Gourav Shah - Zero To Docker

Gourav Shah - Zero To DockerDocker Mastery Learn to build, deploy and deliver and manage software applications with containers and master docker one bite at a...
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Gourav Shah - Zero To Docker

Gourav Shah - Zero To Docker

Docker Mastery
Learn to build, deploy and deliver and manage software applications with containers and master docker one bite at a time

With Docker at its core, open containers eco system is changing the way software is being built, shipped, delivered and orchestrated. If you observe closely, you could clearly see the tell-tale signs that its set to be the next big thing. All big cloud players and technology platforms alike have released tools and services around containers. Leave Google’s and Amazons of the world who are already using containers in production, multitude of companies globally are either contemplating a container strategy or already in process of adopting to it. If you are a IT practitioner, you should not miss being part of this revolution, and be ahead of the game by adding this shiny new skill of today and essential skill for tomorrow to your portfolio.

This course is part of the bite sized devops learning series by School of Devops, and is a pragmatic learning path to master building, deploying, delivering and managing softwarewith containers and docker.

This course will begin with an introductory section which will give you a good conceptual understanding by answering all of the questions below,


What Containers are and how its different than VMs
Whats under the hood ? What makes containers possible?
How is Docker Changing Software Delivery
How does Docker fit into a devops workflow ?
What is Open Container Eco System and what are its Components ?

The introductory section is the only theoretical section, which is then followed with a scenario based, hands on sessions, which emphasise learning by doing. Each of the section includes quizzes and follow up nano projects, and troubleshooting exercises.

By the time you are done with this program, you should be able to ,

Run, launch and manage containers
Manage and control resource limits and container properties
Package a software application, build docker images, and publish on registry with Dockerfiles
Deploy micro services stack with Docker Compose in Dev and Staging
Orchestrate docker deployments at scale in Production with Docker Swarm
Architect fault tolerant, high available systems and achieve zero downtime deployments
ur Instructor


Gourav Shah

Hi, this is Gourav. Being passionate about linux and open source, I built a good foundation for my professional career while I was still at Engineering School. I ed my career as a ops guy, being a systems admin and later as a operations engineer. I then went on to transform my career to be a Devops Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Devops Coach and a Public Speaker. I have helped more than 10k tech professionals from top companied of the world to transform their careers to be devops ready. I am a published author with one book and more than 18 courses published on many platforms including Udemy, Packt, Skillshare, Orielly’s Safari Books Online and this site. I have more than 60k students online. I have been recently featured on edX with my course on Devops and SRE, published by Linux Foundation, the world leaders in open source. You could check his biography here




Course Curriculum


About this Course


Why learn Docker ? (2:25)

About Instructor (2:38)
Course Outline and Methodology (2:51)
New Lecture
Introduction to Docker


Section Intro : Introduction to Docker (1:13)

Zero to Docker in 5 minutes (6:12)
Worksheet : Zero to Docker in 5 minutes
Three Ways - Containers, VMs and Bare Metals (12:34)
Whats under the hood - Namespaces, Cgroups and OverlayFS (10:12)
Portability, Density, Consistency - The Key Features of Docker (12:44)
The Docker Evolution Story (8:17)
Docker Workflow and Components (8:32)
New Lecture
Setting up the Environment


Section Intro - Environment Setup (1:45)

Docker for Mac/Windows (2:02)
Setting up Docker Toolbox (2:43) - Setting up learning environment without Installing a Software on your System (5:54)


Getting ed with Docker


Section Intro (1:17)

Testing Waters with Docker (4:05)
Launching our first Container (6:02)
Launching Container Like a VM with Interactive Mode (2:38)
Namespaces in Action - Learning Whats contained and whats not (4:09)
Making Containers Persist (4:45)
Connecting to a Running Container (3:35)
Pause, Stop Remove (4:23)
Container Operations


Section Intro (1:01)

Port Mapping Primer - Launching and Connecting to a Web Application (5:30)
Renaming, Top, Attaching and Detaching (2:34)
Inspecting Containers and Foregrounding (2:47)
Limiting Resources - Memory and CPU (6:32)
Setting up Re Policies
Dockerising your own App


Section Intro (1:26)

How to package an application into a Docker Image (7:54)
Building Docker Image the Imperative Way (3:58)
Launching and customizing a Container (6:47)
Committing the container into an Image and Validating (6:32)
Troubleshooting Image Builds, Publishing to Docker Hub (6:36)
Automating Image builds with a Dockerfile (6:15)
Image build cache, Dangling Images, Image Tagging (6:04)
Lab : Building Docker Image Manually - the Imperative Approach
Dockerfile Cheat Sheet
Nano Project: Dockerizing Facebook Clone App
Docker Networking


Docker Networking (2:39)

Inspecting the default Bridge (3:49)
Creating Networks - Bridge, None and Host (4:19)
Multi Host Networking and Overlay (2:10)
Lab : Docker Host Networking
Connecting Micro Services with Docker Compose


Section Intro (1:27)

Section Intro - Defining and Deploying Micro Services Application Stack with Docker Compose (1:27)
Launching and connecting services Manually (3:39)
Using docker links for discovering and connecting services (8:20)
Launching Application Stack with Docker Compose (5:59)
Lab: Deploying a Instavote Microservices App
Nano Project: Setting up Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
Native Container Orchestration


Section Intro (1:49)

Need for and key features of Container Orchestration Engine (6:33)
Docker Swarm Key Concepts (10:01)
Provisioning 5 nodes Swarm cluster with 3 managers and 2 workers (11:37)
Provisioning a high available replicated Service manually (10:05)
Exteding docker compose to deploy in Production with stack deploy (5:26)
Adding deploy and replication configuration for voting app (5:17)
Container and Node fault tolerance in action with Swarm (7:14)
Zero Downtime Deployment and Rolling Updates (6:57)
Lab: Docker Swarm with Compose V3 and Stack Deploy

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