Gun Noob To Gun Slinger

Gun Noob To Gun SlingerGun Noob to Gun Slinger Learn all the important stuff about handguns…with none of the attitude. Get proficient on YOUR time.So you want...
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Gun Noob To Gun Slinger

Gun Noob To Gun Slinger

Gun Noob to Gun Slinger
Learn all the important stuff about handguns…with none of the attitude. Get proficient on YOUR time.

So you want to get into guns? Awesome.

Besides the personal and family protection aspects, guns are FUN too. I feel not enough people say that.

But getting into them, especially if you didn’t grow up with firearms, can feel overwhelming.

What handgun and self-defense ammo do I get? How do I fix a double-feed? How do I survive the shooting range?

Sure, you can spend hours on YouTube, read through forums that stigmatize newbies, or take expensive in-person courses during the weekend.

I’m going to help you cut through the confusion—to not only make sure you stay safe and have full confidence in your gun…but also make sure you STILL HAVE FUN.

In Gun Noob to Gun Slinger, I’ll walk you step-by-step from how guns work…to choosing the perfect one, and how to shoot more accurately.

This course was built with the beginner handgun shooter in mind. If you’re brand new…or have shot a few times but without formal training…this is the course for you.

Learn at your own pace. 30 short and digestible videos that will take you from gun noob to gun slinger. Mobile friendly, closed captioning, & lifetime access.
Know exactly what to do. Full manipulations of all the most popular handgun types. Plus what to expect at the local gun shop and shooting range.
Remember everything. Quizzes at the end of each lesson.
Only get the best. Personal recommendations of the best guns, gear, and ammo that I recommend to my friends & family.
No risk. If you don’t get your money’s worth…let me know and you’ll get a full refund within 30 days of signing up.
Your Instructor

Eric Hung

Hi, I’m Eric, and I’m Editor-In-Chief of Pew Pew Tactical, an online firearms resource that helps 1 million people each month.

I’m not an elite tactical operator, but I really love sharing my love of guns. And I’ve taught enough people in person that I know how to help you understand the most important parts.

I also bring along some content creation background from when I co-founded an online math and science tutorial website.

The Story

I was always fascinated by guns but just didn’t grow up around them. Thankfully, there was the internet…and ing from age 25, I poured way too many hours and dollars into learning on my own.

I became my group’s resident “gun guy” and got asked the same questions over and over about how to get into firearms.

So I ed Pew Pew Tactical.

I built it to be what I wished I had when I first got into guns. Tons of information written from the viewpoint of a gun-loving buddy. No politics and no attitude.

It grew super fast and I got a lot of good feedback…many from beginner shooters.

So I decided to take the plunge and go into it full-time. I somehow managed to get my wife to quit her job a few months later too.

There’s tons of gun & gear reviews on the site, and even a Guns for Beginners blog series…but I kept getting requests for a no-nonsense video course built to save you time.

And that’s what we have here. The culmination of years of learning, tactical courses, and competitive shooting. The hardest part was condensing it down to ONLY what you need to your firearms journey.

If you’re ready…take a look at the curriculum below. There’s even a couple of free lessons.

Course Curriculum


4 Rules of Gun Safety (6:17)

Firearm Basics

How Guns & Ammo Work (FREE ) (2:25)
3 Types of Guns (3:19)

Pistol Fundamentals

Revolvers vs Semi-Automatics (FREE ) (2:59)
How Revolvers Work (6:03)
How Semi-Automatics Work, Part 1: Striker-Fired (9:14)
How Semi-Automatics Work, Part 2: Single Action (6:22)
How Semi-Automatics Work, Part 3: Double Action (7:37)

How to Shoot a Pistol

Shooting Stance (2:02)
Shooting Grip (7:17)
Eye Dominance (FREE ) (1:35)
Sight Alignment + Sight Picture (1:35)
Breathing (1:12)
Trigger Pull + Follow Through (4:41)
Putting It All Together (2:58)

Live Fire At The Range

Shooting Range: Rules & Tips (6:24)
Eye/Ear Protection & Range Gear (FREE ) (6:14)
Common Cartridge Malfunctions (3:06)
Common Pistol Stoppages (FREE ) (4:10)

Pistol Selection

Popular Pistol Cartridges (6:21)
Best Pistols for Beginners (8:13)
Gun Store Etiquette (2:13)
Best Ammo For Pistols (4:33)

Cleaning & Accessories

How to Clean a Handgun (13:47)
Pistol Accessories (4:01)
Safes & Storage (3:20)

How to Shoot Better

How to Shoot More Accurately (4:27)
Dry-Fire Basics (6:32)
Live-Fire Drills (5:00)

What’s Next?

In-Person Training (1:22)

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