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Igor Ledochowski - Private Hypnosis Club

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What Pythagoras, The Shaolin Monks, The Renaissance And

The Knights Templar Have To Do With Excellence In Hypnosis

Throughout the ages special groups of individuals have come together to form centers of excellence in a particular field or discipline.

Sometimes these were formal schools or societies such as the school of Pythagoras in Ancient Greece and the warrior monks of the Shaolin temple in China. Or the controversial Knights Templar.

Sometimes they were more informal groupings, such as the amazing community of artists and scientists who came together in Italy to create the Renaissance.

The disciplines have ranged from poetry and literature all the way to the most extreme and deadly forms of martial arts.

These groups all had certain things in common.

The members of these groups not only produced great advances and breakthroughs in their field of expertise.

They also achieved great personal benefits

In Many Cases, Membership Of One Of These Groups Was The Key To Achieving Great Personal Power, Wealth
And Influence.

Such groups continue to this day in a wide variety of fields.

The major "Think Tanks" for example continue the traditions of the Renaissance.

The super-secret Special Forces community is in many ways a modern version of the great martial arts schools of the past.

And now there is a center of excellence dedicated to hypnosis

An elite academy where you can master the art and science of hypnosis and develop your personal power as far as you want to go.

That's because Igor and I decided to create the absolute best place anywhere for people who want to truly master hypnosis for power, influence and persuasion.

In fact the "Private Hypnosis Club" is where people like yourself can network with their peers and really refine and develop their skills. Really improve and achieve a whole new level of expertise and mastery.

It's not just for people who are already hypnotists, because newcomers who want to quickly master hypnosis are welcome.

In a way, it's like the great Martial Arts schools where there are all different levels of expertise, with everyone helping and learning from each other.

New members get the benefit of learning from experienced practitioners.

And the more experienced members also benefit as they refine their skills and knowledge by passing it on to the newer members.

That's what a real community dedicated to hypnosis mastery is all about.

Now, from the very start (1st February 2007) we decided that the Club would include…

The Three Keys To Success And Becoming A Master Hypnotist

Igor and I furiously set to work to make the "Private Hypnosis Club" a reality.

At the beginning of this letter I mentioned the three steps you need to take to master hypnosis as quickly as possible and reach your full potential.

Like the great schools and societies of the past, the "Private Hypnosis Club" provides you a simple and effective way to take these steps.

  • Firstly, every month Igor holds a special "Master Class" dedicated to one specific aspect of using hypnosis. 
  • He also provides you a special bonus induction to help absorb and apply the information straight away. This way, you'll find yourself immersed in the topic.
  • Secondly, you have direct access to Igor to ask any questions you have about hypnosis. This will speed up your progress dramatically by quickly removing any roadblocks that might hold you back.
  • Thirdly, there's the exclusive club forum where you can interact with the other members. You can network and exchange ideas plus there's the "Online Practice Group" where you can easily find other members to practice hypnosis with.

These are the heart the "Private Hypnosis Club", designed so that you can benefit and truly become a master of hypnosis and persuasion.

And with that mastery comes greater power, influence and respect. The kind of power and influence that gives you the keys to achieving your goals and dreams. Whatever they may be.

All this, and more, awaits you. 

Allow me to walk you through all of the unique benefits and privileges that you'll enjoy as a member of the "Private Hypnosis Club"…

Igor Ledochowski - Private Hypnosis Club The Master Classes – Your Monthly
"Brain Transfer"
Of The Best Tips, Techniques And Strategies

The first key to really mastering hypnosis is getting your hands on specialised, cutting edge knowledge.

And each and every month you get to attend a new and unique Street Hypnosis Master Classes conducted by Igor himself.

Every class is recorded so you can also review the class anytime you want. It's also easy for you to download and listen to the class when it's convenient for you.

There's also a special report provided for every Master Class that summarises the key points to make it easy for you to quickly review every session.

Here are just some of the advanced secrets that members discovered in recent Master Classes…

  • The "Non-Awareness Set". How to use the unconscious so people forget how to resist you
  • How to tell spellbinding stories so that people hang on every word you say as they slip easily into hypnosis
  • The quick path to developing your verbal elegance so you absolutely mesmerize your audience
  • How to unleash hypnotic power loops to guarantee you get amazing results with hypnosis
  • Discover exactly how hypnosis masters create “Hypnotic Realities” in others with their magnetic personal power
  • Discover how to hypnotize cynics and other people who don't believe in hypnosis (They're in for a very rude shock!)
  • The stunning secret of covert trances that will have you changing people’s minds more often than you change your socks!
  • How to use the distraction method to secretly influence people’s unconscious mind to give you what you want and achieve amazing results
  • Uncover the secrets of naturally developing irresistible suggestions
  • Mastering the little known language of dissociation so you can deal directly (and effectively) with the unconscious mind and achieve astounding results
  • How to use hypnotic power states to programme your unconscious for guaranteed success in any meeting, project or task
  • The power of hypnotic reversals to quickly and easily remove cynicism, doubt and verbal aggression from people’s minds
  • Explore the mysterious deep trance phenomena in hypnosis and amaze yourself & others
  • The real secrets behind hypnotic binds and double binds so you can get just about anyone to say "YES"
  • How to really master self hypnosis to get whatever you want out of life. Most people, Even Seasoned Hypnotists, fail horribly with self hypnosis because they don't fully understand the process
  • How to use the dynamic principle to easily get inside people's minds and change attitudes, feelings and the whole inner landscape
  • Instant Street Hypnosis. Now you can demonstrate the power of hypnosis to amaze a crowd, be a force for good or even to save someone's life!
  • The secret to creating mind bending hypnotic language guaranteed to change people in an instant
  • And much, much more...

Every Month There's A New Topic Covered To Expand And Deepen Your Knowledge And Skill With Hypnosis.

To protect the interests of existing members, each Master Class is only available to download free for a limited period (usually two months). After that time, you can only get the Master Class by purchasing it separately.

That means the sooner you join the "Private Hypnosis Club", the more Master Class sessions you'll benefit from.

The Master Class sessions run to at least four to five hours, and sometimes last much longer.

Now that might seem a lot of material to get through and it might seem a little overwhelming.

But there's a very important reason for this. It's the key to…

How To Become A Master Hypnotist Faster And With Less Effort
Than You Dared Dream Possible

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by claiming that there's a way you can master hypnosis (or anything else) simply by listening to an audio and without any effort on your part.

However, there are ways to accelerate your learning and to unleash the power of your subconscious mind to help you.

When you immerse yourself in a topic and listen to the "Master Class" sessions, something amazing happens.

Every single moment you are listening, the advanced information is being "force-fed" into your subconscious mind.

Automatically, it pours irresistibly into your brain.

Automatically, the material is absorbed by your memory, stored up like a giant filing cabinet or hard drive ready to be used when you need it.

Without consciously realising it, simply by listening to this in depth material you will become a better and more skilful hypnotist.

Igor Ledochowski - Private Hypnosis Club And To Accelerate And Reinforce This Automatic Learning Process Even More, Each Month You Also Get From Igor A Special Bonus Induction To Use Yourself.

That's right. This bonus induction is a hypnosis session to help you absorb and apply the information.

So, simply by listening to the "Master Class" sessions and the bonus induction each month, you are automatically programming your mind to think and act like a Master Hypnotist.

Sooner than you think, you'll be performing advanced feats of hypnosis.

Now I can understand if you might be a little sceptical. But over on the right hand side of this letter you can see what some of the members have to say…

Now, it would be worth you joining the "Private Hypnosis Club" just for the Master Class sessions and the bonus induction each month.

But there's much more…

Get Answers To Any Questions About Hypnosis - Guaranteed

And you also have the opportunity to…

Connect With The Most Amazing "MasterMind" Group

“A Master Mind is the harmonious alliance of two or more minds that create a friendly environment to gather, classify and organize new information for fast and effective implementation.”

~ Napoleon Hill

Now one of the amazing and truly beneficial things is that other members will also post replies and comments to your questions.

This is a truly valuable feature of the forum. Here's why…

The members of the "Private Hypnosis Club" are a unique and highly talented group.

Around 50% of the members are practicing hypnotists or hypnotherapists in some capacity.

Many members have years of experience with hypnosis, persuasion and influence.

It's an amazing faculty.

And even more amazing is their generosity and enthusiasm in making available their experience and knowledge to other members of the "Private Hypnosis Club".

Why do they do this?

Well it goes back to what I said about the aims and the purpose of the club. It's a unique place where those dedicated to mastering and advancing the art and practice of hypnosis can join together for their mutual benefit.

The members who contribute their knowledge do so because they benefit themselves in turn as the club grows and develops.

So the forum is the second, and highly valuable, section of the club.

Next, you can also …

Sharpen Your Hypnosis Skills Anytime You Wish

One of the biggest problems that you may face when starting out on the path to mastery of hypnosis is finding enough people to practice with.

Even if you're an experienced hypnotist, there will be times when you are learning a new skill or technique and you need to practice in a safe environment before trying it out for real.

As a member of the "Private Hypnosis Club" this will never be a problem.

The reason is that there is a dedicated section of the club where members who wish to sharpen their skills can find another member to work with.

Igor Ledochowski - Private Hypnosis Club

Simply login to the club forum, head over to the Club Lounge and you'll find the "Online Practice Group" where you can quickly connect without other members using the free Internet communication service "Skype".

In fact this is just one of the resources in…

The Club Lounge

The Club Lounge is the second main section in the forum.

Here you'll find…

The Lounge. Discuss any aspect of hypnosis that you like. All members can start discussion threads and dozens of topics are being debated at any given time. Whatever your interest or your level of expertise, they'll be something here that you can benefit from

The Club Reading Room. Here's where you can swap notes with other members about what you've learned on the "Master Classes"

The Club Bar. Network with other members, make new friends and talk about common interests outside of hypnosis

Plus there are "Special Topic Sections" for courses or events that are in addition to the regular Master Classes.

Often these are previews of new programs and members get to try them out before anyone else and at no additional charge.

And there are…

Additional Benefits Exclusively For Members

Together, the Master Classes, the Forum and the Study Group make up the heart of the club.

But that's not all you get as a member of the "Private Hypnosis Club".

You also enjoy…

Igor Ledochowski - Private Hypnosis Club

Club Recommendations.  Selected top of the line resources to boost your hypnosis power

Igor Ledochowski - Private Hypnosis Club

Street Hypnosis Blog.
Igor shares his latest thoughts on hypnosis and life in general giving you additional insights into living the life of a Master Hypnotist

Igor Ledochowski - Private Hypnosis Club

Club Resources.
Bonus audio sessions, transcripts and special reports from Igor's private hypnosis library. Many of these items are rare and hard to find

Dedicated Member Support. You have access to a dedicated support area for any issues relating to your membership. Queries are answered promptly and for 12 hours a day, live online support is available

All these facilities are designed to make your membership of the "Private Hypnosis Club" the most effective passport to success in the world of hypnosis, influence and persuasion.

To recap…

Here's What You Get As A Member Of The "Private Hypnosis Club"

Membership includes…

  • Every month you get a new Street Hypnosis Master Class session. That's at least 4-5 hours of hard hitting, advanced hypnotic know-how
  • Every month you get a Bonus Hypnotic Induction from Igor to help you accelerate your learning and master hypnosis in record time
  • Full access and privileges on the Club Forum (including the Club Lounge, the Club Reading Room and the Club "Bar") with guaranteed access to ask your questions about hypnosis directly to Igor
  • Access to the members-only "Online Practice Group" to find a partner to sharpen and refine your new hypnosis skills whenever you wish
  • Club Recommendations, preferential access to previous "Master Class" sessions, Igor's Street Hypnosis Blog and additional hard-to-find hypnosis resources. Plus as a club member you'll have preferential rates for LIVE seminars Igor holds from time to time.
  • Bonus Hypnosis Sessions (Members Only) you can attend for FREE. From time to time Igor will run impromptu teleconference sessions you can join

…plus there is a dedicated Member Support Area (with a real person you can contact) to make your membership as rewarding and hassle-free as possible.

In short the "Private Hypnosis Club" is the place to learn, practice, polish, refine and master the powerful art and science of hypnosis.

But you don't have to take my word for it…

Look At What Members Have To Say About The "Private Hypnosis Club"

Now, I've made some pretty big claims for the "Private Hypnosis Club". What do the members themselves have to say?

Well all the way down the right hand side of this letter are comments from our members.

And that's just a small percentage of the 100's of unsolicited testimonials we have on file.

Plus there's two other extras I almost forgot to mention…

(1) A Special Bonus For New Members

Igor Ledochowski - Private Hypnosis Club

To give every new member an immediate boost to their hypnotic power, as a special bonus when you join the "Private Hypnosis Club" you get the bonus audio session

"How To Train Highly Responsive Hypnotic Subjects"

You'll discover…

  • A simple switch to your point of view that makes it much easier to hypnotise people
  • How to prepare the mind to respond positively and strongly to your suggestions
  • The secret to using the suggestion process to connect with someone so deeply you can double the impact
  • How to use suggestion styles to subtly control how someone responds to your instructions
  • Achieve the hypnotic response you want, even if the other person is only in a light trance
  • Double your impact and extend the range of your hypnotic power by using both "active" and "passive" styles (Igor reveals when and how to use each style)
  • How to get the all-important automatic unconscious responses that virtually guarantee your hypnosis will be effective

Plus you get a step-by-step guide that makes it easy to train people to be highly receptive to your hypnosis.

This special "Master Class" session is only available to members of the "Private Hypnosis Club". If it were to be sold separately, the price would be at least $97. But you get it absolutely free when you join the "Private Hypnosis Club".

(2) Super Monthly Bonuses You'll Just LOVE...

Every month Igor delves into his little black book of master hypnotist contacts from around the world. And he selects one who he thinks has something TRULY unique to offer and interviews them...

And this is what you'll get (EVERY MONTH)...

  • An indepth interview with a proven master hypnotist to discover their journey to hypnosis mastery. It's like having a peak inside their mind and finding out how they see the world and the experiences they've had which has set them apart from others. (60 minutes minimum)
  • A Private Seminar Part 1 - Here Igor and his guest master hypnotist will show you the essence of their particular method, skill or training. You will be able to take away several important discoveries. (90 minutes minimum)
  • A Private Seminar Part 2 - Here Igor and his guest master hypnotist continue to reveal their methods and techniques and also give you PRACTICAL examples of how to use these secrets in your everyday life. (90 minutes minimum)
  • A Bonus Hypnotic Induction - Igor records an exclusive hypnotic induction to help YOU get the most out of this training so you can remember the learnings and use them! (Usually 15-20 minutes)
  • A Bonus Manual (PDF) - You'll also get an "executive summary" of the information so you can easily go over it whenever you want to.
  • A no holds barred intern call. Every month as an extra bonus Igor's hypnosis interns ring him up and grill him on hypnosis. They ask whatever questions they like and he answers them there and then. The call is recorded and you get to listen in and learn. Fascinating stuff I can tell you! (60 minutes minimum)

Now let me ask you a question…

What's Unlimited Power And Influence Worth To You?

The "Private Hypnosis Club" is a unique opportunity.

It's almost impossible to put a dollar value on the tuition, practical training and insider tips you'll receive as a member of the "Private Hypnosis Club" – through the monthly Master Classes, special briefings, direct access to Igor – even the knowledge and insights you can gain from interaction with the other members through the forum.

The Master Classes on their own deliver to you the kind of content that normally you would have to attend one or two high-priced seminars to get. (Each Master Class contains over 4 to 5 hours of no-fluff content. Over a year that's more than 60 hours or 7-8 eight hour days!)

Attending two events like that could easily cost $10,000 once you include the cost of travel and accommodation.

You also have privileged and virtually direct access to Igor to have all of your questions about hypnosis answered.

Igor no longer accepts private students. When he did, the cost for a one day course of private tuition was almost $7,000. Membership in the "Private Hypnosis Club" gives you an equivalent tuition.

But there's much more included in membership. The special resources for members, exclusive offers and bonuses plus the Online Practice Group.

Not to mention the value of the opportunity to interact and network with the other members of this very exclusive club. Just one contact could be of extraordinary value to you.

With everything that's included in membership a fair and reasonable price would be $2,000 per year.

But membership in the "Private Hypnosis Club" will not cost you several thousands of dollars. It won't even cost you half of that.

The regular subscription is only $77 per month.

However, for a limited time, I'm offering a discount to test prices. That means if you join today you can be a member of the "Private Hypnosis Club" for just $47 per month.

And this low rate is guaranteed for as long as you remain a member.

I know this amount seems absurdly low considering the enormous value you'll be getting with your membership.

However, there is a reason for this.

For Igor, the "Private Hypnosis Club" is a passion.

It's an opportunity to indulge in something he truly loves…the advanced details and deep, dark secrets of applying hypnosis to live life in a "peak state" of power, pleasure and productivity. 

He needs to talk about these things, just to keep it all vibrant and refreshed in his mind.

I mean…there is so much information and such an abundance of hypnosis savvy in Igor's bag of tricks…that if he doesn't share it and re-examine it, he risks losing large chunks of it.

There's also the reason that I mentioned at the beginning of this letter.

The desire to build a world class center of excellence to advance the practice of hypnosis as a practical tool to improve people's lives.

At the same time enabling the members of the "Private Hypnosis Club" to thrive and prosper.

So, for these reasons, if you have the right credentials, we want to make sure there is absolutely no reason for you to not take advantage of this invitation.

However, please note…

The "Private Hypnosis Club" Is Not
Open To Everyone

Because you're reading this letter, it's very likely that you meet the requirements for membership.

But, quite frankly, the "Private Hypnosis Club" is not for everyone. And not everyone is allowed to be a member.

Members are expected to meet certain conditions.

The "Private Hypnosis Club" is exactly that. Private. As a member you must not share the information you receive with the general public. Of course, you may make use of the information but the secrets themselves may not be disclosed to outsiders

Dishonourable or unethical practice that would reflect unfavourably on the club is not tolerated. Your membership will be terminated if you indulge in such behaviour

Members are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner towards other members at all times. Controversy and vigorous debate is encouraged and expected. However, personal attacks and disrespectful behaviour are not tolerated

On those conditions, and with the assumption that you are serious about mastering the art and practice of hypnosis, then you will receive a warm welcome to the "Private Hypnosis Club".

But please do not delay if you wish to take advantage of this invitation.

Remember that the "Master Class" session each month is only available for a limited time. This is to protect the interests of existing members.

So, the sooner you join, the more "Master Class" sessions you will benefit from.

And membership to the "Private Hypnosis Club" may not be open forever. Because of the high degree of personal attention that members receive from Igor, there is a limit to the number of members that can be accommodated.

Once membership reaches a set level, the doors may be closed to new members.

So let me make your decision to join our club as simple and risk-free as I possibly can by offering you the following assurance…