Impact Theory University - Mindset Coaching (June 2019 - Jan 2020)

Impact Theory University - Mindset Coaching (June 2019 - Jan 2020) digital download. Info: [25 MP4s, 8 PDFs]. Impact Theory University by Tom Bilyeu hel...

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Impact Theory University - Mindset Coaching (June 2019 - Jan 2020)

Type: Digital download

Format: [25 MP4s, 8 PDFs]

Impact Theory University: Mindset Coaching

Impact Theory University by Tom Bilyeu helps you reframe your thoughts, spot brilliant opportunities (in everything), change your perspective, and, ultimately, change your life in the process.

Tom is a serial entrepreneur who built his success from the ground up. He is the CEO and co-founder of Impact Theory, a cutting-edge media studio created to influence pop culture through non-fiction & fiction content, including the company’s flagship series Impact Theory w/ Tom Bilyeu. In less than three years, Tom has turned Impact Theory into a seven figure business, amassing a social ecosystem of 4 million people.

Previous to Impact Theory, Tom co-founded Quest Nutrition, and as president, he grew the 2nd fastest-growing Inc. 500 billion-dollar company by 57,000%. Before it was common practice for companies to rely on growing their community through social media, Tom devised an innovative, yet practical, marketing plan to organically connect with the consumer – a feat that has influenced a number of corporations today.
Impact Theory University is Tom’s latest mission to bring empowerment to the masses.


01/2020 | Making Your Resolutions Stick

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01 Class – Making Your Resolutions Stick
02 Office Hour Q&A: Develop the Goals that Actually Matters to You

12/2019 | A Field Guide to Self-Reflection and Goal Setting

A Field Guide to Self-Reflection and Goal Setting
The start of a new year is synonymous with setting goals, and people often use December and January as time markers for tracking their progress. However, setting new goals without evaluating your current approach toward them is dangerous. You need to know that the way you plan and execute your goals is truly effective. Otherwise, you risk doing it year after year without making any real progress. Take a minute to ask yourself:

* Did I accomplish my goals from last year? Why or why not?
* Why were those my goals in the first place?
* What factors are determining my goals for the upcoming year?

The key to answering these questions is self-reflection. Understanding the connection between your emotions and your actions is how you make sure you’re not at a standstill while time is rushing past you. You have to investigate and learn how your conscious and subconscious emotions drive you. That way, if your current approach isn’t working, you can start to change it. Going through life on autopilot isn’t an option. You HAVE to take control and wake up!

In this class, we will break down how to effectively self-reflect on the past year and learn how to gain more self-awareness for the future.

01 Class – A Field Guide to Self-Reflection and Goal Setting
02 Office Hour Q&A: Conquer Your (Valid) Excuses Around Goal Setting

11/2019 | The Ultimate Empowerment Belief Stack – Lesson 3

The Ultimate Empowerment Stack: Lesson 3
In this section, we dive into what we refer to as “the only belief that matters.” You can acquire new skills at any time in any area. Without this belief ingrained in your mindset, it will become impossible to move forward or see yourself beyond your current set of circumstances. Let’s discuss how and why this belief is possible.

Part 1 – You Can Acquire New Skills at Any Time in Any Area
Part 2 – Prime Your Brain
Part 3 – Office Hours: How to Effectively Judge Yourself + More Q&As!

10/2019 | The Ultimate Empowerment Belief Stack – Lesson 2

The Ultimate Empowerment Stack: Lesson 2
In Lesson 1, we covered the 1st of 25 essential OS beliefs to equip your mindset for success: that human potential is nearly limitless. In this section, we will continue by covering the next belief that will help increase the effectiveness of your actions.

Together these building blocks will continue the process of optimizing your mental operating system so your behaviors are actually moving you towards your goal.
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Lesson 1 of this course to understand what we’ll be building on top of going forward.
Take Immediate Action

Part 1 – 5 Human Drivers in a Modern Context
Part 2 – 5 Critical Steps to Terraforming Your Life
Part 3 – Office Hours: Don’t Help Someone Who Doesn’t Want the Help
Part 4 – Office Hours: How to Prioritize Multiple Skill Development

09/2019 | The Ultimate Empowerment Belief Stack – Lesson 1

The Ultimate Empowerment Belief Stack
Your beliefs are a vital part of your mental operating system. What you choose to believe will determine your ability or inability to execute in life. The wrong beliefs that limit or doubt your potential will keep you stuck thinking that’s all your capable of. Often people mistake these adopted beliefs as the truth and base their life around them. The good news is with the right understanding and effort; you can change these beliefs and adopt new ones.

This class will cover the first belief in our 25 Point Belief System: Human potential is limitless.

Part 1 – Human Potential is Nearly Limitless
Part 2 – Destroying the Limits with Roger Banister, Ernest Shackleton, and Wim Hof
Part 3 – Leveraging the Default Network System to Install Your New Belief
Part 4 – Office Hour Q&A: Identifying Your Blind Spots & Hacking Your Fixed Mindset

08/2019 | The Ultimate Guide To Self-Care

As seen by the heartbreaking number of suicides throughout history, it doesn’t matter how much money, power, or fame you have in life. This is why Self-Care is so important. Taking control of your neurochemistry is the only way to become a person you see as worthy. You must get your brain and body to a level that works in your favor and that you’re proud of.

This class will go in-depth onto why Self-Care matters and how to build a Self-Care Regimen for yourself.

Part 1 – The Self-Care and Personal Growth Connection
Part 2 – Matter Over Mind, Mind + Body, and The Law of Entropy
Part 3 – The Ultimate Self-Care Regimen
Part 4 – How to Make What You Learn Stick

JULY 2019
07/2019 | How to Escape a False Growth Mindset

You’ve probably heard of the growth mindset, and the concept sounds great, but most people are probably unknowingly stuck in a False Growth Mindset. In today’s coaching session, we’ll talk about:
* The 8 common traps of a false growth mindset
* Why ego may be making you blind
* How to actually identify and get out of a false growth mindset belief system
* And much, much more!

Part 1 – How to Identify a False Growth Mindset
Part 2 – 6 Steps to Overhaul Your Current Operating System
Part 3 – Escaping a False Growth Mindset and Becoming Anti-Fragile
Part 4 – Q&A Session: Finding the Source of Your Emotions, Tracking Your Mindset Growth, & Knowing When to Quit

JUNE 2019
06/2019: How to Earn Self-Respect

Self-respect is one of the keys to feeling fulfilled in life, and it will give you the energy and confidence to pursue whatever it is you want to do. Watch this first ever Mindset Coaching from Tom to learn how to earn respect with yourself!

Part 1 – Climbing the Competency Hierarchy
Part 2 – How to Construct Your Identity
Part 3 – Why You Must Do Hard Things Every Day
Part 4 – Q&A Session: Keeping Your Vision Going Strong