Harlan Kilstein - Golfers Mind

Harlan Kilstein - Golfers Mind digital download. Info: [3CDs - MP3] | 128.65 MB. The mental golf game more successfully and easily.He wanted to "give awa...

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Harlan Kilstein - Golfers Mind

Type: Digital download

Format: [3CDs - MP3]

File size: 128.65 MB

Here are some CDs on using NLP and hypnosis to help your golf gameCD 1 tells his storyCD 2 sets up NLP achors to use while playing

CD 3 used dual induction hypnosis to help reinforce the anchors.

Harlan use a modified form of Dave Dobson's The Beach tape for his hypnosis portion.

I bought this for my father for fathers day awhile ago to help him with his game. Unfortunately my father has never used themSo I cannot say how much it helps. I have listened to them and they sound like they should work.

At least his sales copy sounds good.

Since I bought these and didn't download them from elsewhere I want to keep them exclusive here. Here is the sales copy from golfersmind.com if you want to read thru it all. "The Amazing Secret Tiger and other Pros Use (But Want to Keep Regular Golfers from Learning) that Adds Yards and Accuracy to Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks and Slices, Sinks Your Impossible Putts And Puts Your Game on Autopilot Consistency in Just Two Hours!"And Now, You Can Try It Free!Read on and discover our no risk trial!

We're so confident our program works, we'll let you slash your scores for free if you like!It works like magic but almost nobody knows about it. You'll ask yourself, how can something so simple be so powerfuland so secret - That's the way the pro's like it.

This story is a little unusual... a bit humorous -- and an incredible opportunity for you tolaunch a golf ball with the speed and accuracy of a laser targeted missilehit your fairways and greens shots with complete precisioneffortlessly sink those impossible puttsplay with the iron-clad confidence that the pros command

Mr. X was the typical golfer who spent a fortune on golf equipment and lessons. He bought every device known to man that was supposed to improve his swing and add yards to his drives. He subscribed to every golf magazine in existence. The only channel he watched on TV was the Golf Channel. And yet, his game was incredibly inconsistent.

One hole he would drive two hundred yards up the fairway with the accuracy of a Touring Pro Pro. The next shot would go sailing into the rough.On the front nine he might nail all of his putts.  On the back nine, he would get the yips and triple bogey.

It drove him insane. Every time he shot a round, he never knew what to expect. All the pros told him that if he could only control his swing, his game would improve. He bought their gadgets, paid for their lessons, and spent hours on the driving ranges and the putting green to no avail.

That's when he called me and now. Those days are over

You might never notice me at a golf tournament but I am there. My colleagues and I are at the Masters, US Open, St. Jude, and Pebble Beach. We go wherever our elite clients go.

We rarely appear in public and we never reveal our secrets beyond a circle of pros and seriously dedicated golfers who can afford our outrageous fees. So normally, we are not for everyone. 

That's why most golfers don't have any ideaWhy your mind can ruin your game or make you a winner

with just a few simple tricks.

Why you play so well in practice but blow it on the course.How to control your nerves at the tee.

How your scores can become consistent hole after hole.

Why you play so badly when you try to impress someone.How you can shave 6 strokes from your game even if you don't have time to practice.

Why your game always gets worse when there is money riding on it.

Why the advice that every pro gave you about how to treat the hazards on the course was dead wrong.When I am not working with a pro, the typical golfer I work with becomes incredibly confident on the links, hitting every shot as if you are destined to win. Each shot goes precisely where you intend. Your inconsistency completely disappears. It seems like magic.But it's not magic at all!

You see, what my clients learn and master is what the great golf teacher, Jim Flick once said, "Golf is 90% mental and the other 10% is mental." They learn to control their mind and - as a result - improve their golf game overnight.

My name is Dr. Harlan Kilstein and I have been called one of the top hypno-coaches in the country. People travel from all over the world just to train with me. People routinely pay me up to two thousand dollars an hour to perfect their mental game one-on-one. I've taken the most difficult cases and turned them around in just one session.Now, I know you probably never heard of me - and until "Mr. X." came along and stole my secret teachings. I was content to stay in the background (like the rest of my colleagues) with my small but elite group of students.Virtually all the Touring Pro pros use our services. They know that controlling the mind is the key to great golf. Never before has anyone spilled the beans and revealed the mega-effective mental secrets of the Touring Pro Pros. Until now

For example, before Tiger Woods takes a shot, his eyes open and close repeatedly.That's not a blink that Tiger is doing. It's a self-hypnosis induction. You see, ever since Tiger was a youngster, his father Earl knew that his son would have to conquer the mental game of golf. He hired Dr. Jay Brunza, a sports psychologist and hypnotist, to train Tiger and caddy for him all through his Junior and Amateur events. He even caddied for him in the Masters. Brunza established a trigger for Tiger to enter the zone at will. It's the blinking of his eyes.Tiger is typical of the best professional golfers. Great golfers need to control their mental game and hypnosis is proven to be the easiest, quickest, and most proven way to great mental golf. That's why every Touring Pro pro has a coach to work with him on the mental game of golf - the surest path to consistency, confidence, and lower scores.

But while the pros talk in public about the importance of controlling the mental gamethey never reveal the secrets of how they do it. Pros and amateurs in the know use these mental shortcuts to amazing golf.Here's how "Mr. X" let the cat out of the bagand you are the winner.Although most of my clients only need to see me once, "Mr. X" became a repeat customer. He dropped six strokes overnight after my first session with him. But he didn't want to stop there. I helped him add 50 yards to his driving game. Consistency to his chipping. And totally eliminated a lifetime of putting yips. He was serious about improving his golf game and didn't care how much it cost him. All-in-all, he saw me nearly a dozen times and sent me a lot of referral clients.One day he said he'd decided to take the hours of hands-on education and instruction I'd personally given him and create a "tell-all," "teach-all", "knock-off" version of my very expensive one-on-one sessions. He said that his material was better organized, better presented, better clarified and better explained so more people could apply my methods of improving the mental golf game more successfully and easily.He wanted to "give away" all my secrets.Mr. X was a serious as a heart attack. He took upon himself the project of teaching ordinary golfers the secrets I teach the professionals almost like his own personal crusade. But, he did it behind my back.As I learned later, Mr. X spent countless hours reviewing the notes of every meeting he had with me. He listened and wrote out the words and nuance of every tape of my $2,000 an hour sessions that he had bought.He made notes, he talked to golfers and followed up on their results. He recalled virtually each one of my important mental concepts and confidence factors that I'd taught him that contributed to his personal golf success. He analyzed every concept that I taught him.

Then he totally stunned me!

When available, golf consultations with me sell for $2,000 an hour. My customized golf success secrets have never been available to the public.Mr. X, who had been both my friend as well as a former client, had access to all of my mental golf secrets. And he decided to sell his "Reader's Digest" version of my golf secrets to the market for a mere $49.95.You couldn't buy three minutes of my time for that amount.I was afraid that my professional clients would leave when word spread that my secrets got out -- yet, I was shocked when they asked for copies for themselves.. 

So I got my hands on a copy of the tapes. It was two solid hours of my best teachings and is filled with the best golf secrets that Mr. X absorbed from me. There isn't one minute of filler. It was all killer concepts that would take an ordinary golfer's score and make it extraordinary.I got concerned that that these bootlegs would undermine my own golf consulting activities so I called Mr. X up and -- well let's say "politely persuaded" him that clashing swords on this matter wouldn't produce a happy outcome for either of us.I'll leave out the gory details but I acquired the rights and all his inventory of this key to overnight golf success remaining in existence. It's called . . .The Amazing Mental Secrets of Professional Golfers (A No-Nonsense Guide to Great Golf)The set is incredible. Mr. X did an amazing job of presenting my best teachings:

A secret one-second tactic used by the best golfers to instantly erase all negative thoughts - especially the nagging grief over all previous bad shots and lock your mind into the shot at hand.How to stay completely focused during your round exactly like the pros! The secret is knowing how to relax, and WHEN to relax...so that the back nine are as enjoyable as the front nine.How to empty your mind as you tee up - the instant Zen secret that allows your body to hit with more accuracy and power than you ever dreamed of.How a "secret" 

30 second change in your addressing the ball guarantees your ball will hit the sweet spot! (The teaching pro's don't want you to learn this one.)

Why sometimes you play in the zone and sometimes you triple bogey!

Why the secrets that will take your mental abilities from an amateur to a great player are only an hour away.How a little known secret sets your golf game on automatic pilot.How to instantly trigger confidence and concentration on your putts - even if you're playing for money and even if one of the competitors tries to distract you.The truth behind setting up your shots - and why 99% of all golfers completely blow it before they even hit the ball!How to eliminate the yipsfor ever!

It presents my deepest mental golf secrets, most effective rapid change strategies in such a clear and understandable way that you would have to be a Mongolian idiot not to become much more successful by following these simple techniques. In fact, the more problems you have on the course, the more these secrets will radically improve your game overnight.Ironically, some of my clients who met Mr. X. at my office and got a copy of this set from him called to tell me that Mr. X's set helped present all my ideas for them in a systematic fashion.My Problem Becomes Your OpportunitySo here I am with ownership to an incredible but unacceptably under-priced set that several hundred people had already purchased before I found out. My intent was to take them off the market -- or reproduce them at a stagering price tag (remember this set thoroughly explains and embodies every key mental golf secret that is keeping you from the best golf game ever).What I discovered is that many of the people who purchased this set have called me to schedule personal training sessions with me. "Mr. X." turned out to be an incredible boost for my business. People who never heard of me are buying bootleg copies of this set on the internet for way above the purchase price.Also, it doesn't seem fair to hit you with a steep price tag if some unknown golfer "off-the-street" was able to purchase a copy for just $49.95. So I decided -- on a trial basis-- to extend to you the chance to purchase a of Mr. X's set before I restructure its contents or dramatically raise its price. (I already took Mr. X's tapes into the studio and had the digitally recorded on two CD's in my own voice. After all, it is my teaching on these tapes.)