Greg Jeffries - How to Master Internet Marketing In A Weekend

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Greg Jeffries - How to Master Internet Marketing In A Weekend digital download. Info: [54 Videos(MP4)+4 documents(PDF)]. Inside this training you are go...
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Greg Jeffries - How to Master Internet Marketing In A Weekend

Type: Digital download

Format: [54 Videos(MP4)+4 documents(PDF)]


How to Master Internet Marketing In A Weekend

Course Description

OVER 1000+ students in the first week!

So, you wanna be a REAL Internet Marketer?

You want to make a LOT of money online and you don't want to be one of the scammy, shady so-called “marketers" peddling $7 products claiming to be raking it in, when all they're really doing is making their money off you selling information, NOT actually practicing what they preach.

But is there a way to do that?

Can you make real, sustainable online income?

Uh, yeah…you definitely can.

But the reason that you aren't or that you don't know these strategies is because you keep buying these “guru" courses and magical softwares that don't actually make YOU money…instead you're just helping pad their pockets and build up their bank accounts.

The TRUTH is, there are only a handful of strategies that the top online marketers use over and over and over. And once you understand them, you can start to duplicate their success.

See, the fly-by-night “latest Pinterest hacks" or “Instagram software blah blah" are only temporary. You can't build a long term business off that. You can get rich once. But then what?

Then on to the next fly-by-night hooha or business opportunity…

Well not in Evergreen Empire. Inside this training you are going to learn 4 evergreen pillars that are: simple, scalable, and sustainable and that you can use to build a long term business that's not going to go away in 2 years.

Those 4 Pillars Are:

- Listbuilding

- Product Creation

- SEO (for videos and websites)

- and Paid Marketing

If you focus on one or all of these and avoid all those shiny objects and distractions, you are on your way to building a very fun and profitable lifestyle for yourself - and all those fancy cars and vacations you see people taking…those are just icing on the cake :)

I look forward to sharing this valuable but simple information with you. If you apply it, it can change your life.

See you on the inside,

Greg Jeffries

What are the requirements?

  • Computer and Internet access
  • A budget of at least a few hundred dollars per month to invest in their business
  • Some knowledge or experience in Internet Marketing would be very helpful

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 55 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • Approach Internet Marketing with a more clear and focused understanding
  • Have a handful of solid and proven evergreen marketing strategies to implement for their online business
  • Be more aware of what I call "misdirection marketing"

What is the target audience?

  • You should NOT take this course if you are someone who is certain there is an "easy" button or is not willing to put in some effort
  • You should NOT take this course is you are completely broke. You will need money to implement many of the strategies you will learn inside.
  • You SHOULD however take this course if you are driven, passionate about working for yourself, do not give up easy, and are fed up with making other people rich with your time.


Lecture 1
How To Get ALL My Other Courses For FREE

Learn how to get ALL of my other Udemy courses for FREE by leaving a positive review and rating on this course

Section 1: Listbuilding Lecture 2

In this short video I go over an introduction to listbuilding and some very important concepts that are important to grasp.

Lecture 3

In this video we go over the basics of an autoresponder and how to use one.

**UPDATE: Now GetResponse allows you to do single optin using the API without having to request it by unchecking the box under the 'permissions' tab for your campaign.

Lecture 4
Squeeze Page

In these videos we talk about squeeze pages, how they work and some of my recommended tools for capturing leads.

Lecture 5
Squeeze Page Alternative

Clickfunnels is an excellent alternative to LeadPages and in my opinion a far superior tool, since it comes with so much more for your money.

Lecture 6

In this video I go over solo ad traffic sources, which are one of the easiest ways to build a list quickly. Below are some of my top RECOMMENDED solo ad resources specifically for Internet Marketing/Make Money Online/Business Opportunities.

Lecture 7

In this section I go over a couple of different resources for finding popular offers to promote to your email marketing list.

Lecture 8

In this video I go over probably the most crucial component to your online success, which is tracking. If you're not tracking and measuring what you're doing online, you're guessing. This video introduces you to an affordable, feature-rich and valuable tool for testing and tracking your listbuilding campaigns.

Lecture 9
Connecting All The Pieces

In this video we go over how to connect all of the pieces of the listbuilding puzzle and how all the different pieces fit and work together.

Lecture 10
Know Your Numbers

In this video I go over the importance of testing, tracking and measuring everything you do in your marketing. This is crucial to avoid hours of wasted time and thousands of dollars spent thrown at campaigns that are duds. Always be tracking and measuring what you're doing so you can make more educated and informed decisions about when and where to scale instead of just guessing.

Lecture 11
Writing Content For Emails

In this video I talk about the importance of copywriting and becoming a student of copywriting to improve your success online. Also, I share some tips for writing better emails to your list for those that are not natural writers.

Lecture 12
Split Testing

This video is a brief overview of split testing and the importance of using split testing in your marketing.

Lecture 13
Listbuilding Resources
2 pages

ALL of the Listbuilding Resources discussed in this section

Section 2: Product Creation Lecture 14

This video will go over the basics of product creation, some of the benefits of creating your own information product. And some places to get ideas for info products to create.

Lecture 15
Resources Overview

In this video I go over and list all of my recommended tools and resources for creating your own information products.

Lecture 16

In this video I discuss Udemy, one of the most popular FREE places to create and publish information products and how to scale your income with their platform.

Lecture 17

In this video I introduce another great platform for launching information products as well as finding affordable products to promote to your list. One thing to keep in mind about WarriorPlus is that the majority of the audience has been trained to buy and respond to cheaper priced products like "$7-$19" so if you're considering a higher priced product, this probably isn't the best place to put it. But it's a great platform for proving ideas and concepts and establishing yourself as an up and coming marketer.

Lecture 18

JVZoo is one of the fastest and most popular platforms to sell information products for internet marketers and it has a lot of features and integrations. It's also a great place to find high converting offers to promote to your list. And most products and vendors pay instantly through PayPal, so you don't have to wait weeks for payment.

Lecture 19

In this video I go over a very simple tool called Gumroad which provides a very simple fast and simple way to sell information or physical products online. Gumroad also allows you to offer recurring subscriptions as well as a name your own price feature.

Lecture 20
Creating A Service

In this video I go over a few tools I recommend if instead of wanting to create an information product, you would rather like to create a subscription based service.

Lecture 21
Learn To Sell

In this video I emphasize learning the lucrative skill of copywriting and how it can help increase your conversions and sales.

Lecture 22
Learn Do Teach

Don't let yourself be held back by your limiting beliefs. As simple formula for success and slowly getting that success to snowball is: LEARN. DO. TEACH.

If you don't know how to do something, go out and learn it. Then do it so you can really understand it. Then teach and share it with others. That's all it takes to be an expert.

Lecture 23
Product Creation Resources
3 pages

ALL the resources from the Product Creation section

Section 3: Video SEO Lecture 24
Video Ranking Tools

Below are my RECOMMENDED tools and resources I use for creating high quality videos and screen recordings.

Lecture 25
On Page SEO

In this video you will learn the basic essential things required to optimize your YouTube video for they keywords you would like to rank for.

Lecture 26
Off Page SEO

In this video I go over my exact process and strategy for ranking YouTube videos.

** Length of time is typically takes before you begin to see results after following the steps above is on average 2 weeks or less

Lecture 27
How To Sell In Videos

In this video I go over my simple process for structuring the content of my videos that helps increase leads, engagement and conversions for products I am recommending.

TIP: One way to increase conversions is by adding custom thumbnails to your videos. The video below walks you through how to setup a custom thumbnail for your videos.

Lecture 28
How To Create Custom Thumbnails

This video will teach you how to create custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

Lecture 29
How To Protect Your Channel

In this video I discuss a few solutions to safeguard your YouTube channel.

Lecture 30
How To Create Multiple Accounts

In this video you will learn how to create multiple YouTube accounts.

Lecture 31
Video SEO Resources
1 page

ALL the Video SEO resources for this section

Section 4: Website SEO Lecture 32
How PBNs Work

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is the most powerful and effective way to get a website or other web property ranked in Google. These videos will introduce you to PBNs and how they work.

Lecture 33
How PBNs Work Part 2

Private Blog Networks explained a little differently.

Lecture 34
Tools You Will Need

In this video I will share the tools that I use and recommend for building your private blog network.

Lecture 35
Buying Expired Domains

In these videos I go over how SEO works, and how to use expired authority domains to rank your web properties. I also discuss a couple of things I look for when researching and purchasing expired domains.

Lecture 36
Buying Expired Domains 2

Buying expired domains continued...

Lecture 37
Buying Expired Domains 3

How to pay for expired domains you have won at auction.

Lecture 38
PBN Hosting

In this video you will learn how to connect your expired domains (GoDaddy) to your SEO hosting account (HostNine reseller account).

To save 15% off your HostNine Reseller Hosting use promo: GREGJEFFRIES

HostNine IP addresses for connecting your expired domains to your reseller account

** I only set up about 3 PBN sites/week with HostNine. If you set up more than that sometimes you'll get multiple domains with the same shared IP address, which is fine, but I try and avoid that as much as possible. I just rotate between Central, East, and West US servers.

** I also use Firefox when logging into and posting content to my PBN sites just as an extra precaution as opposed to Chrome

Lecture 39
Silo Structure

In this video I go over silos and the importance of building out your sitemaps and website architecture in this way to increase search engine rankings.

Lecture 40
Setting Up Wordpress

These videos go over how I setup my Wordpress sites once I have purchased my expired domains and connected them to my hosting account.

Lecture 41
Setting Up Wordpress 2

How I setup and schedule my blog posts for my PBN.

Lecture 42
PBN Alternatives 1

An alternative to Register Compass for purchasing expired domains

Lecture 43
PBN Alternatives 2

One alternative to selecting expired domains via Register Compass

Lecture 44
PBN Alternatives 3

A simple way to outsource and automate your SEO

Lecture 45
Launchjacking Method

In this video I go over how I rank videos for affiliate products and dominate any product launch I choose.

Lecture 46
Niche Affiliate Site Formula

In this video you will learn a step-by-step blueprint for create a niche affiliate website.

Lecture 47
Website SEO Resources
2 pages

ALL the resources mentioned in this section

Section 5: Paid Marketing Lecture 48
Facebook Introduction

This video is a brief introduction to Facebook and the mindset you need to adopt when doing any kind of paid marketing.

Lecture 49
Facebook Create Ad Overview

This video goes over the basics of how to setup a Facebook ad.

Lecture 50
Facebook Targeting Audiences

In this video I introduce you to Facebook Audience Insights and how this feature can help you laser target your audience , save money and increase potential conversions.

Lecture 51
Facebook Images

In this video I go over some of the basics of adding and using images within Facebook's ad creator.

Lecture 52
Facebook Fanpages

In this video you will learn how to create fanpages within Facebook, which are essential if you want to advertise on the Facebook newsfeed.

Lecture 53
Facebook Split Testing

In this video you will learn a basic framework for split testing your Facebook ads.

Lecture 54
Qwaya Facebook Ad Manager

In this video I introduce you to an awesome tool called Qwaya, which can help you be more efficient and save lots of time and money when scaling your Facebook ads.

Lecture 55
Facebook Retargeting

An introduction to retargeting with Facebook and a few sneaky retargeting tricks.

Instructor Biography

Greg Jeffries - How to Master Internet Marketing In A Weekend
Greg Jeffries , Internet Marketer at

I have a strong fine arts background with a passion for marketing. I've been involved in internet marketing for over 6 years now, and I love teaching and helping others succeed. I've made money with nearly every system and strategy that you can think of or that exists online but a few of my strengths are in the areas of: listbuilding/email marketing, info product creation, paid traffic (Facebook ads), and search engine optimization.

My courses here on Udemy are extremely easy to follow along, so if you are looking for guides and trainings on anything related to online marketing, even if it's a complex topic, and I have a course on it, you can be sure I will explain it in a simple, down-to-earn style.

I look forward to learning more about you and hearing about the incredible results you achieve from implementing the strategies and techniques you learn inside my courses.