Igor Ledochowski - The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic

Igor Ledochowski - The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic digital download. Info: [Webrip - 9 MP4+2PDF] | 882.56 MB. In fact...

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Igor Ledochowski - The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic

Type: Digital download

Format: [Webrip - 9 MP4+2PDF]

File size: 882.56 MB

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The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Friend,

This is for you if you want to become a dynamic hypnotist who has 'cracked the code' of using conversational hypnosis in everyday conversations.

All you have to do is watch a 2-hour training I did (to a packed out room of 180 people) titled:

The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic

Igor Ledochowski - The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic

That training will give you everything you need to know to turn any conversation instantlyhypnotic.

And you can have access to it today – in just a few minutes from now – to watch it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

Order the program, then scroll down to Video 7 in your training area, then hit play.

What you will then see is a DEMONSTRATION of how an advice-giving session gets turned...

Instantly Hypnotic

You will see a lady who has an annoyance issue with people who don’t do what they say they were going to do.

She says it really irritates her.

She says it’s a “6” on the emotional intensity scale (where “0” equals complete Zen, and “10” equals going nuclear about it).

You will see me sit down facing the woman in the chair opposite me, and you will see exactly how I turn the conversation instantly hypnotic.

It happens very quickly and seamlessly.

You will also see exactly how I create a hypnotic “feedback loop” with the lady whereupon she discovers (within herself) the unconscious-ability to self-correct her annoyance-issue.

The complete demo lasts about 10 minutes.

Yet there is a LOT going on (hidden to the “naked eye”) in the short DEMONSTRATION.

In fact, there is a hypnotic “secret formula” being played out “below the surface” in the DEMONSTRATION – (a seemingly friendly chat) -- that causes an internal shift in the lady... to the point... that...

...by the end of it...

...she enthusiastically reports that....

She Can No Longer Find The Emotional Intensity Of the Issue

All within 10 minutes (and actually less than that!) of the hypnotic “chat.”

It happens that quickly.

I suggest you watch the DEMONSTRATION first.

Watch it very closely.

Watch it 2 or 3 times.

And notice the effect the hypnotic conversation has on the lady.

It is very dramatic “before and after” viewing.

But Guess What?

Even though you will have watched the DEMONSTRATION “up close” (and even if you watch it multiple times)... you will still not be able to figure out all the hypnotic-dynamics that caused the unconscious shift in the lady.

That’s why, after you watch the DEMONSTRATION 2 or 3 times, you will need to watch the entire training from start to finish (all 7 videos).

Only by doing so will you get the required “aha”... “oh, I see!”... insights and grasp the “invisible puzzle pieces” that go into turning any conversation instantly hypnotic.

Only by watching the full training will you know how to effortlessly leverage the hypnotic context of the conversation and unlock the unconscious potential in other people.

But, WHY, if you have been talking to people your entire life and generally getting along well with other people, do you even need to know how to turn any conversation hypnotic?

It’s a good question.

So let’s look at that.

For starters:

When you talk with a friend about the weather, about their holiday or what they’ve been up to the last time you met-up, there is likely to be a good connection between the both of you and a pleasant conversation will ensue.

You already know that. And, in such cases, there’s really noneed to change your communication style.

But Here’s The Thing...

Normal (chit-chat) conversation works until it doesn’t work.

And it tends not to work so well once a conversation starts veering off from “safe topics” and gets into areas where an emotionalreaction is likely to get triggered (or is already present) in the other person.

Basically, if the person you are conversing with is emotionally overwhelmed or upset over an issue and you use a communication style that we’ve all been culturally conditioned to use... well... then...

You Can Really “Hit A Brick Wall” In Your Communication

You have undoubtedly already experienced exactly that.

An example would be when a close friend or family member is upset over something and because you feel for them... you offer them sympathy.

All well and good it seems.


The sympathy (although completely sincere and well-meaning on your part) actually has the affect of disempowering the friend or family member you are trying to make feel better.

They will not feel your sympathy; they will feel their disempowerment.

And because it is you who are (unwittingly) triggering the feeling of disempowerment in them – they will begin to withdraw further and put up a barrier between you and them.

Eventually, if you keep on offering sympathy... they will begin to feel resentful toward you.

It can all happen veryquickly. Unconsciously.

And you can end up wondering “What’s going on? I can’t understand why they’re shutting me out!”

Here’s Another Example Of How Things Can Quickly Fall Apart In A Conversation:

Another example would be when a close friend or family member is upset over something and because (from your experience or vantage point) you can see clearly the best course of action to take... you give them well-meaning advice.

Again, all okay, up to a point.


The advice you give (no matter how spot-on or well-meaning) more often makes the other person feel that – on some level – you are not fully understanding of their specific situation.

They may nod their head when you give your advice, and maybe even make the right noises – BUT... inside... they are feeling misunderstood, invalidated and even, disrespected by you.

Again, it can all happen veryquickly. Unconsciously.

And you end up wondering “Did I say the wrong thing? They seem to be acting a bit distant from me since our last conversation!

Have you ever offered somebody sympathy and it didn’t seem to work?

Have you ever given somebody really good advice and it’s fallen on “deaf ears”?

Have you ever been sympathetic AND given really good advice – and...

Found Yourself Frustrated At Your Inability To “Get Through” To Them?

We’ve all been there, right?

It can, at best, be frustrating.

At worst, it can really put a strain on a relationship or a friendship.

And the more you push on with the sympathy and the advice giving – the more you find yourself resenting the fact that the person you care about so much is being so stubborn and “unhearing” of your advice.

The point being:

With normal culturally-conditioned conversational styles we can quickly and inadvertently end up where both you and the person you thought you were helping, are rubbing each other up the wrong way.

When that happens it’s almost like an invisible barrier has come down between you. You can’t see the barrier of course. But you both know it’s there. You can both FEEL it.

Just Like The Feeling Of Two Positively
Charged Magnets Pushing Away
From Each Other

The result?

Well, some people have the emotional maturity to simply put their different points-of-view aside.

No real harm there.

Except that an opportunity to grow even closer to a person you love or care for has been lost.

Not only that...

You also, unfortunately, become “pegged” (in the mind of the other person) as someone they dare not fully open up to again for fear of being misunderstood or made to feel wrong for not following your advice.

Or worse still...

When you can’t get through to a friend or loved one (and they are left feeling that you’ve not fully understood) either you, or they (and more likely BOTH OF YOU) let the memory of the episode... festerinside.

That festering can then linger and “harden” as time goes on.

Often without your conscious knowledge.

But it has a very real, detrimental effect, on even the best of relationships and friendships.

That (in a nutshell) is how relying on a normal culturally-conditioned conversational style when conversing with someone in an “emotionally sensitive state” can inadvertently chip away (and potentially ruin) even the best relationships.

Thankfully, It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way...

Because the good news is:

The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic gives you the NEW ability to comfortably converse with people who are “emotionally prickly” (i.e., upset, angry or anxious) and cause those people to naturally RELAX with you and FEEL...


...fully understood...




...and, all in all, when you use The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic -- their unconscious will begin flooding them with a FEELING of...

“Yes! I Like This!”

You will notice that response in them almost immediately.

In their breathing. In their relaxed posture. And in their receptivity, openness and willingness to engage.

Of course (by following The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic) you will be “feeding” those feelings of receptivity, openness and willingness to engage in them.

You will also (through the hypnotic context you create around the conversation) be able to create an empowering felt-connection from your unconscious directly into their unconscious.

It’s Like Both Of You Are Playing With The Felt-Energy Of ONE Overall Unconsciousness That Supports & Empowers Both Of You!

I know that sounds a bit "woo-woo". But it’s a very tangible feeling when you use The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic.

You’ll feel it yourself soon enough.

Then, when you have created that empowering and supportive felt-connection between your unconscious and theirs – you can take what they say to you and “feed it” back to them in such a way that their unconscious can properly process their emotional upset and, through their OWN inner-shift they will...

Naturally Begin To Discover Within Themselves The Answers To Their
Problems Or Upsets

The answer (with the hypnotic context and “feedback loop” created by you) allows their own perfect answers to evolve and arise from within them.

And do you know what can be really funny to witness?

Often, they will come to (on their OWN) the sameanswers, solutionsandadvice you had been giving them prior to creating the hypnotic context and hypnotic conversation with them.

It’s amazing how often that happens.

It’s just that before (when you were in advice-giving mode) they couldn’t properly process what you were saying.

However, by turning the context and the conversation hypnotic (by following the “secret formula” I cover in the online video presentation) -- you enable another person to create a SPACE (between their body and their mind) that allows for them to gain NEW, FRESH and SPONTANEOUS FEEL-RIGHT INSIGHTS on how to transcend their problem or upset.

It’s a beautiful thing to see unfold (as you will see when you watch the DEMONSTRATION on Video 7 of the online video training)

And all the while you are facilitating the hypnotic conversation you are always SAFE from inadvertently triggering further emotional reaction or withdrawal from the person you are talking to.

That’s because they will NEVER feel challenged, put-upon, pressured, cornered, judged or restricted in any way.

And because you will be the ONE person who has been able to truly help and EMPOWER them out of their emotional-mess – you will, likewise, dramatically empower and enhance your connections with other people.

That’s right.

You will become that ONE person that everybody agrees is...

An Amazing Human Being

You are already, of course.

But hey, it’s always nice to know other people hold that level of respect and regard for you, right?

Anyway, here’s the bottom line:

The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic is a 2-hour video training that is accessible via 7 online videos (that you can stream or download to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone as soon as a few minutes from now).

In addition to everything covered so far -- here are a few more of the tactics and strategies you will see and learn from watching the 7 training videos:

  • What to do with (and where to focus) your eyes to create a powerful hypnotic context around anything you say.
  • How to tap into the felt-vibe of EMPOWERMENT – and how to “transfer” that positive feeling into the unconscious of the person you are talking to.
  • How to create the all-important hypnoticcontext, so that ANYTHING you say has the power of hypnotic suggestion.
  • The problem with even the best hypnotic techniques – and why having the best hypnotic techniques at your disposal can LIMIT your hypnotic ability in conversation (don’t worry, I will show you how to be genuinely hypnotic in conversation and become EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE at using other hypnotic techniques)
  • How to generate a human-to-human feedback loop with the person you are talking to (when you do this the conversation unfolds naturally and there is no resistance to the things you say!)
  • How to trust your unconscious to always give you the right thing to say when talking to someone who is emotionally upset or anxious.
  • What to do (and what to say) when someone exhales that sends the person you are with into a pleasurable trance state.
  • The secret for getting your unconscious to “talk” directly to the unconscious of the person you are conversing with – this takes all your conversations to a level that nobody else can match!
  • The secret of turning yourself into a “trance engine” – when you become the “trance engine” the person you are talking to cannothelp but also go into a gentle trance state.
  • Why the NLP advice to mirror and match another person can actually put a barrier between you and the person you are talking to -- and what to do instead that will create a genuine and powerful felt-connection between the two of you.
  • Two very simple things to say in any conversation that will immediately make anything else you say more hypnotic.
  • Insights into the difference between the pre-frontal cortex (of the brain) and the cingulated gyrus (of the brain) – and how knowing about the distinction helps you become a better conversational hypnotist.
  • The subtle (but very powerful) difference between doing hypnosis and BEING HYPNOTIC (the presentation will teach and show you how to naturally BE HYPNOTIC)
  • How to integrate the practicing of the hypnotic conversation skills out in the real world, with the people you already know (make sure you listen to this advice before using anything you’ve learned from the presentation and demo with those who already know your style of talking).
  • And...

How To Become Just As Natural At Turning Conversations Hypnotic As You Are In Normal Conversation

With all that said...

The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic online video training is perhaps the best investment you could make for getting along with and getting the best out of other people.

  • Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists & Other Therapeutic Workers – the hypnotic context you can create with the “secret formula” gives you a great “hypnotic platform” from which to move into using other hypnotic or change-work techniques (in fact, the hypnotic context you’ll be able to create will make all your clients MORE RECEPTIVE and RESPONSIVE to your other formal techniques).
  • Parents – now you will finally be able to get through and help a child, surly teenager (or spouse!) who never seems to hear a word you say! By the way, if you have young children -- you can also incorporate the hypnotic conversational techniques into the bedtime stories you tell them... and the bedtime stories will become infused with a transformational power that will “keep on working” in your child’s unconscious while they are asleep!
  • Teachers – Got a child or student not as attentive or not progressing as you would like? A perfect opportunity to bring out their best side and unconscious potential through the use of the “secret formula” that turns any conversation hypnotically empowering.
  • Managers & Business People – Everything in management and business is ultimately affected by how good a communicator you are. Well, guess what? The “secret formula” will give you that rare ability to unlock the true potential of all those you converse with at work.
  • The “Secret Formula” That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic is, of course, extremely valuable for...