Jabbawockeez - School of Dance

Jabbawockeez - School of Dance digital download. Info: [DVD RIP - 20 avi] | 5.682 GB. Jabbawockeez School of Dance is a five-disc DVD series that takes t...

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Jabbawockeez - School of Dance

Type: Digital download

Format: [DVD RIP - 20 avi]

File size: 5.682 GB

Jabbawockeez School of Dance is a five-disc DVD series that takes the viewer through exclusive, never before seen, carefully choreographed, Jabbawockeez dance routines. Each disc features harmonized, step-by-step instructions and bonus features that include dance battles and 10-minute foundation pieces that help educate how to use the body to become a more articulate, skilled dancer. With each disc, the difficulty of dance routine increases, building a well-rounded, skilled set of moves.

DVD ONE: "TOP ROCKS" defines the fundamentals of B-Boying (aka breakdancing) with a simplified routine using basic breakdance moves. This disc focuses on the foundational elements of dance to help build confidence to enhance coordination and balance.

DVD TWO: "THE KABOOM" breaks down eight moves that strengthen body posture and form, enabling the dancer to add "flavor" and "swagger' into basic steps. The bonus lesson explains syncopation and timing, and focuses on how to articulate the sound of music through the body's movement.

DVD THREE: "THE GEE-ONE" is a tribute to one of the Jabbawockeez founding members, using his favorite dances from the late 80's and early 90's. The routine spotlights the importance behind musicality and rhythm to illuminate the intricate texture that lies within sound.

DVD FOUR: "THE THROWBACK" pulls up the roots of dance and combines a stylized routine with the modern dance moves of today. The routine teaches how to incorporate "groove" within the soul of the music.

DVD FIVE: "THE MATRIX" demonstrates moves from 2001-2002 that boosts the pace of movement by touching upon the "and" counts. "Flow" is described in the bonus feature as a way of expressing the acquired knowledge of moves into technical dance routine.