Ivan Chicchon - Implant Surgery 101

Ivan Chicchon - Implant Surgery 101Everything You Need to Placing ImplantsWHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE COURSE? Detailed Step by Step Surgical InstructionIn this in-d...
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Ivan Chicchon - Implant Surgery 101

Ivan Chicchon - Implant Surgery 101

Everything You Need to Placing Implants


Detailed Step by Step Surgical Instruction

In this in-depth course, we walk you through our step by step blueprint of how to plan and execute implant surgeries like a pro.

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Instant access to the private Facebook group of hundreds of other clinicians to receive professional and peer mentoring.

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Gain instant access to downloadable references and guides! Including guides for your assistants.

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What our docs have to say:

“This is a great course for anyone wanting to learn how to place and restore dental implants. I highly recommend this course and specifically enjoy the at-your-own-pace platform, it being available online or on my phone at any time, and the depth of the material that is presented.”

Dr. Joshua Heyrend

“Amazing Entry Level Implant Course that goes above and beyond most 101 implant training courses”

- Dr. Malcom Schealer

“Definitely the place to your implant journey.”


- Dr. Richard Witty

“Lots of great information packed into a great course. Definitely recommended.


- Dr. Omar Morell

“Simply amazing implant course!”


- Dr. Henry Jackson Jr.

“Strong recommendation if you’re looking to begin your implant journey. Well worth the investment”


- Dr. Anthony Adams


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Course Curriculum

  • VIDEO: Hey There! (1:16)
    Welcome to the Course!
    Your 5-week Road Map (3:18)


    Using a Desktop or a Phone for this course
    How to make the most of this course
    How to view & download attachments
    The Hands-on Course!
    How to obtain your CE Certificate
    Download your Little PDF of Implant Wisdom
    Join the Private Facebook Group


    Assignment #1 - Get your hands-on stuff!

    Ivan’s Quick & Dirty Treatment Planning Guidelines

    Intro (0:28)
    Bone Height (2:41)
    Mesial Space (1:19)
    Bone Width (1:48)
    Crown Height Space (1:03)
    Stable Occlusion (2:53)

    Rapid Fire: Implant Spacing

    Spacing 1/5
    Spacing 2/5
    Spacing 3/5
    Spacing 4/5
    Spacing 5/5

    Anatomy Rapid Fire: The Mandible

    The Mandible 1/6
    The Mandible 2/6
    The Mandible 3/6
    The Mandible 4/6
    The Mandible 5/6

    Surgical Anatomy Lectures

    Anatomy: Introduction to this section (1:03)
    Video: Anatomy Lecture 1 of 3 (9:43)
    “Sparknotes” from Lecture 1 - Space Requirements
    Video: Ivans’s comments on Space Requirements (1:47)
    “Sparknotes” for Tissue Biotypes
    Video: Anatomy Lecture 2 of 3 (16:31)
    Video: Anatomy Lecture 3 of 3 (8:58)
    Implants into the Nasopalatine Fossa
    Quick Reference Notes on Maxillary Anatomy
    Video: Ivan’s comments on Maxillary Anatomy (3:32)
    “Sparknotes” for Anterior Loop
    “Sparknotes” about Mandibular Anatomy
    Video: Ivan’s comments on Mandibular Anatomy (5:30)

    Interpreting X-Rays for Implants

    Radiology: Intro to this Section (1:28)
    Treatment Planning from a Pano (15:40)
    Assignment #2 - Pano Planning
    Download BlueSky Bio
    Importing DICOM and Adding an Implant into Bluesky Plan (7:02)
    Assignment #3 - CBCT Planning

    Tools of the Trade

    Set up: Intro to this section (1:19)
    Video: Zimmer Surgical Kit (3:58)
    Video: Implant Direct Surgical Kit (2:31)
    Video: Neodent Surgical Kit (10:30)
    VIDEO: Nobel Active Surgical Kit (3:24)
    Video: Surgical Motor (2:13)
    Video: The full instrument layout (3:13)
    Video: The minimalist kit (1:23)
    Video: Bone Scraper (3:28)
    Video: Bone Profile Burs (2:29)
    Video: Implant Bit Block Kit (1:38)
    Implant Direct Discounts

    Basic Implant Placement Technique

    Basic Implant Technique: Intro to this section (0:47)
    VIDEO: Flap Design (11:46)
    VIDEO: Marking the ing Point (4:06)
    VIDEO: How to Prepare the Implant Site (5:53)
    VIDEO: How to Correct Your Angle During Surgery (5:54)
    VIDEO: Implant Insertion Technique (5:03)
    VIDEO: Anterior Implant Technique (11:34)
    What insertion Torque Should You Aim For?

    Homework Assignments

    Assignment #4 - Practice Flaps (3:35)
    Assignment #5 - Practice Drilling
    Picture Reference for Assignments #4 & 5

    Implant Surgery Clinical Videos

    Clinical Videos: Intro to this section (0:36)
    VIDEO: Maxillary Molar Implant Surgery - Breaking Floor of Sinus (17:22)
    VIDEO: Premolar Implant Surgery - Correcting Angle (24:55)
    Video: Mandibular Molar Implant Surgery (12:01)
    VIDEO: Anterior Case Flapless (6:57)
    #7 Implant w/ Flap & Membrane (34:49)
    VIDEO: Uncovering a Buried Implant ready for Restoration (3:50)

    Extraction and Emergence Tips

    Extraction Tips: Intro to this Section (0:46)
    VIDEO: Extraction Tips w Mark Bishara (13:06)
    VIDEO: Extraction Socket Classification Pt I with Mark Bishara (12:39)
    VIDEO: Extraction Socket Classification Pt II with Mark Bishara (12:46)
    VIDEO: Emergence Profile by Mark Bishara (13:30)
    Extraction Tips Quiz
    Extraction Socket Classification Quiz 1
    Extraction Socket Classification Quiz 2
    Emergence Profile Quiz

    Intro to Bone Grafting

    Bone Grafting: Intro to this Section (0:42)
    VIDEO: Bone Grafting Basics with Matthew Fien Pt 1 (14:48)
    VIDEO: Bone Grafting Basics with Matthew Fien Pt 2 (11:45)
    VIDEO: Intro to Veneer Grafting with Matt Fien (6:43)
    Bone Grafting Quiz
    Bone Grafting FAQ
    Socket Grafting: Ice Cream Cone Technique (7:01)

    Homework Assignments

    Assignment #6 - Drilling Practice cont…

    Medical Screening for Implants

    Medical Screening: Intro to this Section (1:02)
    List of Deal Breakers & Red Flags
    Video: Medical Screening - Diabetes (9:33)
    Screenshot of Diabetes HBA1c chart
    Video: Medical Screening - Radiation (6:39)
    Screenshot of Radiation Related Necrosis Chart
    Video: Medical Screening - Medication Related Necrosis of the Jaw (5:00)
    Screenshot of Medication Related Necrosis Chart
    Is Smoking a Risk for Dental Implants?
    Red Flag Medication Quick List
    Prescriptions Quick List
    Medical Screening Quiz
    Assignment #7 - Team Discussion, Red Flags, Meds, and Prescriptions

    BONUS: Immediate Placement Tips

    Immediate Placement with Allen Aptekar (38:37)
    VIDEO: Atruamatic EXT and Immediate Placement (19:40)
    Is it safe to place implants into sites with infection?
    Immediate Implant Trick: Drilling Through the Roots
    How to Make an Immediate Temporary with Patient’s own Tooth (12:36)

    BONUS: Steps for Restoring an Implant Crown

    Open Tray vs Closed Tray Impressions? (5:23)
    Step 1: Seating Impression coping (4:29)
    Step 2: Modify the Tray (1:54)
    Step 3: Taking the impression (3:23)
    Step 4: Clearing the Access hole (2:44)
    Step 5: Attaching the Analog (1:17)
    Step 6: Seating the Abutment (2:36)
    Step 7: Delivering the Crown (4:40)
    Seating a Screw Retained Crown PDF
    Troubleshooting: Removing a Stripped Screw (2:36)
    How do I capture tissue contours for implants?

    Last things before you’re ready to go!

    Complications Management with Nabeel Cajee (10:30)
    Assignment #8 - Make a surgical friend!
    Assignment #9 Contact your Malpractice Insurance!
    Copies of the Consent forms I use in my office
    Implant Insurance Codes
    Sample Clinical Notes for Implant Surgery
    What Implants do I use?

    How to Set up the Room for Implants

    VIDEO: How to Set up for Implant Surgery (11:49)
    Sterile Set up Packs
    Implant Armamentarium Checklist

    BONUS: Introduction to Selling Treatment

    Selling Treatment: Intro to this Section
    VIDEO: “Selling” the Case (21:44)
    Key Points from previous video
    Sample Format for Consultations
    Making a Commitment: Dental Desires Worksheet

Congrats you did it!
  • Assignment #10 - Ready for Surgery?
  • Congratulations! You’re done!! Get your CE!
  • Let me know how you feel!
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  • Should I use a bar in my overdenture? (3:34)

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