Igor Ledochowski - Hypnosis Diploma School

Igor Ledochowski - Hypnosis Diploma School digital download.

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Igor Ledochowski - Hypnosis Diploma School

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Igor Ledochowski - Hypnosis Diploma School

Igor Ledochowski - Hypnosis Diploma School

The course includes 40 weeks (full)

Dear Reader,

I want you to imagine, if you will, that you and I are both relaxing in comfy leather chairs in a plush hotel lounge, and we’re chatting away together.

I want you to imagine further that after some social friendly chit-chat I pose the following question to you:

Please re-read (or better still re-listen) to that question and ponder it.

Then, check in with yourself to see what kind of answers come up from within you

Take your time. There’s no rush.

The most important thing is to properly engage with the question and then relax enough to allow your own answers to emerge - and then trust in those answers.

For your benefit - here is the question again:

“If you and I were having this conversation in the future and you were to look back to today, what kind of progress - both personally and professionally — would you like to have made with hypnosis for you to feel like you’ve accomplished something significant, something truly transformational?”

Check within and “listen to your inner wisdom” to see what answers emerge for you.

Now, after some introspection on that question - (and if you are the kind of growth-orientated person who I believe you are) - you may find these kinds of answers and insights coming up for you:

Drop people into beneficial waking trances any where at any time!
Be seen as a respected authority in the world of hypnosis or general therapy
Have a sustainable, successful, solution-focused hypnosis, hypnotherapy or general therapy practice with plenty of ecstatic clients!
Create a lifestyle with plenty of freedom, plenty of income and plenty of time to travel based around my knowledge of hypnosis
Make a lasting, positive difference in my extended community through my hypnosis knowledge and skills!
Earn the respect and admiration of my family, friends and colleagues for what I’ve been able to achieve through my knowledge of hypnosis
Become so accomplished that I can use my skills ethically and seamlessly in both therapeutic & non-therapeutic settings either openly or covertly as the situation at the time calls for!

Now… if you find yourself nodding your head thinking “Yeah, those are the kind of answers I’m getting for myself!”…
It Means Two Things Are True For You:

The first thing that is true for you is this: you have it within your power to realize and accomplish the future-generated pictures in your head that arose from answering the question I posed to you…

The second thing that is true for you is as follows: because you got (from answering the question) the kind of answers I just listed, it means you are one of those rare people that has vision.

And since you have vision for who you’d like to be and what you’d like to achieve with hypnosis — it means, in all likelihood, you are going to be a good fit for the landmark…

What is the Hypnosis Diploma School?

In a nutshell - the Hypnosis Diploma School is a 4-year accelerated growth experience program for people with a vision of what they want to achieve with hypnosis (2 Year “Fast-Track” also possible).

In many ways it is a visionary program for visionary people.

The overall goal of the Hypnosis Diploma School is to transform you, from whoever you are now and wherever you currently are in your development, into THAT person who is unequivocally considered…
A Major Force & Major Talent In The Field Of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Without Spending Decades Getting There!

How will the Hypnosis Diploma School establish you as a major force and major talent in the fields?

Well, first of all…

The Hypnosis Diploma School is modeled upon the 5 key attributes that Milton Erickson himself utilized and leveraged in order to establish himself as, arguably, the greatest, most well-respected, results-effective hypnotist who has ever lived.

Likewise, the Hypnosis Diploma School will (through a progressive and augmented experienced-based approach to training and development) build within you the same 5 key attributes that took Milton Erickson from poor, paralyzed farm-boy to the pinnacle of the hypnosis world.

So, to recap: the 5 key attributes (modeled from Milton Erickson’s life) will “shape” the overall guiding philosophy and design of the experienced-based approach that drives the various skills training components of the Hypnosis Diploma School.

Of course, to become a major force (and major talent) at anything in a no-fuss way, you need more than just the overall guiding philosophy - you also need…

And it is structure and sequence where the new Hypnosis Diploma School really comes into its own.

In fact, in the world of hypnosis training and development there is nothing else like the Hypnosis Diploma School. Not anywhere.

Yes, there are many different hypnosis training resources out there (many created and offered by me).

But until now, there has NEVER been a fully structured and sequenced accelerated skills growth experience program (driven by the philosophy of the 5 key attributes Milton Erickson himself followed) that can be…

…personally adapted to fit you and your unique goals.
The Hypnosis Diploma School
Finally Fills That Hole!

As in the gap between where and who you are now — to where and who you want to be both in the future.

The art to traversing that gap in the most expedient and comfortable way possible is incumbent upon 3 things:

You must address and strengthen your weaknesses that are holding you back.

You must nurture and make the most of your strengths.

Get immediately download Igor Ledochowski - Hypnosis Diploma School

You must identify and make the most of the resources required to turn you into the person capable of realizing and accomplishing your vision.

Makes sense, right?

Now, what I have found from working with and training 10,000s of people in hypnosis is that most weaknesses are not personal character weaknesses - but skills weaknesses.

As such, most, if not all weaknesses you have when it comes to hypnosis can be overcome (or at least strengthened) by developing and acquiring better hypnosis skills.
The Good News…

The Hypnosis Diploma School elegantly addresses the skills gap (weaknesses) — as you will see in just a moment.

Let’s move onto strengths…

When it comes to nurturing and making the most of your strengths — the most important strengths to have if you want to establish yourself as a major force and major talent in the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy are:

Strength 1First, deciding that hypnosis is going to be your specific area of focus to excel at… and therefore… also having…

…a burning desire to be the best hypnotist it is possible for you to be… and…

Strength 2A genuine desire to use your hypnosis talents to make a positive difference in the world-at-large.

To be fair, most aspiring and advanced hypnotists (like you) do have those two desires. And they are admirable qualities.

The problem comes from the fact that no matter how well-trained or skillful you are, you probably don’t know how to build the necessary professional contacts and relationships within your social circle and the world-at-large to the point where…
You Are Pursued & Personally Sought
Out For Your Hypnosis Talent

But that’s no longer going to be a problem for you.

Because once again, The Hypnosis Diploma School will show you how to naturally and authentically build a wide network of professional contacts and relationships within your extended social circle and the world-at-large.

That way you’ll be setting up the dynamic necessary for you to be pursued and personally sought out for your hypnosis talents.

More on how that will be achieved within the scope of the Hypnosis Diploma School in a moment.

For now, the other area you’ll need to address, as you’ll remember, is your resources.

Resources can be tangible (like, say, certifications, or skills training) or they can be intangible (like the way you conduct yourself and how you “move through the world” as a person and as a hypnotist).

Either way, in order to become a major force and major talent in the world of hypnosis — it’s imperative that you identify and maximize the key driver resources you need to make use of to get you there.

Most people, left to their own devices and cut-off from a larger hypnosis community that provides a “support system” and guidance — have no idea how to first identify and then maximize the key driver resources.

As such, most people, left to their own devices, develop as a hypnotist only to a certain point, only to plateau and get stuck (and frustrated) not knowing how to turn their hypnosis skills and knowledge into something that has any meaningful purpose.
They Feel Like A Thoroughbred Horse
That Hasn’t Got A Race To Run!

And by extension, quickly get dejected with the whole hypnosis thing when nobody recognizes their talent!


…that will no longer be a problem for you.

Because the good news is the Hypnosis Diploma School has been purposefully set up and structured to plug you into the key driver resources that you will ultimately need to establish your reputation and status as a major force and major talent in the world of hypnosis.

Bottom line:
From A Big-Picture View…

All bases are covered in the Hypnosis Diploma School as far as closing the gap between where you are now to who you want to be both in the near future and where you want to be in the future. That is conclusive.

But what about the specific elements and components of the new Hypnosis Diploma School itself?

Let’s cover those now.
First, There Are The 3 Skills Training
Components. These Include:

Skills Training Component 1The Hypnosis Skills Training Course.

Skills Training Component 2The Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Course.

Skills Training Component 3The Professional Skills Coaching Course.

Let’s look in more detail at what’s included in each of the 3 main training components that make up The Hypnosis Diploma School, and what each one will do for you:
1: Hypnosis Skills Training Course

The first structured training component of the syllabus is on hypnosis and hypnotherapy skills.

It’s called the Hypnosis Skills Training Course and each new module of the course is delivered to you every other week.

Every coaching module includes training, demonstrations and exercises for you to learn, practice and become more skilled and also perfectly prepares you for the next module!

Basically, through the modules of the Hypnosis Skills Training Course you will be developing all the most effective skills of Conversational Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Ericksonian Transformational Storytelling.

Thus, in a very real way…
You Will Be Emulating Milton Erickson’s
Skill-Set And Ability As A Hypnotist

The Hypnosis Skills Training Course is a very exercise and experience driven process (where you get to actually work and practice with other people in the Hypnosis Diploma School).

And the theories and principles only come out of your actual experiences - this way you’ll be mirroring and emulating the way Erickson worked, first through experimentation, by having people to practice with, and then validating the key principles and theories.
2: Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Course

Applied Conversational Hypnosis CourseAlongside the Hypnosis Skills Training Course you’re going to have a second stream of coaching modules with the Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Course.

Again, each segment of the Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Course will be delivered to you every other week (in weeks you don’t have new Hypnosis Skills Training Modules) that you’ll be able to access from the online private membership area of the Hypnosis Diploma School.

And once again, the Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Course is a very exercise and experience driven process (where you get to actually work and practice with other people in the Hypnosis Diploma School) and the theories and principles only come out of your actual experiences.

Now the reason why we have a separate Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Course AND the Hypnosis Skills Training Course running alongside each other is an important one.

The Hypnosis Skills Training Course takes you through the aspects of actually helping people make lasting personal and powerful transformations.

The Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Training also allows you to do at least two things:

It allows you to build up the skills necessary to covertly create (through conversation) the right hypnotic context necessary for you to smoothly move into using the hypnotic change work skills (which you’ll get from the Hypnosis Skills Training Course).

The Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Training Course will allow you to get past people’s natural (instinctive) defense mechanisms, thus giving yourself the best “platform” to successfully do fast and smooth hypnotic change-work or hypnotic influence with the people you are communicating with.

Additionally, the skills you’ll learn and develop through the Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Training Course can be used (in isolation) to ethically inspire other people to want to work with you and hire you for your services in the first place.

In fact, in a few paragraphs I’ll tell you about one of my students who used the skills of the Applied Conversational Hypnosis to go from a struggling hypnotherapist to getting clients and - TRIPLING his income in the process and making him a “go-to” hypnotist in a very competitive area.

Bottom line:

The Hypnosis Skills Training Course will enable you to create huge and positive transformations in other people (getting yourself a rep as one of the best!), and the Applied Conversational Hypnosis Skills Training Course (used in “concert” with the Hypnosis Skills Course)…
That Will Raise Your “Game” To The Status Of A True Master In The World Of Hypnosis!
3: Professional Skills Coaching Course

Professional Skills Training Course The other stream that’s included in the Hypnosis Diploma School is the Professional Skills Coaching Course.

The main purpose of the Professional Skills Coaching Course is to enable you to create professional contacts and relationships with others you come into contact with.

If you want to generate a better than average income as a hypnotist it is imperative that you learn how to create professional contacts and relationships with people in your community.

Professional contacts and relationships are THE DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC that makes it possible for you to get the highest level of recognition, respect and financial rewards from your skills as a hypnotist.

It’s the Professional Skills Training that allowed the student I mentioned a few paragraphs back to triple his income in just 3 months.

He didn’t do any marketing or advertising (he actually took his website down). Nor did he do any traditional selling-type activities.

All he did was…
Learn How To Establish Himself As A True Professional Within His Community

Just by doing that (and it’s easier than you might imagine)…

He went from a position where he had to use his personal savings to support his hypnotherapy business to the position where his hypnotherapy practice is now supporting him.

He became financially stable and this was within just finishing only the first module of the Professional Skills Training Course.

Of course I can’t guarantee that you’ll triple your income in 3 months — but when you are in the Hypnosis Diploma School I can absolutely give you every single one of those tools that you will need.

And I can show you all the obstacles that will be in the way and how to solve those obstacles. I’ve done it myself and taught other people how to do it.

As long as you’re willing to be flexible and actually work the system, then I have every confidence that it will help establish the necessary professional contacts and relationships you will need in order to become a highly respected (and well-paid) hypnotist too.
BONUS: Mind Training Skills Course

Professional Skills Training Course I’ve not stopped there, however, and have added a wonderful bonus that gives you ongoing DAILY support for your unconscious mind.

This Unconscious Mind Training consists of special mind training audio exercises (I call them Hypnotic Meditations) that will be sent to you for the duration of the Hypnosis Diploma School.

hat’s 730 unique Hypnotic Meditations (recorded by me) you’ll be able to listen to over the syllabus of the Hypnosis Diploma School.

Each of the Hypnotic Meditations builds in the…

…best of hypnosis, as well as…

…the best of mindfulness, and…

…the best of neuroscience…

…and neuro-plasticity…

…all of those aspects (hypnosis, mindfulness, neuroscience and neuro-plasticity) have been combined to produce the “super-strain” of powerful hypnotic meditations you will be able to take advantage of each day.

What exactly do I mean by “super-strain” of powerful hypnotic meditations?

Well, by listening and engaging with the daily hypnotic meditations you will gradually experience a re-engineering of your mental and emotional “wiring” to that of a world-class hypnotist.

And by the end of the Hypnosis Diploma School you will have the mental acuity and “sixth-sense-like” intuitive-intelligence on a par with…
“Hypnosis Wizards” Like Milton Erickson Or Any Other World-Class Hypnotist You
Aspire To!

That’s right - through listening and engaging with the daily hypnotic meditations your mental and intuitive circuitry will adapt and evolve to “sync” with the mental and emotional circuitry of a ‘Milton Erickson’ like hypnotist.

This is cutting-edge neuroscience and neuroplasticity we’re leveraging.

Here’s what’s important to understand (if you want to get an idea of what happens through listening and engaging with the daily hypnotic meditations):

Basically, your brain is connected to the rest of your nervous system via what are called lamina (located in your spinal column).

Each lamina is like a fiber optic cable into your body, and each lamina connects to your nervous system in different ways.

The lamina you and I as hypnotists are interested in most is called Lamina 1.

Get immediately download Igor Ledochowski - Hypnosis Diploma School

Lamina 1 can be thought of as the body’s “fiber optic cable” that is responsible for…
Trafficking Messages From Your Body’s Intuition To Your Cognitive Brain.

“So what ?”, you might say.

Well, here’s the all-important so-what of it:

Professional Skills Training Course One of the overriding (yet often overlooked) reasons Milton Erickson became such a sublimely effective hypnotist is that he is likely to have developed one of the most highly receptive Lamina 1 connections in the entire field of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

(Erickson, of course, had to do it the hard-way: by engaging and developing sensory awareness into his body while he was paralyzed from the Polio infection).

Anyway, again: If you want to have that highly intuitive sense shared by all the great hypnotists (past and present) it is necessary to engage and develop your Lamina 1 connection (your body-brain “fiber optic cable”).

When your Lamina 1 connection is strong and you’ve developed a highly-intuitive sense (like Milton Erickson)… it will be like…
You’ll Know What To Do In A Hypnosis
Session Before “You” Know What To Do!

Your unconscious and your intuition will guide you into doing and saying the right thing whenever you do hypnosis.

That’s the level you must get to IF you want to be considered a major force and major talent in the world of hypnosis. And the only way to get to that level is to strengthen your Lamina 1 connection.

Most people have no clue how to do that, or even that it’s necessary.

Luckily for you the most structured and sequenced way to gradually (and safely) develop your Lamina 1 (body-brain connection) is through listening to the daily Hypnotic Meditations that you will get as a bonus to the Hypnosis Diploma School.

It’s the most direct way to develop your body-brain intuitive connection and thus, it will add to your success and effectiveness as a hypnotist and IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE!

Now, in addition to the 3 structured skills training components plus the added bonus unconscious mind training just covered, the distinction that sets the Hypnosis Diploma School above and beyond all other training programs is the…
Mentors & Trainers To Help You
Get The Best Out Of Yourself

Group PractiseThe first key feature is the daily practice groups with an experienced hypnosis mentor and trainer.

The experienced hypnosis mentor and trainers will be available to speak with you to answer your questions, arrange practice partners for you or even help you get past your sticking points in any aspect of hypnosis.

No longer will you have to wait months or years to attend a respected live training seminar or workshop in the hope that they might help you progress past your sticking points.

Now you will be able to speak to a mentor or trainer and get their personalized attention to ask them anything you want related to hypnosis or setting up a hypnosis practice - and they will draw upon their experience to help you out to the best of their ability.

And if they don’t personally know the answer to your question, you can be sure they can connect you up with someone who does!

Frankly, this ongoing mentoring & tutoring aspect of the Hypnosis Diploma School is just priceless in the way it will seriously accelerate your progress as a hypnotist.

I don’t know where else you could go to get this kind of access to personal mentors and trainers experienced in all matters related to hypnosis and setting up successful hypnotherapy practices.

And if having your own mentor to get your hypnosis related questions answered is not enough…

…the second distinction that sets the Hypnosis Diploma School apart from any other hypnosis training program in existence is that…
You Also Can Practice Hypnosis DAILY With Your Fellow Students - Wherever They Are Based In The World!

1 on 1 PractiseThis is unique in the world of hypnosis — we have (as part of the Hypnosis Diploma School) special voice and video functions making it possible for you to connect with others in the school online and have free one-to-one live practice sessions at your convenience!

And you’re going to have plenty of eager students just like you to work with there.

This is hands down one of the most beneficial things that we have to offer in the Hypnosis Diploma School.

See - the bottom line is this: If you want to progress quickly as a hypnotist you simply must be practicing hypnosis on a regular basis.

More than that, you must also be consistently practicing hypnosis in a progressive, growth-oriented way.

You cannot get around that fact.

And that’s one of the major reasons why many very dedicated hypnotists never advance as far as they could.

They simply do not have the means to practice hypnosis daily (with other people) and do so in a progressive, growth-oriented way.

Well, that will never be a problem or a stumbling block for you in the Hypnosis Diploma School - because like I’ve mentioned you’ll be able to practice with other members of the Hypnosis Diploma School EACH DAY IF YOU CHOOSE.

And you will also be given guidance on progressive practices to experiment with as you advance your skill-set.

All I’ll say here is get ready for a massive transformation in your skill-sets as a hypnotist as you regularly practice with other like minded members of the Hypnosis Diploma School.

Another major advantage of the all the opportunities you’ll have to practice new hypnosis skills daily (in addition to the fast progress you’ll make in your skills and abilities) is that you get your failures out of your system in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

Not in front of a client in a tense therapy session!

Also: By connecting, talking, and practicing daily with other people who are also driven to be the best in the field of hypnosis, they will have a huge uplifting effect of your rate of progress and development as a hypnotist.

It’s a very powerful dynamic that cannot be found anywhere else in the world of hypnosis!

Which, in itself, is worth its weight in gold in terms of your confidence level when you actually work with real people and their issues!

It gets better still….

Because when you’ve enrolled into the prestigious Hypnosis Diploma School you also get to take advantage of…
LIVE Hypnosis Training
Certification Discount Vouchers!

Live workshop-style trainings are also a key ingredient on your way to becoming a major force and major talent in the world of hypnosis.

People who’ve been to a Hypnosis Training Academy Live Certification Training know that we cannot certify anyone in hypnotherapy without a live training where we can assess your hypnosis skills in action.

So, yes, when you are enrolled in the Hypnosis Diploma School there are 3 live certifications trainings that you need to attend.

These trainings are regularly put on around the world by our licensed trainers.

Discount Voucher for LIVE Training Certification Programs And we’ve negotiated a special “50% OFF Hypnosis Diploma School Discount Voucher” for you to attend any of these trainings.

This discount is ON TOP OF any “early-bird enrollment discounts” and is exclusive to you as student of the school!

Talking of the certification that comes out of attending those live workshops — you’ll have three different levels of certification you can go through.

One live certification should be taken during the first half of the Hypnosis Diploma School (this first certification will allow you to start practicing as a professional fee-charging hypnotherapist, if you so choose).

This is a 6 Day Professional Hypnotherapist Certification
Then TWO live certifications will come in the second half of the Hypnosis Diploma School.

These are the 6 Day Practitioner Of Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification and the 6 Day Advanced Practitioner Of Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification.

And aside from the trainings and certifications - you’ll get to meet, face-to-face, fellow members of the Hypnosis Diploma School at the live events. This will take your relationships within the hypnosis community to a whole new level. I wouldn’t be surprised if you make contacts and friendships for life at the live hypnosis trainings.

As you’re starting to see — all in all, the Hypnosis Diploma School will give you the gravitas of being part of a progressive and cutting-edge hypnosis community full of people committed to developing themselves into major forces and major talents in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Oh, and if all that were not enough - the “icing on the cake” is this:

Through the Hypnosis Diploma School you will also have the best opportunity available to you to develop and cement your status and reputation as an indisputable authority as a hypnotist.

Developing your own IDENTITY and internal conviction that YOU are an indisputable authority as a hypnotist is the defining ingredient that will ultimately establish you as a hypnotist of the highest respect and renown.

Once you’ve taken on and “own” the IDENTITY that YOU are the consummate professional and total authority on hypnosis - well, everything else will fall into place for you so much faster and easier.


Once you have the IDENTITY-FACTOR sorted out to the core of your being - you will unconsciously give off the “vibe” to other people that they need what you have… and they will find themselves unconsciously wanting (needing!) to work with you!

I’ve seen it happen with myself (like when I was working with CEOs as an Executive Coach) and with other highly-paid hypnotists at the top-of-their-game.

The defining factor that each of us had in common is…
We Each Had The Inner Conviction That
Give Off That “Vibe” Just By Being
Who We Are!

Other people can “feel” that power. And they want to get “close” to it!

You can have that kind of power too.

When you do - it will make it possible for you work with the best clients… get the best referrals… get high fees… and…

…build a sustainable, lucrative and empowering private practice, if you so wish.

In fact, getting a high income level is more of a by-product of your genuine and compassionate authority as a hypnotist and how you engage (using the applied conversational skills you’ll be mastering) with people in your community at large.

(PLEASE NOTE: a healthy high-level income as a hypnotist has almost nothing to do with having a website or doing any kind of paid advertising, marketing or using traditional sales techniques.

So you can stop any kind of selling practices that make you feel uncomfortable).

Sound good?

Of course, I understand if building a private practice is not your main purpose for getting into hypnosis and hypnotherapy. And I’m not saying it should be.

However, when you are perceived as having indisputable authority in your field, you are in a position where people will seek you out for what you can do for them.

And getting well-rewarded for your talents and skills provides the validation that you really are on the right track in life.

Also, the fees that you will be able to generate enable you to re-invest into your ongoing personal and professional development.

And the more you develop yourself the better able you are to help more people in more impactful ways!

With all that said, the best way to establish and cement your identity (your inner conviction) that you are indeed an indisputable expert and authority in hypnosis is by…
Personally Mentoring Other Hypnotists
When You Are Ready To Do So

Which, let’s face it… you’re unlikely to get an opportunity to do outside of the Hypnosis Diploma School.


The Hypnosis Diploma School provides you with the perfect community, the most comfortable platform and support structure for you (when you are ready) to take on the role of a mentor to other junior hypnotists coming through the ranks.

Hey, don’t worry…

…you’ll never be left “blowing in the wind” in your role as a mentor. First, you’ll only ever mentor other hypnotists when you personally feel you’re ready to take on that role (it’s not obligatory, either).

And secondly, you will always have your own mentor guiding you through the process, helping you to work and practice hypnosis with other hypnotists that you engage with through the online video practice technology.

You’ll also be given specific and progressive mentoring practice exercises that you can conduct with a fellow hypnotist - so you’ll always have something new to practice… something that’s fresh and novel that allows you to experiment with hypnosis (in a teaching role) that ultimately will lead to the new insights for you that are not seen from the student role.

Like the saying goes:
The Best Way To Learn Something
Is To Teach It!

Again, nobody is going to push you into mentoring. It is simply something that is available through the Hypnosis Diploma School for those of you that want to evolve and progress in your hypnosis career to the max.

(You’ll know yourself when you are ready once you have experienced some of the Hypnosis Diploma School, so don’t worry about it for now!).

There are more advantages to enrolling into the Hypnosis Diploma School… because…
You’ll Also Get Complimentary Access To Various Home-Study Pro

Instant Access Available
Downloadable Content

Sale Page: https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/hypnosis-diploma-school/#