Heather Ackmann - PowerPoint 2016: Animation in Depth

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Heather Ackmann - PowerPoint 2016: Animation in Depth digital download. Info: [33 (MP4) + 33 (SRT) + (Ex Files)]. This course, created by Microsoft Powe...
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Heather Ackmann - PowerPoint 2016: Animation in Depth

Type: Digital download

Format: [33 (MP4) + 33 (SRT) + (Ex Files)]

PowerPoint 2016: Animation in Depth

Duration: 2h 17m

Released: January 19, 2017

This course, created by Microsoft PowerPoint MVP Heather Ackmann, shows you how to enliven your presentations by animating text and graphics in PowerPoint.

Heather begins with a primer on PowerPoint animation, helping you understand when—and when not—to incorporate animations into a presentation. She then goes into the building blocks of animating in PowerPoint: layering objects, working with background images, animating text, playing with lighting effects, and zooming with style. She shows how to animate with transitions, and walks viewers through the creation of three sample projects: a spinning globe animation, an animated timeline, and a flip-book. Heather wraps up by showing you how to put the finishing touches on a presentation by animating to music, automating playback, and exporting your PowerPoint file as a video.

Topics include:

• Determining when to use animation
• Creating and formatting shapes
• Applying motion paths
• Adjusting the z-order
• Adding and formatting x-ray shapes
• Animating by word
• Animating and arranging layers
• Animating with transitions
• Timing animations to music
• Exporting as a video

Table of contents:

1. Understand PowerPoint Animation
2. Layer Objects for Animation
3. X-Ray Vision with Background Images
4. Kinetic Typography
5. Make Text Shine
6. Expert Zooming
7. Animate with Transitions
8. Create a Timeline
9. Use Flip-Book Animations
10. Put It All Together