Hiring and Training Your Own Acquisitionist (The Wolff Couple)

Hiring and Training Your Own Acquisitionist (The Wolff Couple) digital download.

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Hiring and Training Your Own Acquisitionist (The Wolff Couple)

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The Wolff Couple - Hiring and Training Your Own Acquisitionist

The Wolff Couple - Hiring and Training Your Own Acquisitionist

True Freedom in Real Estate Investing is when you don’t even have to make closing calls or go to deal meetings anymore! You can have it all done for you by your local Acquisitionist! This is a big step up to the next level (Doctors and Dentists love this program). You get the leads from your VA, then your Acquisitionist takes over and brings back a signed contract! Sound too good to be true? Not with this awesome new system that gives you every step, tool, ad, and script you need to find and work successfully with your own local Acquisitionist (we even have a great non-compete contract). If the phone really isn’t your thing, or if you’re just too busy to handle all those calls and follow up, then this system is your answer!


Duplicate the Best YOU!

When you’re a successful investor you realize quickly that you could make a LOT more money if you only had a Clone! The duplicate “You” could even be closing deals while you’re lounging on a beach!

In Real Estate Investing your Clone is called your Acquisitionist. The right one will double or even triple your income! With our amazing “Acquisitionist-in-a-BoxSystem, your Clone will actually out-produce the original (that’s you)!

We make the process so simple. The Manual details WHO you’re looking for, WHAT Qualifications they need, WHERE to find them, and exactly HOW to hire them. Then the System gets even better as we take over the hardest part of the whole process, the Training!

You want your Acquisitionist to make you a lot of money, so they must be properly trained in the Pretty House Business. They need to understand what to say to Sellers and Buyers, and how to close “Nothing Down / No Credit” Deals. You do too, so you may want to go through these Training materials yourself first! Some of our students get this package exclusively to train themselves how to be their own Acquisitionists.

You‘ll send your new Acquisitionist home with their own specialized Training Package, including a Study Guide and Brian’s in-depth Videos, and they’ll come back raring to go! Just think, in this million-dollar business they make 10% of the Profit, and you make 90%!

We cover everything you need to know in this System, including precisely how much and how to pay your Acquisitionist, how to handle licensing issues, and the best coaching techniques to get the most from your new teammate! There’s also an exclusive Forms CD, which includes our ironclad “Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreement”.

We’ll let you in on a little secret — some of our students hired an Acquisitionist before they even closed their 1st deal! They wanted a qualified person to help with the Closing Calls right away, knowing those calls are the heartbeat of the business. If you have trouble making them, or hate making them, this is your answer. These calls will be your Acquisitionist’s primary focus, followed by the all-important “Deal Meetings” (where they’ll get Agreements signed)!

We also include incredible Bonuses, like a special Video Interview with the guru himself, Ron LeGrand, covering all his best tips and techniques. Your Acquisitionist will love our powerful Real Estate Investing Dictionary, jam-packed with detailed training.

Another HUGE Bonus is our Taking ACTION Workshop, simply the fastest path to success in ALL areas of your life. Tickets to this event cost $1497 per person, but 2 Admissions come FREE for you and your Acquisitionist (we’ll even invite your spouse too)! Last and maybe most important, you are officially a “Wolff Pack Member for Life!” You get your own Access Code for the Member Website, you join our addictive “Teaching Tuesdays Conference Calls”, share our “Facebook LIVE Thursdays”, and generally get special treats and treatment!

The System comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and FOR A LIMITED TIME we are throwing in 2 Phone Strategy Sessions DIRECTLY WITH Brian and Lynette. You can include your new or potential Acquisitionist on the call, or go one-on-one with us! PLUS best of all, do a Deal within 90 days, show us proof with a Testimonial Letter, and we’ll REBATE your entire cost (and you keep the System)! We’ve been so blessed since we found this business through Ron LeGrand, we are willing to do whatever we can to get you going and be a blessing to YOU!

Take a giant leap forward, and change your life in 2019 with an Acquisitionist. Find true Freedom — get a Professional producing Pretty House Profits for YOU!

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The Wolff Couple - Hiring and Training Your Own Acquisitionist

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