Irishpolyglot - Language Hacking Guide

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Irishpolyglot - Language Hacking Guide digital download. Info: [1 PDF - 1 EPUB - 7 DOC - 5 MP3] | 45.48 MB. Learning a new language stimulates your brain...
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Irishpolyglot - Language Hacking Guide

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 PDF - 1 EPUB - 7 DOC - 5 MP3]

File size: 45.48 MB




  • The freedom to travel anywhere
  • The confidence to start a conversation with anyone
  • The adventure of speaking to people in their own language

Learning a new language stimulates your brain. It allows you to experience other cultures from the inside. And it gives you the confidence to start conversations with people you'd otherwise never have met.

Here's what's waiting for you inside Fluent in 3 Months Premium:

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A step-by-step language hacker’s pathway.

I show you what to learn, and when.

Extra mini-missions and language challenges.

This includes a checkbox accountability system to make sure you actually complete the missions.

Language Journal.

Take notes on your favourite hacks and “aha!” moments, and practise writing in your target language.

Do It Yourself Learning Schedule.

I show you how to create a learning routine that works for you and your life (no matter how busy you are).

Everything You Need to Know About Language Hacking

Hacking a language is all about finding the easiest and quickest way to learn a language. I’ve spent over a decade discovering and developing advanced language hacks that anyone can use.

In this eight part video course, I reveal my top language hacks. I also show you how to use them as I initiate a conversation with a native Spanish speaker.

Module 1: Learn the Basics

  • How to pick up the essentials of any language in a couple of hours
  • Simple techniques for memorizing words and phrases
  • The best starter resource for any language

Module 2: Rapid Vocab Expansion

  • How to expand your vocabulary by thousands of words for free (no memorizing)
  • A new way of thinking that makes communicating easy

Module 3: Your First Conversation

  • How to drop your shyness and just start talking
  • Tips for beating conversation anxiety

Module 4: “What Do I Say?”

  • Make your first conversation go smoothly
  • How to keep the conversation going when you run out of vocab
  • Simple scripts to keep the words flowing

Module 5: “I Don’t Know the Right Grammar!”

  • How to let yourself make mistakes without tripping up over them
  • What people in other cultures have that you need (and how to get it)
  • The best way to learn grammar

Module 6: What To Do When You Don’t Understand

  • The “pick out” technique to make sense of almost anything
  • How to spot cues that give away what’s being said
  • Why the real world is different from a language exam

Module 7: “What If I Forget The Word I Need?”

  • The Captain Jack Sparrow speaking hack
  • How to avoid umms and ahhs

Module 8: No English!

  • How to avoid the temptation to fall back on your native language
  • What to do if people speak English to you
  • A simple secret for masking your accent

In my language learning adventure, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the world’s greatest polyglots. These people are my mentors — the ones I’ve turned to when I’ve been stuck in my language learning.

I’ve reached out to them so you can benefit from their best advice.

Improve Your Accent with Luca Lampariello

Luca is an Italian polyglot who’s been studying languages for over 20 years. In my interview with Luca, he explains:

  • Simple strategies for improving your second-language accent, so you sound like a native.
  • How to break down the “sound system” of any language
  • How to catch the elusive magic touch with any language by understanding how languages really work

Enjoy Every Conversation with Anthony Lauder

Anthony Lauder the “Polynot” is an Englishman who lives in the beautiful city of Prague. From Anthony you’ll learn:

  • The number one mistake that people make when they take language courses
  • The secret to make every conversation a pleasant experience
  • Phrases you should learn so you can start speaking from Day 1

Stay Relaxed in your Language Learning with Richard Simcott

Richard is a British language teacher who has taught languages all around the world. In my interview with Richard we discuss:

  • How to stay relaxed when learning a new language
  • Why a “learning schedule” leads to burnout — and what to do instead to keep your learning on track
  • The tools Richard uses for regular practice

Stop Stumbling Over Vocab with Alex Rawlings

Alex was recently voted “Britain’s most multi-lingual student”. He speaks 11 languages. Alex will show you:

  • How to speak multiple languages without mixing them up (this is a simple hack anyone can use from the moment they start learning a language)
  • How learning a second language makes it easier to learn more languages

These extended masterclasses are available as audio downloads so you can listen anywhere.

Start Thinking in Another Language with Professor Alexander Arguelles

Professor Arguelles has devoted his life to learning as many foreign languages as he can. In this interview, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use language families to accelerate your learning — so you can quickly double the number of languages you speak
  • Turn on the language switch in your brain
  • Reach the stage where you’re thinking in another language

Boost Your Memory with Damien Elmes

Damien was so determined to learn Japanese that he developed the Anki app to help him memorize vocabulary. In my interview with Damien you’ll learn:

  • How to use a Space Repetition System to improve your memory
  • The best time to recall something so it gets embedded in your brain
  • Software you can pick up for free to help you remember vocabulary in any language (this is Damien’s own app)

Rediscover the Joy of Learning with Khatzumoto

After 18 months immersing himself in Japanese, Khatzumoto was so fluent that he got a job in Tokyo with a Japanese company. Where did his immersion take place? In Utah. From Khatzumoto you’ll discover:

  • The Olympic Iceberg Theory, and how to use it to smash through magical thinking about language learning
  • Why you need a foundation in play to learn a new language
  • How learning a language is like losing your keys (no, really)

Get Addicted to Languages with Moses McCormick

Moses McCormick has learned over 40 languages while living in Ohio. Listening in to his story and tips you’ll learn:

  • Why messing up is the only way to have great conversations in another language
  • The secret to high level focus, even if you’re easily distracted
  • All about “interrogatives”, and how they get you speaking, fast

Break Down Your Learning with Scott H. Young

Scott H. Young is an author and serial student who completed the full 4-year MIT Computer Science program in just 12 months. Scott shares how you can:

  • Use the Stepping Stone technique to chunk your learning
  • Keep motivated long term — so you don’t burn out after just a few days
  • Drop your ego and let mistakes be part of the learning process

Crack the Language Mystery with Stuart Jay Raj

Stuart is a TV host and jazz pianist who is fluent in 13 languages, and can hold conversations in 15 more languages. In my interview with Stuart you’ll discover:

  • The Sherlock Holmes approach to language learning
  • How non-verbal vocabulary varies across cultures — and why you need this to be fluent
  • Memory tricks you can use to memorize any list of words

The original guide that inspired the bestseller Fluent in 3 Months*

  • 125 pages of practical tips to improve your confidence, speaking skills and memory
  • Kindle, epub and pdf versions included — so you can read it on your computer, tablet or ebook reader.
  • Download the guide in 24 languages — so you can practice your language skills
  • Audiobook version included, so you listen on the go
  • Previously on sale at $67, and included FREE for all Premium members

There’s only so much you can fit into a paperback book, even if it’s a bestseller.

I’ve collected everything I wanted to include in Fluent in 3 Months but that couldn’t fit, and packaged it in with Premium.

This includes:

  • Cliffnotes style “refresher courses” for each chapter, so you can find what you need to know without leafing through the book
  • Dozens of extra resources for every chapter
  • Links to my videos and blog posts that help your dig deeper into each chapter’s content