Gurs Sehmi - Advanced Dental Photography

Gurs Sehmi - Advanced Dental PhotographyAdvanced Dental Photography Understanding Photography and basic videography for dentistsIf you want to improve the qua...
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Gurs Sehmi - Advanced Dental Photography

Gurs Sehmi - Advanced Dental Photography

Advanced Dental Photography
Understanding Photography and basic videography for dentists

If you want to improve the quality of your cosmetic cases, improve the way you communicate with your dental lab and learn how to attract new patients then this course is for you.

We will cover more advanced techniques for dental photography, including:

White Balance - What is white balance, and how to set it, so that your photographs replicate what you see more accurately. Understand how natural light colour temperature changes during the day, and why we never see this.
Hard and Soft light - What is a diffuser / reflector, when it hard light good, when is soft light better, and how you can convert hard light to soft light.
Recording Texture and Colour accurately - In order to have fantastic looking porcelain restorations, the colour, shape and surface texture all need to be perfect. The problem is that you cannot get all of this information in just one photograph. We will discuss how to take the best photographs to get colour information, how to take the best photograph to get texture information and how to use refections to communicate line angles. We will also cover the benefits of using polarised light.

Then to help you in today’s online world, I will show you a step by step process to help you get fantastic video testimonials.

Recording video testimonials - today video is highly consumed on the internet, on all sorts of social media. The advantage of video is that it skyrockets your ‘word of mouth.’ Once, this was one to one, now, one happy patient can tell many. I will show you how to make an engaging, and professional looking video testimonial, so your patients can tell lots of others just how good you are!
How to ask for the testimonial (without being awkward)
How to record the testimonial on your smart phone
How to get great audio
How to edit the video with free software

If you are serious about improving your cosmetic dentistry, and increasing the amount of cosmetic dentistry that you want to do, then getting good at photography is absolutely key to doing this.

If you follow how to get great video testimonials fully, then you will find it easier to attract patients who are looking to get the results that you can provide - and this will pay for this course many times over.

The final section is an insight into how I get my patients to say ‘yes,’ to my treatment plans (usually between £5,000 and £30,000).

There is actually a structured way to do this, and although this section is not super detailed, it will give you an outline to implement and you should see results. Maybe not the same as mine, because I have been refining the process for many years now.

Your Instructor

Gurs Sehmi

Gurs is a Dentist, based in London (UK), and he exclusively practices cosmetic private dentistry for his patients

Course Curriculum

Advanced Dental Photograph

Colour and Texture (14:45)

Understanding White Balance (9:58)

Hard and Soft Light (16:22)

Recording Video Testimonials

Preparing for your video testimonial (20:36)

Planning your video testimonial part 2 (16:23)
Live Shooting of a testimonial (11:12)
Raw testimonial video (2:54)
Editing your testimonial (22:20)
Using your portfolio to increase your business

External Marketing (basics) (33:36)

The internal sales process (38:35)
Accelerating your clinical learning (20:43)
Bonus - The Secret to dental sales (30:35)

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