Irene Lyon - Intro and Lab 1 - Nervous System 101 - The New Inner Game

Irene Lyon - Intro and Lab 1 - Nervous System 101 - The New Inner Game digital download. Info: [Webrip - 6 MP4 7 MP3 20 PDF 1 TXT] | 420.40 MB. Stubborn,...

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Irene Lyon - Intro and Lab 1 - Nervous System 101 - The New Inner Game

Type: Digital download

Format: [Webrip - 6 MP4 7 MP3 20 PDF 1 TXT]

File size: 420.40 MB



After all the work you’ve done on yourself, are old “gremlins” STILL holding you back?

Things like:

  • Stubborn, Hard-to-Define Health Issues that won’t go away — like chronic pain, fatigue, or digestive issues (or even weight gain as a result of stress

  • Constant Overwhelm and having to “push through” daily in order to accomplish everything you need to get done

  • Upper Limits that keep you STILL playing small (even after trying everything to get to the root of them)

  • Relationship Challenges and trouble setting boundaries (that make it hard for you to delegate and have you chronically overgiving)

  • Confidence or Self-Image Issues that you battle with that get in the way of being authentic and courageous when putting yourself out there in a big way

And are these problems even more frustrating because you’ve tried the detox diets, coaching programs, and every alternative therapy you could find…

… But you STILL haven’t healed them at the root?

You’re constantly having to seek out more help, more healers, more therapies, remedies, programs – which puts massive demands on your time, energy and finances.

… And you know this for sure:

Being this way for the rest of your life is not an option anymore.

And you know in your gut that there must be something out there that will work, but you just haven’t come across it yet?

If this is you, then please know this:

To get to the root of the physical, mental, and emotional junk holding you back, you have to go DIRECTLY to where the old programming was originally encoded:



To put it simply… the nervous system governs EVERYTHING.

This program will help you learn how to regulate your nervous system, and when your nervous system is regulated, you can:

  • Break free from old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and keep you from your personal version of success.

  • Resolve pesky health problems that keep you in a state of low energy struggling to get ahead.

  • Improve relationships because you’re able to tune into the people who are good for you versus those who are toxic.

  • Tap into reserves of energy so you can accomplish your daily tasks without feeling exhausted at the end of every day.

  • Release and heal old traumas that keep you playing small and expand your ability to experience success in all areas of your life.

Sounds great, right?

The problem is…Most of us are walking around with an ‘out-of-whack’ nervous system.

(Even those of us who are “advanced” and have spent years working on our bodies, minds, and spirits.)

As a result, we’re often being hijacked by survival mode without even knowing it — resulting in low oxygen, sluggish metabolism, slow healing and hindered creativity… along with a host of other problems.

So how does a nervous system become ‘out-of-whack’?

(the technical term for ‘out-of-whack’ is ‘dysregulated’ for the science geeks!)

The natural state of our nervous system is to thrive. But traumatic events and low level chronic stressors throw off our basic wiring throughout life. (For example: having a stressful birth, being bullied in high school, being in a verbally abusive relationship that left you feeling trapped and isolated, or working 24/7 on your business with zero personal time to rest and recoup.)

These memories get locked into our nervous system and later they replay themselves over and over again in our health, work, relationships and life in general.

No matter how much “work” we do on ourselves, unless we work at the level of the nervous systems, these problems will continue to play out.

The good news is:

Those old traumas can be processed — and you can experience the optimal health that IS your birthright. I’m here to help you rewire your nervous system back to its optimal state…

… So you can THRIVE rather than just SURVIVE!

I want you to know this:

When you get your nervous system working FOR you instead of against you, you start to become your own medicine!

You can’t trade yourself in.

All the money in the world won’t buy you another you.

But, you can create a new version of you.

You can rewire your nervous system into a different model.

So, are you ready to uplevel your capacity like crazy… and discover the power of your most prized asset?