Iquim - Lynne Mc Taggart - The Field Trilogy Masterclass

Iquim - Lynne Mc Taggart - The Field Trilogy Masterclass digital download. Info: [Webrip - 9 MP4] | 4.663 GB. In the Field Trilogy Masterclass, she will ...

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Iquim - Lynne Mc Taggart - The Field Trilogy Masterclass

Type: Digital download

Format: [Webrip - 9 MP4]

File size: 4.663 GB



Lynne McTaggart, award-winning, bestselling author of the international bestsellers The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond, is offering the first LIVE complete masterclass about the New Science, as detailed in her ‘Field Trilogy’ – The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond.

In the Field Trilogy Masterclass, she will provide a comprehensive course in the extraordinary and prescient ideas she put forth in The Field, showing that science has begun to prove what ancient religion have always espoused: that there is such a thing as a life force. You’ll hear in-depth but accessible revelations about the science behind her revolutionary ideas:

  • we are not individual ‘things’ but part of the universal Zero Point Field, a vast network of energy exchange
  • our thoughts and memories are not locked inside our brains but may be ‘out there’ in the Field, and this relationship may be responsible for our mind’s highest functions, from intuition to creativity
  • the extraordinary key to the body’s entire biology is frequency, not chemistry
  • time flows in both directions, and our present actions may affect our past
  • living consciousness has a power to affect the world
  • The Field is the force that must be tapped in order to heal yourself, your family and the world

In this course, you’ll also learn about the vast science of intention and how living consciousness has become central to the new science.

Thoughts do shape reality, but a good deal depends on how skillfully you can use your intention. She’ll detail the world’s only toolkit for using and receiving intention based on a unique blend of science and ancient wisdom.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Send very specific instructions about your biggest dreams to the world
  • Use intention as a lightening rod — to attract positive people and situations to you
  • Reprogram the negative messages you broadcast to the world to send positive instruction and transform the negative intentions of others
  • Tap into the powerful healing force of intention to heal your neighborhood, community or workplace.
  • Use intention across time, with the phenomenon of retrocausality, which suggests that you can connect your past with your future

In the third part, before a live audience, Lynne offers the true meaning of The Bond: how to evolve within and without, to make use of use the New Science to build a transformational workplace, extended family, neighborhood and community.