Greg Jacobs - The Assassination 2010 Conference

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Greg Jacobs - The Assassination 2010 Conference digital download. Info: [28 Videos (MOV / MP4) + 1 List (DOC)]. The Assassination is an intensive 5 days...
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Greg Jacobs - The Assassination 2010 Conference

Type: Digital download

Format: [28 Videos (MOV / MP4) + 1 List (DOC)]


The Assassination 2010 Conference (Recordings)

March 8th - 12th, 2010 at Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Assassination is an intensive 5 days where your mind will be fired-up with new possibilities.

Day One

Getting Started

In the first day you will...

  • Discover the mindset needed to create a successful online business, and how you can overcome resistance by making it fun
  • Understand business laws that can help you get the most out of anything you do. Quickly identify how successful your business is likely to be and what you can do to improve your chances before you even start. (Muck this up early on and you will end up regretting it later, or be left confused why things did not work.)
  • How to build a team that works with skill (ensuring the highest standard in the shortest time) and enthusiasm (avoiding the need for constant shoulder watching and whip cracking). What's more, this is a team that will grow with you and not need constant replacement.
  • How to find a new product idea and research it to ensure it will sell. (Too much time and money is wasted chasing bad ideas only to leave people disillusioned with making money online. A pity as it's really easy to get right.)
  • Learn the 7 types of digital product and how you can use them to build a solid business model (some are easier and more profitable than others, but they are probably not the ones you think). You will also learn how to deliver all 7 of these with zero technical knowledge (while maintaining maximum digital protection).

Day Two

Getting Product Built

On the second day you will...

  • Discover how to design your project to be a winner before a single word is written or spoken. Marketing strategies applied before anything is done can multiple your revenue by a factor of 10, without breaking a sweat.
  • Learn how to build a product without falling into one of the usual two traps. That is... either rush it and put out rubbish, or get caught in the "it will be released after we just do this..." cycle. There are also certain things you need to do within your team to make sure a project is completed in the fastest possible time (these days speed is critical with competitors racing against you on every project).
  • How to get a product built without lifting a finger or spending a fortune (and without sacrificing quality!)
  • How to effectively communicate your ideas (this can be used to create a product or promote a product).
  • How to produce quality audio and video on a budget while looking like a pro (again this can be used to create or promote products, either way you will do far better getting this right the first time).

Day Three

Preparing For Sales

On the third day you will...

  • Learn how to create and optimize a squeeze page to capture leads.
  • How to build and optimize sales processes that convert (done right this one skill alone can add thousands in revenue to any existing business, and ensure new ones start out profitable from the very first day).
  • How to write killer copy without spending a fortune. Follow a few basic principles and the art form will more than compensate your investment coming here (even if you don't write your own copy every business owner should know the fundamental principles so they can identify good copy from bad).
  • How to create short copy for emails, auto responders and social media - this is an art form in itself. Most marketers get this wrong and suffer poor open rates and poor response as a result.
  • How to find Joint Venture Partners and get affiliates to promote for you. This is perhaps the easiest way to kick-start a new business, but is usually done so poorly that it is a miracle any sales are made (and often they aren't).

Day Four

Building Traffic

On the fourth day you will...

  • Learn how to effectively use social media to generate buying traffic. Too many people spend too much time on social media with little or no return. For many this is a huge time waster. Do it right and profit. Do it wrong and go nowhere.
  • Discover how to use unconventional traffic building techniques to build a stream of buyers (perfect if you are just starting out or if you are looking for ways to expand your customer base).
  • How to get ranked on the first page of Google - fast. This is not as hard as you may think. Follow a few basic strategies and you too can enjoy floods of free targeted traffic (without expensive, ineffective monthly fees to SEO services).
  • How to build a product launch to drive a flood of sales to fire up your business. This is the holy grail of cash injections - the thing every internet marketer dreams about. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few hours or days (and yes, it is possible if done right).
  • How to use off-line methods to drive additional online sales. There are a lot of people just waiting to buy - they simply don't know it yet...

Day Five

Making The Money

On the fifth day you will...

  • Discover the proper systems you need to have in place to handle all the traffic you will be getting. We make sure you can take the money without headaches or dramas (and yes there are many if you are unprepared).
  • How to use proper testing methods to ensure you are not leaving money on the table (especially if you are using any form of paid advertising this can mean either success or failure).
  • How to track everything, without pulling your hair out or needing a degree in statistical analysis.
  • Learn simple conversion strategies you can put in to place on any sales page or process to dramatically increase your bottom line. These are the type of techniques that can take minutes to implement yet increase your results from 10% to 500%.
  • How to build your business to become a long term asset that keeps building while allowing you to live however you choose. Work as much or as little as you like (it is unlikely to happen overnight - but when you plan correctly you could be doing it in less time than you think).