Harlan Kilstein - The Hypnotic Secret

Harlan Kilstein - The Hypnotic Secret digital download. Info: [5 Audios (MP3)]. The Dirty Little Secret Benjamin Franklin Tried To Conceal That Has Abso...

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Harlan Kilstein - The Hypnotic Secret

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 Audios (MP3)]

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The Hypnotic Secret

Attention: Disillusioned Readers of “The Secret” are about to discover..

The Dirty Little Secret Benjamin Franklin Tried To Conceal That Has Absolutely Crippled Your Chances To Automatically Begin Manifesting Massive Wealth...Deep, Enriching Relationships...And Enduring Health.

If you’ve tried the “Law of Attraction” and Haven’t Attracted Even So Much As A Dime…
Don’t throw in the towel quite yet…

Here’s your chance to finally unleash the full, proven power of the “Law of Attraction” to draw all your goals and dreams to you like metal to a magnet..achieving milestones in your life that you once thought “out of reach”...while living life EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT TO as sure as clockwork...and if you’re like most people...trying to live your dreams sometimes seems like you’re on the road to nowhere...Not after you discover the missing ingredient that effectively obliterates every obstacle in your path...so...

If you’ve ever wanted to ramp up the power of the “Law of Attraction” to the point where it sucks in your goals like a vacuum on steroids (and watch all those doubts, fears and anxieties vanish into the distance...as you look straight ahead to your bright future), then this will be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Harlan Kilstein, and for many years I was disillusioned with the “Law of Attraction.” SURE, I placed my order with the universe...I believed that I had already received it (with all the good vibes my imagination could conjure too!). I was disappointed with the number of scam artists out there whose only goal seemed to be to make a buck and brag about their results.

And I constantly rubbed my gratitude rock down to the size of a pebble… to put me on the frequency of abundance. But somehow…the genie MUST HAVE BEEN SNOOZING…or maybe he lost my address. I was SO FRUSTRATED that I thought of chucking the book and DVD into the attic along with the rest of my long forgotten self-help books.

Doesn’t it drive you crazy?

While some of history’s greatest leaders and influential people naturally harnessed the “Law of Attraction” to amass grand fortunes…dominate entire industries…and live life to the fullest…like most people…things were so bad at one time, I couldn’t even “attract” enough money to buy my kids a happy meal (I had to grind out money the old fashioned way).

Yet the video kept saying again and again…if you put out the vibes of believing…knowing…and feeling that you already have the goods…they are already on their way.

Obviously something MAJOR was missing. 

Fortunately I’m The Kind Of Person Who Downright Refuses To Buckle Under the Weight Of Discouragement…To Sit Broke Down On The Side Of The Road Watching Others Speed Along In The Fast Lane

That’s how I finally stumbled onto the missing ingredient that puts the whole process of the “Law of Attraction” on auto-pilot. A few short weeks after I applied this ingredient…

  • It quickly installed that missing “millionaire mindset” that all the financial heavyweights harness to squeeze every last cent out of the universe…IN EVERY AREA (Without this mindset…you can pretty much kiss your chance of massive success goodbye).
  • I saw a 110% increase in my confidence level and my ability to manifest my dreams. Before that, I just wanted to believe in wild success…but the “lack programming” I inherited from my parents, teachers, and organized religion kept me chained to a “poverty mindset”…something I spent many sleepless nights in vain to change.

Plus incredibly…

As I began To Apply This Missing Ingredient…All My Goals Naturally Began To Materialize —
Coming In Like A Flood…

(I could obviously see why so many of history’s most successful people practiced the “Law of Attraction.”)

And it just keeps getting better and better. Now I approach life as the master. With this knowledge I feel like I finally own my life...I now have complete control of where I’m going. At last… it’s like I can do, be, or have anything I want…AS IF I HAVE THE ALADIN’S GENIE BY THE THROAT…forcing him to grant my every wish.

But it’s not like you need to resort to desperate measures at all. What I learned from Benjamin Franklin’s “wild love life” and cover up (more about that in a minute)…is that real success has nothing to do with where you were born…who your parents were…or what your circumstances are right now…and has everything to do with defeating and eliminating…

The Inner Voices That Whisper To You Why You Can’t Succeed…And The Constant Re-runs Of Negative Mental Movies And Beliefs… That Fight You Every Step Of The Way

You see…I’ve always been a serious student of how people can make immediate, permanent change IN ANY AREA of life. So naturally I began to study every source I could possibly get my hands on to really make a difference in peoples’ lives.

That’s when I came across a tidbit of history that is SO CRUCIAL to your ability to automatically harness the power of the “Law of Attraction.”

Benjamin Franklin’s Dirty Little Secret

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most respected founding fathers of American history. Americans love Benjamin Franklin and rightly so.

He was a great inventor. Among his many creations were the lightning rod, the glass harmonica, the Franklin stove, and bifocal glasses.

Think about this: He never patented his inventions, because he cared so much for regular citizens.

Try finding someone like that nowadays!

And his serving attitude didn’t stop with science and his inventions…Risking his own life…he penned ideas that paved the way for the birth of the American nation…the Declaration of Independence.

America owes a HUGE DEBT of gratitude to this selfless leader.

But there is a “behind closed doors” side to Benjamin Franklin kept hidden from the public eye…a side that most people will never know about.

Here’s what they left out of the history books: Around the time of the American Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin was sent to France with John Adams. He was to enlist the support of the French in the war. The fate of fledgling America rested solely in Franklin’s hands…his skill to persuade France to do his bidding.

The story takes a twist though: Franklin was much more than a negotiator with the French government. Although in his seventies, he had a sex life with the women of the French court that would make a rock star jealous…so much so that John Adams said that Franklin was: “a scene of continual dissipation” (In plain English, Franklin couldn’t keep it in his pants).

How Ben Franklin Secretly Slammed The Door Shut And Locked You Out From Automatically Harnessing The Full Power Of The Law Of Attraction

Stay with me and I will show you exactly what I mean.

Here is what happened: At the same time Franklin was sleeping around…the women of the French court (and all Paris for that matter) were entranced by a man named Franz Anton Mesmer (even King Louis XVI of France for a time).

He practiced what he called “Animal Magnetism”—a precursor to modern hypnosis. He used this method to heal many people…so no matter where he went he was despised by the “scientific” and medical communities…but the people came to him in droves.

Mesmer believed that every person had a magnetic fluid inside them that—when blocked—led to disease. Mesmer would then use various magnets (along with hypnosis) to unblock the flow of this fluid and then people would become well.

Much to the disgust of the “academic” community…

Mesmer Proved Hypnosis Can Quickly and Massively
Change The Human Body And Behavior

In fact, Mesmer’s methods worked too well. In a panic and losing customers…the medical establishment and scientific community…Had To Drive Him From City To City

Now back to the story: The problem for Franklin was that many of these “tight-lipped” older women of court who were supposed to KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT about their “nightly activities” went to Mesmer and under hypnosis…

Began Telling Every Sordid Detail About Ben Franklin

Mesmer did group hypnosis sessions…so anything that was leaked wasn’t just leaked to him…but to THE WHOLE GROUP.

The dirty laundry was hung out for everyone to see. The royal court discussions transformed from boring politics to juicy detail after detail to the point where….

Listening to the court women talk was like watching
an episode of Sex In The City

So Franklin went into a panic mode. The fate of America hung in the balance of keeping France’s good will…And his sweet tooth for French women was going to ruin it all. Something had to be done.

A short time afterward, King Louis XVI commissioned an investigation into Mesmer’s “Animal Magnetism.” So the king assembled the leading scientists and intellectuals to investigate Mesmer…including…most notably…


“Chomping at the bit”… Franklin saw that by discrediting Mesmer he could protect his reputation. So in his report he said that Mesmer and hypnosis was a sham. King Louis XVI banned Mesmer from practicing hypnosis and Mesmer left Paris with his tail between his legs.

Franklin had won. After all who would believe all the lurid details women were saying about him when they were UNDER A TRANCE and under the care of a quack.

Here’s how this affects you: When Franklin saved his own backside…he sabotaged the only proven method for bringing MASSIVE CHANGE because the Law of Attraction works as long as you have hypnosis to jump start the engine (as I will explain in a minute). So…

After You Use Hypnosis To Crank Up The Full Power Of The Law Of Attraction…The Ropes And Chains On Your Thinking Will Finally Begin To Fall Off One By One

Here’s what’s going on: You see, there is an inner dialogue embedded in your subconscious mind that plays like a broken record. Like… “You can’t do this”… “You have failed so many times”… “Why even try”…The list goes on and on.

But the fact is...

Until The Program In Your Subconscious Mind Is Changed...Your “Lone Ranger” Conscious Mind Will Fight A Never-ending Losing Battle With A Massive Army of Subconscious Negative Thoughts

Let’s face it, whenever you try to be positive you are SMACKED IN THE FACE with doubts, worries, and voices whispering about why you can’t succeed…reliving yesterday’s nightmares.

It’s a lot like a circus elephant. The zookeepers tie it with a tiny rope when the elephant is young. It soon learns that it CANNOT BREAK FREE of the tiny rope. The EXTENT OF THE ELEPHANT’S WORLD is determined by the length of the rope.

Then the elephant grows into adulthood—easily able to snap the rope…but in its mind the rope is all too powerful. The elephant is living in an imaginary prison.

You see, people don’t escape for lack of potential or because the “Law of Attraction” doesn’t work. They can’t break free because they have learned that struggling against the rope is hopeless. So the key is…

Not To Surrender To False Beliefs…But To Crush and Destroy All The Imaginary Limitations Holding You Back

Easier said than done! This is where hypnosis comes into the mix though. Hypnosis digs down and uproots the negative PROGRAMS THAT BIND the Law of Attraction.

As hypnosis gently begins to rid you of these mental chains you’ll finally begin to manifest EVERY SINGLE THING YOU WANT. And your thinking and beliefs will immediately break free from the prison of your past and into wonderful visions for the future.

Forget digging around in the past. Forget trying to trim the weeds in your mental garden when the roots are buried far below...

As you allow hypnosis to rip out all the weeds that are choking out your dreams you will AUTOMATICALLY begin to reach your true potential.

The problem is many people like Franklin have brushed hypnosis under the rug...if not outright discounted it. They think of hypnotism as SOME KIND OF CARNIVAL SIDE-SHOW. 

In fact, recently one of my potential clients said this to me, “I won’t let you put me in a hypnotic trance! I don’t want to be controlled like a puppet… I guess I’ll go home and just try to change on my own.”

I asked him why he was so afraid of being in a trance...Then I told him the truth...

“You Are Already Stumbling Around In A Trance And You Don’t Even Realize It...”

The only question is: What trance is SERVING YOU BETTER...

  • The trance you’ve inherited since childhood that tells you that your dreams are worthless and unrealistic
  • The vast warehouse of ALL THE TRAUMA and NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES that dictate what is possible for you
  • The mental movies of them you play to yourself again and again and again...


Entering a learning state where we BURN THAT WRETCHED WAREHOUSE TO THE GROUND and quickly install a winning mindset?

So many people are walking around scarred and entranced by early childhood experiences…negative attitudes they’ve picked up along the way…and their negative interpretations of life events...that the “Law of Attraction” doesn’t even have a snowball’s chance...

Really think about this: You can spend your hard-earned money on $1000 a weekend “Law of Attraction” seminars…You can read all the books and listen to all the CD programs…thinking that just maybe…ONE MORE BOOK OR CD is going to bring you all those unfulfilled desires.

Here’s the reason I’m telling you all this: You see, in order for you to make rapid, long lasting changes…to finally free the “Law of Attraction to begin manifesting everything you desire…you have to…

Allow Hypnosis To Change Those Programs Which Have Your Life In A Chokehold…Or You Can Let Your Subconscious Roam Free And Continually Wonder Why Life Is Such A Struggle

I decided to apply the same exact method of massive change to the Law of Attraction…and to create recordings that will--once and for all-- unchain the full power of the Law of Attraction. I named them The Hypnotic Secret.

I decided to offer these RECORDINGs for such a ridiculously low amount that...I knew that within a year or so thousands of people would naturally buy these recordings and transform their lives to the point where…they could finally get off the hamster wheel of frustration and LIVE THE LIFE THEY DESERVE.

I decided to run with a low price…well at first anyhow. I’m going “test-run” this low-ball offer for a little while, and introduce it to the widest audience possible. However, once this market introduction phase was over I…

Reserve The Right To Raise The Price 3X To Reflect What This Information Is Really Worth!

That means that if you are reading this letter…the deal is on for right now. These are unbelievably exciting Recordings designed so that you DON’T EVEN RISK SO MUCH AS A PENNY to check them out in your own home. 

Packed into these high quality Hypnosis Secret Recordings is everything you need to know about what hypnosis really is and how it will enable you to DRAIN EVERY LAST DROP out of the Law of Attraction. Plus, as you’ll discover, these Recordings are unlike any other Recording you’ve ever listened to. 

Here’s a short rundown: The first two Recordings are informational. They will teach you everything you need to know about hypnosis and why it is the obvious method for reaching all your goals.

The other two Hypnosis Secret Recordings take you deep into the jungle of your subconscious mind and…little by little…begin clearing the trail to the goldmine that you already possess.

You get everything in these recordings that you need to start living like those mega-successful people you see around you…who are…LET’S FACE IT… no more intelligent or special than you, but who have a subconscious that doesn’t fight their desires, but is inescapably harnessed to their goals.

Ok. If you have been with me this far. You probably want to know what specifically are on these Recordings and what they do to help you. So here we go…

The first Recording deals with the often misunderstood world of hypnosis.

Let’s face it: Hypnosis is a label loaded down with some negative images. Like:

  • People who totally lose control who act like they belong in a circus
  • The idea of “trance” where people become like mindless zombies
  • The notion that the hypnotist can hijack your will.

…Only to name a distorted few.

In fact hypnosis is no more than your own ability to convince yourself that something is true. Actually it is more helpful to think of it as “entering into a learning state” that allows you to change all the programming that is holding you back.

So many people have so much false understandings of what hypnosis truly is that I included what is REALLY involved in hypnosis…a separating fact from fiction tutorial.

In Recording One: “Explaining About Hypnosis: Myths and Facts”, we’ll cover

  • Why hypnosis is a natural state…much like daydreaming…that you yourself already enter on a daily basis…
  • Why although hypnosis is a sleep-like state…you are still aware of your environment.
  • Why hypnosis can never—ever hijack your personal will or get you to violate your own morals.
  • How hypnosis can effectively bypass the negative programming and engrave long-lasting change on your subconscious mind.
  • Why the hypnotist is nothing more than a tour guide into the subconscious and BY NO MEANS your master…you are in control and can leave the tour at any time.
  • Why you can never get stuck in a permanent hypnotic state…hypnosis is not something done to you—it is done with you.
  • Why it is a total myth that only ignorant, gullible people can benefit from hypnosis (In fact, it is the other way around)
  • Why anyone with a properly functioning brain and ears can enter the learning state
  • And so much more…

After you listen to this Recording, you’ll naturally begin to feel comfortable with the “learning state” (it’s a lot like taking a thirty minute nap) and really look forward to the changes it will help you make.

As you begin to harmonize your thoughts with the laws of the universe the floodgates will open and abundance will pour out...at last the “Law of Attraction” will kick into high-gear. That’s why I included all the reasons why hypnosis enormously aids you in unleashing the “Law of Attraction” on the next Recording.

In Recording two: “How Hypnosis Can Increase The Law Of Attraction”, you’ll discover…

How To Unleash The Giant Powers
Of Your Subconscious Mind

  • How to once and for all UTTERLY DESTROY the negative scripts that have kept you shackled to mediocrity and how to naturally begin manifesting your visions.
  • What will power and self-image have in common (and how with a few tweaks to your image…you can put massive amounts of will power on auto-pilot to obliterate any obstacle in your path.
  • How hypnosis will quickly and easily kill the weeds in your mental garden that are choking the growth of your positive intentions (so you can finally get off the emotional teeter-totter).
  • Why most people cannot even remotely see opportunities even if they are staring right at them (and how this program gently removes the blinders so you can look up and see abundance everywhere).
  • Why your subconscious mind is like a defenseless giant in a straight jacket in a heavy-weight fight and how hypnosis can free him to beat any obstacle to your goals.
  • How hypnosis can easily and naturally release the brakes on the “Law of Attraction” because of a negative mindset…and abolish the poverty mindset…so that you can focus the full power of the “Law of Attraction” on your goals…like sunlight in a magnifying glass.
  • How after you enter the “learning state” all the struggles you had manifesting your desires are going to quickly vanish…and…from then on you will live your life in full confidence and power.
  • How you can achieve lasting harmony between your conscious and subconscious mind so that achievement comes as naturally as breathing or tying your shoe (And no I am NOT exaggerating).
  • And so much more…

Hypnosis Recording three is titled: “A Walk In The Meadow”

In this Recording you’ll discover:

  • How to enter into the “learning state” where we will begin to dig down deep into the yet undiscovered recesses of your subconscious mind and begin to uproot the weeds of failure, lack, and negative emotions.
  • Explore the mental records you have been playing that have kept you bound….and began to scratch, destroy, and record positive messages over them.
  • How you and I will begin to construct a future filled with images of success and achievement. As you look around you, you’ll naturally see every goal and desire you have…begin to grow and bloom…a meadow totally empty of all those nasty weeds...but totally alive with your desires and aspirations.
  • You will begin to see a more confident “you”…a “you” that is not limited by circumstance or past failures…a “you” that can smash through any obstacle.
  • How you can discover the foundational purpose for your life and stoke the flames into red hot desire with the power of a runaway locomotive.
  • And this just scratches the surface…

Obviously as we walk through this meadow together, you’ll steadily begin to experience the massive changes that are taking place underground, because…

Your outward circumstances will quickly change as your inner mindset is transformed.

Finally you are ready for the Recording: “Automatic Attraction”

Together we’ve changed your inner game…we’ve gone in and uprooted and destroyed the weeds in your mental garden. In this Recording we are going to seal the changes that have already been made and …

Put The Whole Process Of The “Law of Attraction” On Auto-Pilot

In this Recording you’ll experience:

    • How the changes made deep in your subconscious mind will naturally begin to manifest themselves in your circumstances (This Recording focuses on keeping your mental garden “weed-free”)
    • Why your past struggles to break the heavy chains of subconscious programming now feel as light as a feather
    • How you can now begin to pursue greater and more ambitious goals because once looming obstacles seem small and insignificant…now that your resurrected subconscious mind sucks up any obstacle as easily as dust on the carpet
    • Why the more you practice this new found freedom the easier it becomes to accomplish more and more.
    • How you can “lock in” your new found “attraction momentum” and only build to higher and higher levels of attainment
    • And so much more…

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