Guerilla Info - Product Creation

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Guerilla Info - Product Creation digital download. Info: [(2 PDF + 1 Video (FLV) + 1 MP3)]. The audio that explains every key point in detail and drives...
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Guerilla Info - Product Creation

Type: Digital download

Format: [(2 PDF + 1 Video (FLV) + 1 MP3)]


Guerilla Info - Product Creation

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"Who Else Is Trying To Escape The Rat Race?"

Learn How The Info-Marketing Masters 'Take Out' Their Competition Using Guerilla Info-Product Creation Tactics!


This letter, report and audio is explicit and frank. If you are sensitive and easily offended -- STOP reading now.

Aloha Friend,

If you could could pick out, from every product, book and seminar ever written...

Just the straight dope on info-product creation and marketing.

Just the well documented methods from the masters like: Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Jeff Paul, Matt Furey, Jim Edwards, Armand Morin and Yanik Silver.

Just the recipes of success that they had PROVEN to work time and time again.

Just the foolproof formulas that their students (people just like you) had used to stuff their pockets with cash.

Just the proven plans that was "pea-brain" easy to incorporate into your growing empire.

If you could pick out all that...

If you could boil it all down...

If you could synthesize all their thoughts...


And reading it, is like...

Smoking Crack!

All your brain cells will be firing like little machine guns.


Moneymaking ideas will be running around in your head. 

How do I know that?

Because I have seen it happen already. In fact, one of my customers wrote on my blog: "Thanks to you...

I Got No Sleep Last Night!

He was up all night writing down ideas and thoughts that popped in his head. And isn't that the sign of something transformational?

Imagine yourself lying in bed, wide awake, smiling at all the possibilities and insights this report reveals...

You see, I wrote this report for the readers of my newsletter. I never intended to release it to the general public.

This report, started out as a small blurb of an article in my newsletter. It was solely for my rabid readership.

They loved the article.

They raved about it.

But they had one request...

They wanted me to flesh out the article. They wanted me to turn it into a special report. They wanted the meat of...

How To Create Kick-Ass Info-Products Quickly!

I explained to my friends and customers that I am no guru. I am no prophet.

I learned my methods from people like Dan Kennedy, Jeff Paul, Allen Says, Gary Halbert, John Reese, Matt Furey, Armand Morin and Jim Edwards.

I merely synthesized what I had learned and observed -- after spending thousands of dollars on their teachings and products.

But that is what they wanted. So I created it. And as a result...

This Special Report Has Been Selling Like Hotcakes!

Even after I raised the price THREE times.

(And if you don't believe me now, in a few minutes the testimonials, which you will read, will prove it!)

So why were customers and readers so eager to buy a special report from someone that is not a guru?

Why would they listen to someone that is NOT a multi-millionaire?

Because, it reveals... 

  • Why ebooks are evil, and should be shunned

  • The mind trick, that allows you to instantly demand more money for your product -- and get it!

  • The "ancient" method of info-product creation that allows you to command higher prices of $97 to $1000 -- while increasing customer satisfaction and sales!

  • What you SHOULD be using as a lead-in product (but probably aren't)

  • How to get prospects to pay you for the "privilege" of reading your sales copy!
  • Why ripping apart your current products (especially ebooks) could be the smartest thing you ever do

  • Learn an ingenious method Jim Edwards used to turn a $39 product into a whopping $997 product! In fact, he sold out in record time AFTER marking it up 2694%

(And you can do the same!)

    • The exact type of packaging you should be using as recommended by Jeff Paul. A man that has sold millions of dollars in products, while sitting at his kitchen table in his underwear

    • My method of guerilla info-product creation, meaning you can create products at low or no-cost!

    • The biggest mistake made by info-marketers. I fell into the trap. Jim Edwards and Matt Furey did too. (Don't be like us!
    • )

    • Why it is okay to market products to the Internet marketing crowd. (In fact, I will give you two reasons why it will ALWAYS be profitable for you to market to that group.)

    • 8 easy steps to rapid info-product creation. Pea-brain simple and battlefield-tested!
    • (Saving you hundreds of hours in info-product creation)

    • How to milk the profit cow!

    • How to change the title of your product (and I mean just the title) and instantly have customers willing to pay $50-$500 more for your product
    • How a Tennessee man has thousands of people paying him $19.95 "for the privilege" of reading his sales letter!
    • How ripping your ebook into "chunks" can result in a 2694% increase in profits
    • See why having ugly products are an advantage!
    • Why it is okay for YOU to teach Internet marketing -- and why you should be doing it! (Screw the gurus telling you not to!)
    • The one thing that you need to do to ensure an ecstatic buyer. (This will virtually eliminate returns and generate MORE word-of-mouth sales)
    • The biggest (and costliest) mistake info-publishers make when creating products
    • The one thing you should never do when producing a product. (Violate this rule and you are just another hopeless marketer...)

Armand Morin's secret on how to make your customers pee their pants with joy, after forking over hundreds of dollars. (After learning this, you will completely understand why Armand is a millionaire. It's ingenious!)

As you can see, there is a lot of meat in this special report. I busted my ass on it -- leaving nothing out.

You may be thinking that you don't need this report. So, let me tell you something important.

If you think that -- you are right. You don't need this report. In fact, you can...

STOP reading this now.

But nowhere else, will you find so much packed meat packed into a product. I am absolutely ruthless, as I expose the secrets that people, like the genius Jim Edwards, uses to produce high-priced info-products quickly.

(In fact, I am freakin' positive you have never seen some of the titles I will share with you. Hidden and obscure products that gurus are selling at $1000 a pop!)

Occasionally a guru may toss you a scrap of information, showing you how they do it. But nowhere will you receive so much insight.

Want to research this on your own?

You can, but it would set you back thousands of dollars and quite a few years.

I have been blessed with an investigative nature and a photographic memory for the written word. So this report is synthesized gold.

This report was written, because I want to see you successful. I want to see you get out of your dead-end job. There is absolutely no reason why you have to struggle.

No one should spend an hour or more each day, cooped up in a car trying to get somewhere that they hate...

That Is Not Living!

You should have the free time to enjoy your family. The ability to spoil them with gifts. The money to take them on special vacations to far off places, and all at your expense. Have you ever imagined that?

That is what spurred me to write this report. And just in to be be sure you grasp what I will teach, and to pile on value, there is also...

29 Minutes 24 Seconds Of Startling Audio...

Why do I use the word startling?

Because if you have never heard me speak before, you may crap your pants. I have developed a reputation for being rather blunt when I speak or write. Yes, I curse. Yes, I swear. I don't do it for shock value. That is just the way I communicate.

I go straight for the throat.

(Even my best friend, uses the term "ruthless" to describe me. Six years in the US Marine Corps, and five years as a street cop have affected me. I don't believe in pussy-footing.)

I am teaching guerilla tactics.

The audio production isn't pretty. It isn't cultured (in fact I burp during the recording) -- but the report is packed with explosive strategies that you can use immediately.

The audio is clear, and extremely valuable which is all that matters -- as I will teach you.

In fact, I think I need to give a...

WARNING: This report is not for namby-pambies!

I do not mince words. I am not "careful" with what I say. You WILL BE OFFENDED. I do not hold back while explaining my thoughts on things.

The audio that explains every key point in detail and drives it home. I was a training officer for the Honolulu Police Department, so I know that some people are auditory learners, and some are visual. By creating a report with both components, I drastically increase your comprehension.

And as you will see in the testimonials that follow, you will see that I accomplished that objective.

In addition, you will see that most of my customers have found themselves extremely motivated to get their rear in gear! They report it as being, sort of like...

Getting A Kick In The Ass From A Loving Marine Drill Instructor!

And don't we all need that from time to time?

You can even burn the audio to CD -- or stuff it into an MP3 player, so that you can listen to it over and over. Believe me, that sort of motivation works!

So are you ready for the proof?

Read what others have thought about this explosive report. These comments were posted on my blog!