Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method - Financial Liberation (Sex, Food & Money Retreat)

Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method - Financial Liberation (Sex, Food & Money Retreat) . Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method - Financial Liberation (Sex, Food & ...
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Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method - Financial Liberation (Sex, Food & Money Retreat)

Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method - Financial Liberation (Sex, Food & Money Retreat)



Experience True Financial Liberation

Most of us do not realize that we are constantly being victimized by our beliefs. They tell us what we can and can not do and what is right and true in this moment. We can get so lost in our beliefs that we only see the stories about “what was” and “what might be.”

When this happens we miss the exquisite beauty that is already here and now. We also feel trapped in patterns that are causing us pain, loss and missed opportunity. Yet it does not have to be that way!

The programs of the mass consciousness about sex, food and money certainly make it more difficult for you to have a breakthrough in these areas because they reinforce your own programs. But it’s YOUR programs and beliefs about these issues that actually limit your success and happiness.

The Financial Liberation course helps you let go of these beliefs and regain control of your financial destiny.

If you’ve ever allowed your debt to climb too high, felt frustration around your job or your income or struggled financially in any way, this course is for you.

The groundbreaking releases in this course ask you to review your life and take a look at how much you’ve played the role of slave in your life-slave to your job, slave to your debt and bills, slave to the people in your life and the roles you’ve taken on-and to welcome your whole story around debt, working, struggling with work, your goals, your sacrifices and more.

The bottom line: To really excel financially and in life, you have to move beyond slave consciousness.

Experience for yourself what is beyond your identification with both slave and master.

The freedom you will gain from this change of perception will allow abundance to come to you with far greater ease. Find out for yourself:

  • How the desire to hurry things along causes more trouble than it’s worth
  • How the mass consciousness encourages us to all be slaves
  • How letting go of your identification with the doer is key


“I set a goal of having an income of $180K for the year, effortlessly. My income was $208K. It was effortless. As a bonus, my husband’s income more than doubled. Abundance seems to rub off.”

Molly Sherrick Phifer


“I honestly believe that it is no coincidence that half way through your program I enjoyed a miracle that made me a millionaire overnight—literally.”

Robert Dial



Most of us desire to have more wealth and success in our lives.  Even if we feel like we have enough, we often do not allow ourselves to create what we choose with ease.  Through self-inquiry, The Sedona Method and Holistic Releasing, you will move past the noise of the world and the mind.  You’ll discover your own answers, your own wisdom, and your own direct experience of your Beingness as well as find calm in the middle of this financial storm.  This course is dedicated to showing you how to dissolve the blocks to creating, maintaining, and enjoying effortless wealth and success.

The course is designed to produce profound and lasting shifts in awareness, deepening your experience of that which is always, effortlessly, present. It combines dynamic group releasing exercises, liberating individual and partnership processes, and personal time to do your own exploration. These activities will help you easily shift your perspective to greater truth and intuitive knowing. You will learn how to release from your natural state of freedom rather than striving to get to it. You will be free to acknowledge your own ever-present perfection. You will leave this course with solid new tools you can use in your life to continue your own progress and to support yourself in having all that you choose in life.