after the workshop is over.
Programming Your Inner GPS (Global Positioning Satellite System) and Harnessing the Power of the “Innernet” to Accelerate the Achievement of Your Heart’s Desires. You are probably familiar with GPS system that is installed in many of today’s automobiles. All you have to do is type in the destination and the GPS system instantly displays the correct route to get from where you are to where you want to arrive. Your brain is more powerful than any GPS system ever created.This little-known process will program your inner GPS to create the simplest and most direct route for you to get from where you currently are to where you want to be. It’s easy if you know how.
What You Can Expect To Experience
With Your Home Study System
You’ll learn to let go of any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating the life you want. I’ll help you erase misconceptions you may have that dictate your current life experiences. I’ll even give you the tools to acquire literally anything you want for yourself.

Starting with the very first DVD or audio CD, I’ll take you by the hand and through the power of our “virtual coaching system,” I will escort you to the new and better life you envision for yourself! You’ll not only master the success secrets you need to create the life of your dreams - but through this unique experience, you’ll also learn how to rapidly apply the secrets to your own life, allowing you to attain unimagined levels of success and make positive, lasting changes… Guaranteed!

Take a look at some of the dozens of lessons you’ll learn:

How to identify what you really want (and the surprising reasons why it may be different from what you now think it is).
Innovative ways to motivate yourself to get started, keep going, and - most importantly - complete what you start, so you actually get the rewards you want (not the same old “say your affirmations” stuff you’ve heard so often).
Secrets of how successful people think and act, and how to change your own thinking and behavior so you can get the same results they do.
How to ask for (and get) everything you want. (You’ve heard that you should “ask and you shall receive”… now learn the right ways to ask!)
How bad habits, negative thoughts, procrastination and lack of motivation hold you back … and a simple, effective set of techniques to dissolve all of these problems once and for all (so they never come back to haunt you again).
The best way successful people deal with setbacks, failures, and defeats. (Once you learn this secret, you’ll not only be able to deal with adversity, you’ll take any adversity and turn it into an equal or greater benefit.)
How to take 100% responsibility for your life and how this simple assertion can radically change your life (and how to avoid unhealthy guilt and shame at the same time).
Simple strategies to invest in every day for developing your knowledge base and core skills.
Secrets of developing and trusting your intuition and reasoning abilities (and how to know when you should rely on each).
Proven tactics that instantly allow you to breakthrough your fears and do it anyway!
Discover the often-misunderstood power of Mastermind Alliances… how to get nearly anyone you want to happily join your group and help you get what you want (plus how to avoid the mistakes made by almost every Mastermind Alliance).
How to find… and stay focused on… your core genius, which is where your greatest leverage for success lies.
High-leverage techniques to achieve maximum profitability in any area of your life with less invested time and effort - and how “effortless success” is possible.
How to stop settling for less than what you want, and start getting more of what you deserve. (You’ll learn how to say “no” to the good so you can say “yes” to the great.)
How to double your income and double your time off at the same time. (Yes, it is possible… and you can do it faster, better, and easier than you ever imagined…
People Rave about the
Breakthrough To Success Live Seminar…
and this Course is No Exception!
Because my mission (and sole purpose in life) is to inspire and empower people to live their highest vision for themselves, I want to give you the tools, skills and mindset necessary to take your life to the next level - whatever your dreams are!

That’s why we’ve designed this course a bit differently than most home-study programs…

You won’t just learn these life-changing techniques. You’ll EXPERIENCE them during the course - and on the spot you will apply them to your life, transforming yourself for success.

That’s one of the key differences between this Home Study System and other programs you may have used in the past. With our System, you’re not simply listening or watching… you’re doing. Making the changes. Setting the goals. Participating in exercises that will shift your mind-set in ways you never dared dream before.

So if you’re the kind of person who really wants to make changes…to make life better for you and for your loved ones …

Then this is the program for you. Here’s the best part…

I’m so confident that this program will change your life, I’m willing to send it to you and let you examine it yourself for 30 days. Just say the word, make your payment, and I’ll have one of these beautiful boxed sets delivered to you right away.

Examine it for a month. That’s enough time to go through the entire course four times if you want to. By that time, I know you’ll be convinced of the power of the process inside the Home Study System… and I know you wouldn’t dream of sending it back! But, if you don’t agree that it’s been one of the wisest investments you’ve ever made, send the entire course back (undamaged, of course) for a full refund (less shipping & handling).

Breakthrough to Success™ is the only Home Study System of its kind, where we work together to secure the future you envision for yourself. You, too, could be experiencing new abundance and professional opportunities. I look forward to helping you create positive and lasting change in your life.

Yes Jack, I’m ready to order now!

Regular tuition for my live 7-day Breakthrough to Success training is $3,495. But you’ll invest a fraction of that to get access to the convenient home-study course — just $997.

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