Guy Windsor - Solo Historical Martial Arts Training Course (Swordschool 2020)

Guy Windsor - Solo Historical Martial Arts Training Course (Swordschool 2020) Solo Historical Martial Arts Training Course Get strong, fast, and accurate, even...
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Guy Windsor - Solo Historical Martial Arts Training Course (Swordschool 2020)

Guy Windsor - Solo Historical Martial Arts Training Course (Swordschool 2020)

Solo Historical Martial Arts Training Course
Get strong, fast, and accurate, even without a partner

It has been a great pleasure for me to study as a student in the Solo Training Course. I have experience in martial arts beginning in 1982 and I have done my share of teaching too.

To see new training methods and approaches to individual problems has been a refreshing experience! The pell-part totally blew my mind and next day I had one in my yard.

I sincerely recommend The Solo Training Course as a tool of self-improvement for both the beginners and more advanced students of Historical European Martial Arts regardless of their style or discipline.

The Anonymous Scandinavian

Solo training is the secret behind all truly excellent martial artists’ accomplishments. All world class sword people and martial artists spend much of their training time on solo training.

If you live miles away from the nearest fellow martial artist, don’t worry, this course does not require training partners. Instead we cover everything you can reasonably do alone to improve your swordsmanship skills.

If you have regular access to a school or training partners, you can still dramatically up your game by incorporating intelligent solo training into your schedule. This course will teach you how.

On this course you will learn ways of developing your mind, your body, and your technical skills, no matter what your ing point is. From absolute beginner to senior martial artist, we have you covered.

The Solo Training course includes these standalone courses:

Meditation for Martial Artists This course covers four different kinds of meditation, aimed at improving your state of mind and making you a better martial artist.
Fundamentals: Breathing This course will teach you how to breathe properly, and how to develop anaerobic and aerobic fitness without injuring yourself.
Fundamentals: Footwork This course will teach you how to move like a martial artist, whatever style you wish to practice.
Recreating Historical Swordsmanship from Historical Sources This course will teach you how to study the sources and create useful training syllabi from them. Most of such work can indeed be done alone.


Jessica Finley (author of the book Medieval Wrestling) will teach you solo wrestling training.

Gindi Wauchope (professional historical swordsmanship teacher from Melbourne, Australia) will teach you Bolognese swordsmanship, with the sidesword, sword and buckler, and the two-handed sword.

Guy Windsor will teach you to train alone with

The Longsword
The Rapier
The Smallsword
The Spear
I.33 style Sword and Buckler
Sharp Swords and Cutting practice

As well as instruction on:

How to build a pell and a wall target
How to create handling drills for any weapon
Solo training drills for a range of weapons (with more being added over time)
Stick handling drills to improve strength and weapons control
Instruction on how to create a daily practice, and to train for longer term goals

Sometimes all this choice can be overwhelming, so there are over 30 trainalong workout routines lead by Guy, each about 40 minutes long, and requiring very little space or equipment. Just hit play and join in!

The breadth and depth of this course is spectacular, providing years of training material.

As with all Swordschool Online courses, you are welcome to try it for 30 days, and request a refund if it doesn’t do it for you. You are always welcome to email Guy with questions, and send him video clips of anything you may want help with. Despite the name of this course, you are NOT ALONE. Over 900 students have taken this course so far: join them!

Your Instructor

Guy Windsor

I have been training martial arts for 30 years, and teaching swordsmanship professionally since I founded The School of European Swordsmanship in 2001. The School has branches and study groups all over the world, so I have taught thousands of students, from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. My books include The Swordsman’s Companion, The Duellist’s Companion, The Medieval Dagger, The Medieval Longsword, The Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts, and The Swordsman’s Quick Guide series of ebooks along with many others. It’s my job to help you achieve your goals. I do this by teaching in person, through my books, and through these online courses.

Course Curriculum

Solo TrainingPreview
Welcome. Please here. (4:36)
Creating a Daily Practice (10:43)

Planning your training: days, weeks, months, years (13:43)

Creating solo forms (18:24)

Handling Drills introduction (8:07)

Striking drills introduction (7:50)

The Pell (4:27)

Point control basics (7:43)

Conditioning: Stick drills (20:02)

Improvised training tools (21:11)

Training with clubs (29:24)

Longsword Handling Drills and Forms
Longsword Handling Drills (18:10)
The Longsword Syllabus Form (8:13)
Longsword: the pell (6:23)
Rapier Handling Drills and Forms
Rapier Form (8:28)
Rapier: the pell (5:18)

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