IKNK Accelerator - How To Make A Full-Time Living Working Part-Time From Anywhere In the World

IKNK Accelerator - How To Make A Full-Time Living Working Part-Time From Anywhere In the World. The FOUS4 Trading StrategyEverything You Need To Succe...
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IKNK Accelerator - How To Make A Full-Time Living Working Part-Time From Anywhere In the World

IKNK Accelerator - How To Make A Full-Time Living Working Part-Time From Anywhere In the World

The FOUS4 Trading Strategy
Everything You Need To Succeed
Success in life and trading is all about being prepared and ready for any circumstance and being able to react properly. Trading is not predicting like most might think.. It's reacting! Trying to "Predict" is impossible and that's why so many people fail. We teach you exactly how to find and react to the best trading opportunities every day of the week!
FOUS4 Live Trading Broadcast
Watch & Learn. HD Broadcast Of Mentors Executing the FOUS4 Strategy.
There is no better way to learn something than by doing it with the best. With Fous4Live you’ll see how pro-traders Cameron Fous and Michael Spinosa bank everyday during this daily video interactive trading broadcast. You are not by yourself, let our successful instructors and hundreds of students help you get on track with your trades. You can depend on our large community of traders to help expedite you to success.
IKNK Trading Simulator
Practice Makes Perfect. Professional Trading Simulator.
Test the live markets with our real-time trading simulator called FOUSim! This is your chance to get immersed in the trading environment and build your confidence before risking hard-earned capital. You will gain valuable experience and a deep understanding of the FOUS4 Strategies, leading you down the path to profitability.
2x/Week Mentor Classes
Class in Session. Interact and Learn from Your Mentors.
Your opportunity to work in small private mentorship for 90 days with professional traders 2 times a week! Our mentors meet with students in these study groups to review trades from the week, track progress, answer questions, and guide students to success. All study group mentor sessions will be recorded and archived so students can catch up or rewatch their mentorship sessions.
#1 Trading Room with DISCORD!
A Chat Room For Traders. Both Mobile and Desktop Friendly!
We decided to use one of the most feature rich and popular chat rooms available today. And this is DISCORD which is built for gamers, But utilized also by us traders! And guess what!? A lot of us GAME too! So after making bank in the morning we just into the gaming channel and play Call of Duty or BF5 with the Team and Students!
Proprietary Stock Scanners
The Tools of The Trade. Access to our Exclusive Stock Screeners.
Ever wanted to know how to find the best stocks to trade in real-time? With Fous4 Stock Scanners you’ll have the secret sauce that Cameron Fous has customized to profit everyday. With our proprietary algorithms you won't miss potential trade and profit opportunities.
Success is not Luck or Hard Work...
You want to succeed at something? Build or enter an infrastructure that’s set up for your success. Eliminate as many obstacles as possible and streamline the system for efficiency. This is how the biggest companies in the world operate. And that is exactly what we have done at IKNK TRADERS. We built an environment and infrastructure designed for your success!
Proven System

The FOUS4 trading strategy has been developed and evolved over the last 14 years by Cameron Fous with additional help from Michael Spinosa and Team IKNK. We are confident our trading strategies are the best in the industry.
Winning Network

A bee is only as powerful as its hive. And thats exactly what our philosophy is at IKNK. We have created a network collective of powerful minds to help develop the best traders in the industry.
Iconic Mindset Shift

Get immediately download IKNK Accelerator - How To Make A Full-Time Living Working Part-Time From Anywhere In the World

Success in life is surprisingly 90% mindset. Rather than "tactics", the majority of our emphasis and training dives deep into the mindset shift you need to become an IKNK trader and human being.
Expert Mentorship

The quickest road to success is to follow someone else who has already in the place you want to be and learn how they did it. 2x/week the Mentors at IKNK will guide you to the path of least resistance to success as a day trader.
Program content and schedule
We provide you with everything you need to change your life in 90 days!

    The Truth about Trading
    Opening an Account to Trade
    Picking the Right Place to Trade
    Pre-Market and After Hours Trading
    Margin Account vs. Cash Account
    Day Trading vs. Swing Trading
    Short Trading vs. Long Trading
    PDT Rule and Avoiding it
    Reading Level 2
    Important Trading Terminologies
    Trade Process Breakdown

    Market Psychology Introduction
    Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
    UpTrends and DownTrends
    Support and Resistance
    Gold Pattern and Revival Pattern
    Survival Pattern and Force Pattern
    Trading Tactics
    Buying Breakouts: When, Where and Why?
    Risk Management Process
    Live Trade Examples

    Intraday Trading Basics
    Intraday Time Frames
    Phase 1, 2 and 3 Breakout Patterns
    The Infamous F-Pattern
    Finding Stocks to Trade
    Watchlist Building Tutorial
    Winning vs Losing Trades
    Live Trading Examples

    Shorting Fundamentals
    Stock Locate Methods
    Low Float Stocks
    Float Rotation
    Short Interest
    Top Shorting Indicators
    Shorting Daily Parabolics
    High Probability Shorting Patterns
    Understanding Biotech stocks
    Trade Reviews

    Trading Psychology Fundamentals
    Characteristics of a Pro Trader
    How to Control Your Emotions
    How Overconfidence Can Hurt Your Profits
    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
    Mentally Thriving Against the Competition
    Reaching CLOUD9 State-of-Mind

Here's a summary of everything you get
We provide you with everything you need to change your life in 90 days!
✔ 2X Weekly Mentor Classes ($3,600 Value)​
✔​ 3 Months FOUS Live Video ($591 Value)
✔ ​FOUS4 Master Swing Trading ($997 Value)
✔ ​FOUS4x2 Master Day Trading ($997 Value)
✔ ​FOUS4x3 Master Short Selling ($997 Value)
​✔ FOUS4 Proprietary Stock Scanners ($1,997 Value)
​✔ FOUS4 Mentorship 3 Months Access ($3,600 Value)
​✔ FOUS4 Live 3 Months Access ($597 Value)
✔​ FOUSIM 1 Month Access ($197 Value)
​✔ CLOUD9 Trading Psychology ($997 Value)

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are very confident in our courses and mentoring program. But, if you tried and are not satisfied message us and we’ll process a full refund.

Frequently asked questions and answers
Have a question about the program? 

There's lots of different markets and strategies out there. We are the only ones that won't act like there's only one way to trade, and that's "our way."

There's no "magic strategy" in trading.

Our goal is to teach you everything we know step-by-step and through this process you'll learn what works best for you.
Get immediately download IKNK Accelerator - How To Make A Full-Time Living Working Part-Time From Anywhere In the World

Now, the best part for me is that technical trading is universal. And it works in all market environments. We don't care what these stocks do or why. We just trade opportunities (long and short) without bias everyday.

Yes it can. This program is designed to help you from square one, the first 7-10 days will help you build the proper foundations. We don't expect you to know everything before joining. Honestly, about 95% of our students join the program with little to no knowledge, they joined, did the work and the program helped them through this process. That's what the program is designed to do. So, to answer your question, yes it will.

Again, yes you can. It's not really that difficult there's plenty of extra time everyday if you want it bad enough. We've had students work 12 hour night shifts with kids wake up early to study so that they can have more freedom and time. You can't get to the next level without a little sacrifice now. Besides, I know you'll actually enjoy learning this material!

Yes, you can login anytime you like, even after you have finished the program you can rewatch the courses. You have true lifetime access to this program.