Holosync - Super Learning Memory Suite

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Holosync - Super Learning Memory Suite

Holosync - Super Learning Memory Suite

Holosync - Super Learning Memory Suite

What could you accomplish…

…if you were so focused - so absorbed in what you’re learning or doing…

…that the information effortlessly poured into your brain?

Monday morning, 8:12 am, Beaverton, Oregon

Dear friend,

Have you ever begun to turn the page of the book you’re reading when you suddenly realize that although your eyes saw the words…

…you have no idea what you just read?

Your eyes saw the words, but your mind was somewhere else. You lost your focus, distracted by other thoughts, feelings, sounds.

Or perhaps you’ve became distracted and lost the thread of a conversation - and were embarrassed to say so. Or you met someone but instantly forgot their name.

Have you ever had something important you needed to think through, but when you sat down to figure it out instead of focusing your mind you experienced frustrating “brain fog,” and made little or no progress.

We’ve all had these experiences. The truth is, one of THE most valuable mental capabilities - and one of the greatest predictors of every kind of success (socially, at school, or at work) - is…

…the ability to focus - and stay focused.

For thousands of years the truism has been: You either have the ability to focus, or you don’t…

…and there’s very little you can do about it.

Today, however, we live in an amazing new world where technology easily solves problems once considered “impossible.” This includes using technology to increase focus, learning, memory, and recall.

Yes, technology exists that allows anyone to experience laser-beam focus and concentration, learn more in
less time, and recall it as needed.

Mailing a letter to the other side of the world takes about 2 weeks, while emailing takes mere moments.

The Mayflower took 66 days to sail from England to America. A jet makes the same trip in 7 ½ hours - more than 200x faster.

We’re lucky to be alive in an age where technology makes what has always been slow and difficult…

…easy and fast.

Today, believe it or not, with the flip of a switch you can be one of the most focused humans on earth, learning quickly and easily - and remembering everything you learn.

This ability to focus and learn much faster will transfer to and greatly improve many other parts of your life. When it’s time to accomplish something - anything, really - you’ll keep your attention on what you want and exclude from your awareness…

…what used to distract you, take you off-course, and keep you from getting what you want.

Instead of dissipating your energy on irrelevant and distracting thoughts or actions, you’ll stay focused on accomplishing your goal.

“Ordinary people seek entertainment and distraction. Extraordinary people seek focus and learning.”~ Bill Harris

Is the ability to focus really that important? Only if you want to study or learn faster, comprehend what you read (or hear) more deeply, easily remember any information you’re exposed to, and more easily stick to and complete…

…what you set out to do.

Focus, and the ability to learn, are qualities all winners share. And believe me - no matter what your present situation - you, too, can have these qualities - with very little work, and in a relatively short period of time.

To give you this life-changing technological boost, Centerpointe’s team of neurotechnology sound engineers have created a special collection - a “suite” - of Holosync® audio tracks called…

…Super Learning & Memory Suite

This incredibly inexpensive brain-enhancing suite includes three downloadable Holosync® soundtracks that give you a number of desirable advantages:

You’ll learn and retain between five and twenty times more information during study and reading time
You’ll significantly increase your retention and recall
You’ll be able to prepare for situations where you need to “be on,” easily keeping important information and ideas “top of mind”
You’ll clear away your “brain fog” and reduce your mental stress
You’ll keep yourself laser-focused and engaged during any kind of detail work
Students, young or old, will stay focused while studying and doing homework, and consistently get better grades
You’ll increase overall focus, concentration, and memory

How do we accomplish this magic? By using Holosync® sound technology to create precise, positive (and safe) changes in the brain. There are electric brainwave patterns associated with:

Enhanced learning (up to 20x more information in less time)
Increased storage, retention, and retrieval of learned information and other memories
Enhanced, distraction-free focus and concentration

Using proprietary combinations of precise Holosync® sine wave audio tones, embedded under your choice of soothing music or gentle ocean waves, we create these beneficial brain wave states to enhance your learning, memory, and focus.

Super Learning & Memory Suite includes three powerful soundtracks:

Ultra Focus and Learning induces a brain wave state that dramatically heightens focus, concentration, and learning. Instead of turning the page and realizing that you have no idea what you just read, you’ll be so drawn into the content that…

…every word will register, and every idea will stick in your mind.

Nothing will distract you. You’ll almost become what you’re reading. You’ll become totally absorbed. And, it won’t be a grind. You’ll enjoy yourself!

And, get this: Even after hours of reading or studying - which, as you know, can be quite draining - you’ll feel refreshed and energized.

The first time I used Ultra Focus and Learning I was reading dense scientific studies. Even after three hours of reading, requiring deep focus and concentration (and looking up and learning many scientific terms), when I finally took off the headphones to have lunch, I felt light as a feather.

Get immediately download Holosync - Super Learning Memory Sui

In fact, I had more energy than when I started!

Without the help of Ultra Focus and Learning you gradually use up the neurochemical fuel required for concentration, focus, and learning…

…leaving you feeling wiped out, tired, brain-fogged.

With Ultra Focus and Learning you end your session feeling more clear-minded and more focused than when you started.

Then, to make sure the learning really sticks, use the second soundtrack in our Super-Learning & Memory Suite: Super Memory Stabilizer.

Listening to Super Memory Stabilizer helps you retain complex information for easy recall when you need it. Super Memory Stabilizer uses a specific formula of brainwave patterns that help you transfer what you’ve learned to…

…long term memory, where you can easily recall it.

Super Memory Stabilizer also includes powerful affirmations, encrypted with Centerpointe’s proprietary Autofonix “silent messaging” technology.

These affirmations were specially selected to improve your ability to learn, organize, and access everything you’ve learned, quickly and easily.

Click Here to see the silent affirmations we use in Super Memory Stabilizer:

The third soundtrack in the Super-Learning & Memory Suite is called Laser Memory Recall.

This soundtrack “primes you” to retrieve what you’ve learned.

Use it before an important meeting, a test, a speech or presentation, or in any situation where you have a lot to remember. Then, instead of stressing and blocking your memory, Laser Memory Recall will give you the confidence and clarity…

…to access and express what you’ve learned.

After listening to Laser Memory Recall you’ll be “in the zone,” with crystal-clear mental clarity, free from distractions, hesitancy, worries, and second-guessing.

Laser Memory Recall helps you experience the exact brain state for easily accessing stored information.

Finally, we’ve added a 4th “bonus” track - Eureka Moment - I know you’ll love…

Let me ask you: Are you naturally creative? Does your job require creativity? Are you up against…

…work or personal problems that seem unsolvable?

Eureka Moment is your resource for generating creative ideas and solutions to virtually any vexing issue or situation requiring a creative solution. It will trigger your “inner artist” and stimulate your brain to generate “Aha!” moments.

And, while you tap into your brain’s inner creative genius, you’ll also be supercharging your mental energy - without artificial chemical stimulants.

Plus, Eureka Moment triggers production of several “feel-good” neurochemicals that will give you a wonderful (and natural) mental “high.”

That’s four powerful, focus and memory-inducing soundtracks for just $17.25 each
Enhance Your Focus, Learning, and Memory Now!

Over our six-month testing period, these four soundtracks have really impressed me. I’ve also seen young students improve their grades dramatically by using Super Learning & Memory Suite during studying.

I know you’ll be impressed. I certainly am. I use them all the time. A small investment for a significant enhancement in mental abilities.

Be well,

Enhance Your Focus, Learning, and Memory Now!

PS: If this has ever happened to you, you need to get Super Learning & Memory Suite:

You need to study something for school, or for your job. You sit comfortably and start reading. After a few minutes you feel hungry, so you put the book down and go into the kitchen to find something to eat.

You return to the book, but after reading for a few minutes, you hear voices outside. You listen to what they’re saying for several minutes and then bring your attention back to your book.

But you feel restless, so after a few minutes you decide to listen to some music on your phone. You read again for a few moments, and then you remember something you should have done yesterday, and you begin thinking about that. You also remember that you forget to get groceries, so you make a mental note to do that later in the day.

When you look at your watch, an hour has past, and you’ve read one and a half pages. And, you don’t remember much of what was on those one and a half pages.

It’s easy to become distracted - unless you’re plugged into Super Learning & Memory Suite.

You can only benefit. Give it a try!